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Sabrina Weisz Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Sabrina Weisz Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
51 years old
Birth Date
December 1 1972

Sabrina Weisz Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Loyola Marymount University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Ezra Weisz
Sarah Weisz, Jacob Weisz

About Sabrina Weisz

Sabrina Weisz is a teacher, performer, voice actress, and teacher.

She has gained popularity in the entertainment industry in a short time. She is known to be the voice of Leyla in the TV series 'Chosen' and the role of Nathalie Sancoeur in 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.'

She has also done a lot of improv training. Currently, Weiz is residing in Los Angeles. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Read ahead to discover interesting details about her net worth, career, family life, birth city, and more.

Sabrina Weisz Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sabrina Weisz’s net worth?

Sabrina Weisz has a net worth of around $ 1.9 million. Her major source of income includes her voice acting profession.

How much does Sabrina Weisz earn per year?

Sabrina has not disclosed anything about her annual income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sabrina Weisz?

Sabrina Weisz has not revealed details about her height.

How old is Sabrina Weisz?

Sabrina Weisz celebrates her birthday on December 01, 1972. As of 2022, she is 50 years old.

Childhood And Education

The birthplace of Weisz is the United States. She studied at Holy Family High School. She has done her graduation from Loyola Marymount University. After completing her graduation, she joined theater. During her college days, she has done various drama plays. She joined bang comedy theater as an impro training teacher. She used to teach students long-form and sketch comedy. Along with her teaching job, Sabrina also wrote a web series.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Sabrina Weisz’s partner?

Sabrina Weisz married Ezra Weisz in 1998. She gave birth to two kids, Sarah Weisz and Jacob Weisz.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Sabrina Weisz is a famous voice actress and performer who has brought to life various characters on television and in films. She has lent her voice to Nadja Chamack, Sarah, Nathalie Sancoeur, Xiong Xiong, and Orikko in the superhero children's television series 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir' English version. She has also done voice-over work in shows like '3%' and 'When Angels Sleep.' '3%' is a Brazilian dystopian thriller streaming TV series starring Bianca Comparato and João Miguel. 'When Angels Sleep' is a 2018 Spanish thriller drama film starring Julián Villagrán, Marian Álvarez, and Ester Expósito. The film revolves around a businessman who hits a teenage girl accidentally after falling asleep at the wheel.

Sabrina Weisz’s Hobbies And Interests

Sabrina Weisz loves reading books and writing stories. 

Other Interesting Sabrina Weisz Facts And Trivia

  • Sabrina's husband, Ezra Weisz, is a voice actor. He is a voice actor in 'Vampire Knight', 'Popples', 'The Greatest Miracle', and more.
  • Sabrina started her career as a theater artist.

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