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Raegan Revord Birthday & Fun Facts

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Raegan Revord Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Raegan Revord
Place Of Birth
San Diego, USA
15 years old
Birth Date
January 3 2008

Raegan Revord Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications

About Raegan Revord

Raegan Revord is a famous American child actress born on January 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, USA.

Revord is best known for her roles as Missy Cooper in 'Young Sheldon,' and Megan in 'Modern Family.' She made her initial film appearance in 'Grace And Frankie,' and played the recurring role of Melinda in the TV series 'Teachers.'

Raegan Revord currently resides in Los Angeles and studies at a local school. She is featured on the IMDb page.

Raegan Revord's Net Worth, Earnings, and Spending Habits

What is Raegan Revord's net worth?

Raegan Revord is an American actress and one of the child stars with great fame and wealth at such a young age. As of 2022, her estimated net worth is approximately $300,000- 700,000

How much does Raegan Revord earn per year?

Raegan Revord has seemingly earned a considerable net worth from her acting career but has not yet disclosed her annual earnings and spending habits.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Raegan Revord?

Raegan Revord stands 5 ft 1.5 in (156 cm) tall.

How old Is Raegan Revord?

Raegan Revord was born on January 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, United States. As of 2022, she is 14 years old. Revord belongs to the American nationality, and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Childhood And Education

Raegan Revord was born in San Diego, California, United States, on January 3, 2008. She was raised by her mother, Holly Revord, and her father's name is unknown yet. She is the only child of her parents. Raegan Revord moved to Los Angeles when she was three and a half years old, along with her family. She is 'vegan-ish.' Regarding her education, Raegan Revord is pursuing her studies at a local school in America.

Family Life

Raegan Revord was born in San Diego, California, United States, to her parents Holly Revorda and her father is still unknown. She has no siblings, as she is the only child of her parents. Her family moved to Los Angeles when she was three and a half years old. Aside from that, no information is available about her family life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Raegan Revord started acting at age six when she debuted on-screen as a ballerina in the 2015 short film 'Tortoise', featuring David Arquette. Before appearing on television, Reagan worked in various print commercials, modeling by the age of four, and later appeared in television commercials. In 2015, Raegan made her television appearance in 'W/Bob and David' as Greg's daughter in an episode. After that, she appeared in the TV series 'Modern Family', where she played Megan in two episodes. In 2016, she reprised that character (in a non-speaking role) in the 14th episode of season seven of

'Modern Family.' In the same year, she appeared as a little girl in the series 'Grace And Frankie.' In 2017, Raegan Revord played the recurring role of Melinda in the TV series 'Teachers.' She made her debut in the 2017 film 'Wish Upon,' as Young Clare.

In March 2017, Revord was cast as Missy Cooper, Sheldon Cooper's twin sister, in 'The Big Bang Theory' spin-off 'Young Sheldon'. Her character has been described as adding a 'much-needed spunk to the plot but also serves as the perfect foil to her academically-gifted twin brother, Sheldon.' Revord picked up her Texan accent by watching Laurie Metcalf play an older version of her character's mother on 'The Big Bang Theory.' In 2019, Raegan Revord appeared in an episode of the television series 'Alexa and Katie,' as Ainsley.

Charity Work

Raegan Revord is engaged in charity work and is the junior ambassador for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

What awards has Raegan Revord won?

In 2018, Raegan Revord was nominated for Young Artist Award in the Best Performance in a TV Series - Supporting Young Actress category for her role as Missy Cooper in 'Young Sheldon' (2017).

Raegan Revord's Hobbies And Interests

Outside her acting career, Raegan Revord is an avid reader and has her book club named #ReadingWithRaegan on her Instagram handle and shares her monthly book picks with followers. She is also a dedicated writer, currently writing a children's book entitled 'My Story as a Gold Nugget,' as well as a TV script that she's pitching to studios. She also has a keen interest in trekking.

Other Interesting Raegan Revord Facts And Trivia

  • As of 2019, her parents managed her social accounts.
  • Raegan Revord is close friends with the 'Young Sheldon' cast, especially her fictional brothers. During the break, they go on adventures, such as amusement parks and movies.
  • Raegan Revord is a passionate and outspoken advocate for rescuing animals and has four rescued dogs at her home.
  • Reagan Revord was born on January 3, 2008, which makes her approximately half a year older than her screen twin-brother's colleague Iain Armitage (Sheldon), born in July of that same year.
  • Raegan Revord has been doing modeling since the age of four.
  • As a famed actress, her biography is featured on the IMDb page.
  • She has done voice work for the WBUR Circle Round radio play Nilsa and the Troll.

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