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Ronald Poernomo Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ronald Poernomo Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ronald Poernomo
Place Of Birth
, Indonesia
30 years old
Birth Date
December 4 1993

Ronald Poernomo Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Covenant Christian School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Rica Yahya
Alicia Rachel
Junarmo Poernomo, Ike Malaga
Reynold Poernomo, Arnold Poernomo

About Ronald Poernomo 

Ronald Poernomo immigrated from Indonesia to Sydney, Australia in 1999.

He has been passionate about cooking since his childhood. He came to know about his passion for cooking when he was about 14.

He runs two famous restaurants in Australia with his two brothers, Reynold Poernomo and Arnold Poernomo. They are known as the Poernomo brothers. They are also famous chefs. He is the director of their establishments. The business they have is known as Monkey's Corner and KOI Dessert Bar and Dining. He is the present director of Monkey's Corner and KOI Dessert Bar and Dining. He participated in the famous TV show 'Master Chef Australia'. He is also a successful chef, and we can certainly call him an artist of gourmet food. His parents worked in a restaurant, and his inspiration comes from his family. His career is undoubtedly highly successful as a famous chef in Australia.

Ronald Poernomo Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Ronald Poernomo’s net worth?

His net worth is approximately $900,000. He has achieved this huge net worth through his expertise in culinary art.

How much does Ronald Poernomo earn per year?

He leads a luxurious life, so it is obvious that he earns a good amount of money. It is estimated that he earns around $500,000 per year.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ronald Poernomo?

The exact height of Ronald Poernomo is not known.

How old is Ronald Poernomo?

He was born in the late '80s. According to his birth year, he is in his late 30s, as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

His parents worked in a restaurant, and he was always interested in the process of making food. He discovered this passion when he was 14 years old. His parents are Junarmo Poernomo and Ike Malada, and he also has two brothers, Peynold Poernomo and Arnold Poernomo. His brother, Reynold Poernomo, was a contestant on 'Master Chef's Dessert Hall Of Fame'. He completed his schooling at Covenant Christian School.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ronald Poernomo’s partner?

The one with whom he tied the knot with is Rica Yahya.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For...

He is best known for his amazing talent in the culinary world and the business he holds with his brothers. He is also famous for being a judge on 'Master Chef Australia'.

Ronald Poernomo’s Hobbies And Interests

His hobbies are related to cooking. Since his childhood, he has loved to experiment with numerous dishes.

Other Interesting Ronald Poernomo Facts And Trivia

  • He has dual nationality; one is Australian, and the other is Indonesian.
  • His Instagram account handle is @pompenompeno.
  • His Instagram followers, as of 2022, total 15,700, and he is following 494 and has 170 posts.
  • The Poernomo brothers are two of the greatest names in the cooking world.

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