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Sagi kalev Birthday & Fun Facts

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Sagi kalev Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Sagi Kalev
Place Of Birth
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
52 years old
Birth Date
July 29 1971

Sagi kalev Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications

About Sagi Kalev 

Sagi Kalev is a bodybuilder and model from Israel.

He was born on July 30, 1971, in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Sagi studied physical education at the University of Central Florida.

Sagi wanted to become a model and a bodybuilder and wanted to seek a career in the field, so he immigrated to the US in 1993. He appeared in various magazines including Reps, Iron Man, Men's Workout, and Hardcore Muscle. He also appeared in several fitness competitions and bodybuilding picture sessions. He has earned a Certified Pro Personal Trainer designation from PROPTA, the premier nutrition and personal training organization in the world. His specialties include clinical nutrition and functional medicine. Sagi is the founder of Beachbody's acclaimed at-home exercise program for both ladies and men called 'Body Beast'. He is also the creator of 'The Master's Hammer And Chisel' program.

In 1998, he appeared and triumphed in the middleweight class of the NPC Southwest USA Championships. Additionally, Kalev's most notable bodybuilding events were in Texas, where he won the light-heavyweight division at the 99 NPC Lone Star Bodybuilding Classic took place in 1999.

In 2003, Kalev returned to physique modeling. He later agreed to work as an ambassador and representative for Lifewave and Impact Nutrition. Kalev designed and trained BODY BEAST, a bodybuilding program that was introduced in June 2012, after partnering with Beachbody in 2011. Kalev works out four to five times a week.

He has also been working with several fitness publications.

Sagi Kalev Net Worth, Earning and Spending Habits

What is Sagi Kalev’s net worth?

The net worth of Sagi Kalev can be estimated to be $2 million, based on his successful modeling and bodybuilding career and by winning several bodybuilding competitions.

How much does Sagi Kalev earn per year?

It is uncertain how much Sagi Kalev earns in a year.

Height, Age, and Physical Attributes

How tall is Sagi Kalev?

Sagi Kalev is approximately 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Sagi Kalev?

Sagi Kalev is about 50 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Sagi Kalev is from Tel Aviv, Israel. He was born on July 30, 1971. Kalev studied at the University of Central Florida and attained a degree in physical education. Ido Kalev is his younger brother.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Sagi Kalev’s partner?

Sagi Kalev used to run advertisements for his Body Beast program. Interestingly, there he met Barbie Decker. Barbie Decker is a Star Diamond fitness coach for Team Beachbody Elite. Sagi is married to fitness coach Barbie Decker since May 2015 and lives with her in Dallas, Texas.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Sagi Kalev is known for being a top fitness model and won many bodybuilding competitions. Kalev serves as the senior director of PROPTA, which stands for Professional Personal Trainers Association. PROPTA is a professional institute for Fitness and Nutrition certifications.

He has been on the covers of three different fitness publications: Men's Workout, Ironman, as well as Muscle and Fitness.

He also created 'The Master's Hammer and Chisel' and 'Body Beast' programs.

What awards has Sagi Kalev won?

Kalev won Israel titles and became Mr. Israel twice. After serving for four years in the Israeli army, including time in Operation Desert Storm, he resumed weightlifting and bodybuilding, earning him this championship.

Other Interesting Sagi Kalev Facts And Trivia

  • Sagi Kalev is the celebrity trainer of the 2002 TV show 'The Bachelor' star Sean Lowe.
  • He has made a guest appearance on the TV series 'The Young And The Restless' and 2017 the comedy and action film 'Baywatch'.
  • Sagi Kalev is also a naturopathic doctor by profession.
  • He was hired as a spokesmodel for Spencer Gifts for four years.
  • Sagi Kalev won two Mr. Israel titles.
  • He is a part of the Hall of Fame of the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB).

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