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Rupi Kaur’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Rupi Kaur

Place Of Birth

Hoshiarpur, India


29 years old

Birth Date

October 04, 1992

Star Sign


Rupi Kaur Facts

Child Star?



Poet, Author, Illustrator

Education & Qualifications

University of Waterloo

Net Worth

$1.3 million


Prabh Kaur


1.6m (5'2"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Monkey

About Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is a well-known illustrator, poet, writer, and photographer.

Rupi Kaur was born in Punjab, India, and immigrated to Canada when she was a little child. She was born on October 4, 1992.

Rupi Kaur started reciting poetry in 2009, and gained popularity on Instagram, where she finally shaped herself into a well-known Instapoet, thanks to her three collections of poetry.

As part of her college photography assignment, Rupi Kaur shared a series of images on Instagram in March 2015, showing her menstrual blood stains on her clothes and bedclothes. Following Instagram's removal of the photograph, Rupi Kaur penned a widely shared condemnation of the company's behavior. The poetry of Rupi Kaur got more attention as a consequence of the occurrence, and her first independently released collection, 'Milk And Honey', was republished with great mainstream success in the poetry sales. She also became a social media sensation with this incident.

Rupi Kaur's readers also widely recognize the short visual poetry and hand-drawn illustrations of Rupi Kaur. Penguin Classics and Andrew McMeel Publishing are some of the publishing houses she has worked with.

Rupi Kaur was born in a Sikh family and has three siblings, one of whom is Prabh Kaur. She currently resides in Brampton City, Ontario, Canada. She studied at the University of Waterloo, completing her degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Keep reading to learn more about the personal and professional life of famous poet, Rupi Kaur, including her net worth, birthday, and

Rupi Kaur's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Rupi Kaur's net worth?

Rupi Kaur is a well-known poet and writer from Canada. The net worth of this illustrator and author is expected to be around $1.3 million.

How much does Rupi Kaur earn per year?

The exact annual income of Rupi Kaur is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Rupi Kaur?

Rupi Kaur is 5 ft 3 in (158 cm) tall.

How old is Rupi Kaur?

Rupi Kaur was born on October 4, 1992, in Punjab, India. She is currently 29 years old and will celebrate her 30th birthday in October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Rupi Kaur was born on October 4, 1992, into a Sikh family, in India. The name of Rupi Kaur's parents are unknown. She has three siblings, but the name of only one sibling is known, Prabh Kaur. She moved to Canada with her parents when she was three years old. Her father left them before her birth, due to the persecution of Sikh men at this time. Rupi Kaur's father would send items necessary for the family, due to their unstable financial situation.

Rupi Kaur shared a bed in a one-bedroom rental apartment with her family. Her father used to work as a truck driver and her family finally relocated to Brampton, Ontario, near a sizable South Asian immigrant community. Her father used to send poems in Punjabi to her mother, a painter, while he was a resident of Japan.

Rupi Kaur started painting like her mother when she was five years old. She was handed a paintbrush and felt compelled to create art.

Rupi Kaur spent several years performing Indian classical music and kirtan. Her career goals fluctuated and her father forbade her from pursuing those subjects in college. She wanted to be an astronaut, social worker, and fashion designer. From a young age, she read because she found it helped her feel less alone.

Rupi Kaur, who began learning English at the age of 10. In the fourth grade, she finally developed her interpersonal and confidence capabilities. At the University of Waterloo, she pursued a degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

At the same time, Rupi Kaur also taught high school students. 'Milk And Honey', the first and best-selling book of hers, made her better known as a poet and later as an author. 'The Sun And Her Flowers', Rupi Kaur's second book, was released on October 3, 2017, after a writing trip in California. In the very same year, Rupi Kaur made her entry into the Brampton Arts Walk of Fame.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Rupi Kaur dating? 

Rupi Kaur is single and not dating anyone as of 2022. The past relationships of Rupi Kaur are also unknown to the public, as she prefers to keep her personal life private.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Rupi Kaur is best recognized as an author, illustrator, and poet from Canada. She is remembered for her best-selling book, 'Milk And Honey', which was also her first publication. Cruelty, compassion, bereavement, and healing are themes throughout 'Milk And Honey'. Along with problems encountered by Indian women, including immigrants, female trauma, and the South Asian experience, Rupi Kaur's poetry also examines a number of other topics.

To respect the Punjabi language, Rupi Kaur publishes in lowercase and therefore only uses the period as a manner of punctuation, because Gurmukhi script does not include lower and upper case. The poet has claimed that the form matches her perspective and that she appreciates the fairness of the characters. Her writing style has changed, due to learning English after relocating to Canada, making it more approachable for readers who are learning English. Rupi Kaur has made a big deal about how her poetry relates to South Asian culture, to the extent that she is reportedly tired of Western readers not understanding her writing.

What awards has Rupi Kaur won?

Both the BBC and 'Elle' magazine included Rupi Kaur in their lists of Women of the Year in 2017.

Rupi Kaur also received the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry.

Rupi Kaur was named Writer of the Decade in 2019, by 'The New Republic'.

Rupi Kaur's Hobbies And Interests

Traveling, painting, and drawing are hobbies and interests of the Canadian author, illustrator, and poet, Rupi Kaur.

Other Interesting Rupi Kaur Facts And Trivia

  • In 2020, Rupi Kaur published another poetry collection, 'Home Body'.
  • In 2020, she wrote an article titled 'History Shows Punjab Has Always Taken On Tyrants. Modi Is No Different'. In 2021, she made her live performance film.
  • Rupi Kaur anonymously distributed her work throughout high school. She started to post her writing on Tumblr without using a pseudonym in 2013.
  • In 2014, Rupi Kaur moved to Instagram, where she began introducing simple illustrations to her writing. Her first poetry, which she shared on Instagram, called 'Cathartic', was about a wife suffering from her husband's drinking habits.
  • Despite Rupi Kaur's poetry having received mixed reviews and frequently being parodied, her fame has been equated to that of a pop celebrity.
  • Rupi Kaur has been commended for shaping the present literary landscape. However, she has also been accused of copying from other Instapoets.
  • Rupi Kaur was born on October 4, 1992, so she will turn 30 in October 2022.
  • Rupi Kaur is active on all her social media handles, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has over 4.5 million followers on her Instagram account. She also owns a YouTube channel and has over 23,000 subscribers as of 2022.
  • A total of 25 languages have been used to translate 'Milk And Honey', of which over 2.5 million copies have been sold worldwide.

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