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Saucey Austin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Saucey Austin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Austin Hines
Place Of Birth
Nashville, USA
24 years old
Birth Date
August 2 1999

Saucey Austin Facts

Child Star?
TikToker, YouTuber
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Saucey Austin

Saucey Austin, also known as Austin Hines, is a popular YouTuber and Instagram Celebrity.

A handsome young boy with curly hair, Saucey Austin impressed netizens with his dancing skills. He has quite a presence on multiple social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Austin Hines, popularly known as Saucey Austin, is a social media star in the US. He shot to fame with his dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok and fun lifestyle videos with his friends and family on YouTube. With an estimated net worth of $1 million as of October 2022, Austin continues to grow his wealth and social media presence every day.

Saucey Austin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Saucey Austin's net worth?

Saucey Austin has a net worth of $1 million as of October 2022. Austin's primary sources of income are his TikTok, YouTube channels, and the rest of his social media.

How much does Saucey Austin earn per year?

The average annual salary of social media star Austin Hines is currently unavailable. However, we know that Saucey Austin makes approximately $195-488 for each video he releases on TikTok. He also earns via his YouTube channel. It is through his successful social media presence that the young lad has managed to build a net worth of $1 million as of October 2022.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Saucey Austin?

The TikTok star is about 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How old is Saucey Austin?

Saucey Austin celebrates his birthday every year on August 2. He was born in 1999 and is 23 years old as of October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Saucey Austin was born Austin Hines in the USA on August 2, 1999. Although his folks often appear in his video sketches on YouTube and TikTok, he is yet to disclose their names and professions. He has a sibling named Kenni. Hines completed his schooling at a neighborhood high school in Nashville and graduated from a local university in the USA. But he has kept his educational qualifications and the names of his schools private. As a child, Austin was interested in sports and aspired to be a model or celebrity.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Saucey Austin dating?

Unfortunately, unlike most social media stars out there, Austin prefers to keep his romantic life private. There is no information relating to his ex-partners or who he is with. It is assumed that he is not dating anyone at present.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Saucey Austin is best known as a social media star. He runs a successful YouTube channel and TikTok account and is represented by the Clicks Talent Agency. Although he started with Instagram, it was his TikTok videos that initially caught viewer interest. He began his TikTok journey by regularly posting dance videos on his channel. Over 500,000 people have watched and liked his viral TikTok video 'Are You Eyes Fake.' Thereafter, he started uploading lip-sync videos to his TikTok account, which quickly became quite well-liked online. He began to amass more fans on the platform over time, eventually becoming a TikTok celebrity. His fans love his dance moves and quirky videos and consistently leave positive comments in each of his videos. Saucey Austin has over 223.6 million likes and 6.1 million followers on his TikTok as of October 2022.

In addition to TikTok, he has a very successful YouTube channel where he uploads lifestyle videos with his family, friends, and dog. The first video he put up on the channel was titled 'One Of The Cringiest Things I've Seen!'. He has been posting vlogs and Q&As ever since. He has 176k subscribers on his channel as of October 2022.

Saucey Austin's Hobbies And Interests

Saucey Austin likes photography, traveling, and spending time on the internet. His Instagram account shows that he loves to travel across the globe and take loads of pictures.

Other Interesting Saucey Austin Facts And Trivia

  • The zodiac sign of Saucey Austin is Leo.
  • Saucey Austin has previously been represented by an agency called 'Next Step Talent'.
  • He has made up his dance moves to popular music tracks by Summer Walker and Justin Bieber.
  • He belongs to the dancing group 'The Limited Edition' on TikTok.
  • Austin has also worked with a gaming channel, the Versusgame website, a betting service for pop culture events.

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