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Ryan Scott Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ryan Scott Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ryan Scott
Place Of Birth
Los Banos, USA
43 years old
Birth Date
November 1 1980

Ryan Scott Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
California Culinary Academy
Net Worth
Current Partner
Lesly Eldrige
Olive Scott

About Ryan Scott 

Ryan Scott is a chef from Los Banos, California.

Ryan Scott studied at California Culinary Academy. He found his love for cooking at a very young age.

When he was just eight years old, he used to rush home from school, to watch the food channels on TV, rather than cartoons. His parents opened a restaurant in the '50s, when he was 11 years old. Ryan Scott replaced their full-time chef when they noticed his prowess in the short-order line kitchen.

His official chef career began when he was chosen to compete in the fourth season of 'Top Chef'. ‍He has worked as an executive chef, cooking instructor, and also a caterer. Before moving to Hawaii to work with chefs, Peter Merriman and Alan Wong, Scott completed an internship at Bistro Roxy in Reno, Nevada.

Ryan Scott's Net Worth, Earning and Spending Habits

What is Ryan Scott’s net worth?

The net worth of Ryan Scott is estimated to be around $13 million, based on his successful career as a chef and appearances on popular TV shows.

How much does Ryan Scott earn per year?

The exact annual income of Ryan Scott is not known.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Ryan Scott?

The height of Ryan Scott is not known.

How old is Ryan Scott?

Ryan Scott was born on November 1, 1980. He is currently 41 years old and will turn 42 in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

Ryan Scott was born on November 1, 1980, in Los Banos, California, US, and grew up in Modesto, California. There is no information available about the names of Ryan Scott's parents. He studied at Los Banos High School and graduated from California Culinary Academy. He then did a one-year internship at Bistro Roxy in Reno, Nevada, before moving to Hawaii to work with other well-known chefs.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ryan Scott’s partner?

Ryan Scott married Lesley Eldrige in 2014. is the partner of Ryan Scott. They have two daughters, named Poppy and Olive Scott.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ryan Scott is renowned for winning two Emmy Awards. Many times a year, he appears on morning and daytime shows, including 'Today', 'Good Morning America', and 'Bar Rescue'.

Ryan Scott has worked in several prestigious restaurants around the nation under the guidance of some of the greatest chefs, such as Peter Merriman and Alan Wong. He became an executive chef at the famous Mision Beach Cafe in San Francisco.

He appeared on Bravo's 'Top Chef', in the fourth season and specialized in California Mediterranean meals.  He also works as a caterer and a cooking instructor.

What awards has Ryan Scott won?

Ryan Scott has won two Emmy Awards.

Ryan Scott’s Hobbies And Interests

Ryan Scott likes spending time with his family, which includes his wife, Lesley, his daughters, Poppy and Olive, and his two dogs, Pumpkin and Teddy. Ryan Scott also enjoys volunteering his time for many Bay Area humanitarian causes and groups, such as the LGBTQ community and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Other Interesting Ryan Scott Facts And Trivia

  • Martin Yan and Jacques Pepin were his icons as a child.
  • Ryan Scott wrote, 'One to Five' (Oxmoor House, 2017) and 'The No-Fuss Family Cookbook', which was published on May 25, 2021.
  • Ryan Scott was a star player on his school's basketball team.
  • Ryan Scott has founded and sold four restaurants, and today he runs RyanScott2Go, which a premier catering service in the San Francisco Bay region, that serves both the elite and regular foodies of Silicon Valley. Over 2,000 individuals are served weekly by his personalized, homestyle delivery dinners.
  • When Ryan Scott participated in 'Top Chef', he faced up against Spike Mendelsohn.
  • Ryan Scott held jobs as a caterer and a culinary instructor before appearing on Bravo's 'Top Chef' and achieving fame.
  • Ryan Scott completed a one-year internship at Bistro Roxy in Reno.

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