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Sean Harmon Birthday & Fun Facts

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Sean Harmon Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Sean Thomas Harmon
Place Of Birth
Burbank, USA
35 years old
Birth Date
April 25 1988

Sean Harmon Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Producer, Director, Stunt Coordinator
Education & Qualifications
Notre Dame High
Net Worth
Current Partner
Courtney Prather
Mark Harmon and Pamela Dawber
Ty Christian Harmon

About Sean Harmon 

Sean Harmon was born Sean Thomas Harmon.

Sean Harmon was born into a family with a massive legacy in the entertainment industry. He has followed in the footsteps of his parents in order to make his mark in the entertainment world.

Sean Harmon is a man of many talents. Apart from being one of the most famous actors in the entertainment industry, he is also a model, director, producer, and stunt coordinator. He is also quite active on social media and has made over 85 posts on his Instagram account, where he has over 2,500 followers as of July 2022. Despite coming from a family with such a massive heritage in the film industry, Sean has decided to make his own way, starting from scratch. He initially started off with minor roles in order to prove himself and earn opportunities to play bigger and better roles. He has gone on to play major roles in numerous movies and television series through his dedication and hard work. Read along to know more!

Sean Harmon Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sean Harmon's net worth?

Sean Harmon has a net worth of $10 million.

How much does Sean Harmon earn per year?

There is currently no information available regarding the annual income of Sean Harmon. However, it is estimated that she earns a good amount from his appearance in television series.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sean Harmon?

Sean Harmon is quite tall, standing at the height of 5 ft 11 in (180.34 cm).

How old is Sean Harmon?

Born on April 25, 1988, Sean Harmon is 34 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Sean Harmon was born and raised in Burbank, California, the United States of America. He grew up in a showbiz family, with his father, Mark Harmon being one of the most famous actors of his time. His mother, Pamela Dawber, was also an actress and had featured in prominent films such as 'My Sister Sam' and 'Mork And Mindy'. He also has a brother by the name of Ty Christian Harmon, who is also a member of the film industry and works as a director and actor. In fact, he has worked with his brother on the movie 'Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown'. His grandfather, Thomas Dudely Harmon, was actually a famous football player and a sports journalist. Elyse Knox, his grandmother, was also a famous actress and had worked in movies such as 'Hit The Race' and 'The Mummy's Tomb'.

Sean Harmon completed his school education at Notre Dame High School, which was located in Sherman Oaks in the state of California. There is no information available on his further academic qualifications.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Sean Harmon dating?

Sean Harmon is currently engaged to Courtney Prather. She has also shared pictures on social media showcasing her engagement ring. The duo was first spotted together at the ceremony to introduce Sean's father, Mark Harmon, to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The pair got engaged in 2021.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Sean Harmon rose to fame with an appearance in the television series titled 'NCIS'. He started his acting career with 'NCIS' in 200 and played the role of Leroy Gibbs in the crime drama. His character was a police officer at the post of a special agent and had earlier been played by his own father. In fact, his character was the younger version of his father's character. He has worked with other prominent actors such as Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette for the show. He drew critical acclaim from members of the industry, and fans believed that he was the spitting image of his father and a perfect fit for the character that he had been cast as. He made an appearance in five different episodes of the series, which were titled 'Heartland', 'Engaged: Part I & II', 'Deliverance', and 'Mother's Day'.

Sean Harmon's performance in 'NCIS' led to him being cast in the role of Ethan Grohl in the series titled 'CSI: NY'. The series had a similar theme as that of 'NCIS' and focused on a police department that uses forensic evidence and science to solve crimes in the city of New York. He has also been a member of the cast of the series 'NCIS: Los Angeles'. Sean Harmon has also featured in numerous movies such as 'Hold On' and 'Alina'. 'Alina' is based on a family's effort to smuggle an infant to safety during the Nazi regime in Germany. He has also been cast in the role of Romero in the TV series 'Lauren', which is based on the life of a soldier.

Apart from acting, Sean Harmon is also a talented stunt coordinator. He worked as a stunt player in the movie 'American Reunion' which was directed by Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz. The movie was a part of the famous 'American Pie' series of films and dealt with a high school reunion after many years. The movie also included Jason Biggs as a member of the cast. The actor from Burbank, California, has also coordinated stunts for another movie titled 'Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown'. In fact, he served as the director and the producer for the movie, showcasing his many talents. The movie focused on the relationships between a group of Catholic women. He was also the stunt double for Dominic Bogart in the movie 'The Dead Man'. The movie follows the journey of a man on the run after committing a crime and describes how he enters the world of spirituality after meeting an acquaintance. He has served as a stunt coordinator for the television series called 'Rebel', which was inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich.

Sean Harmon has worked with prominent actors such as Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey in the movie 'Dumb And Dumber', for which he served as the stunt coordinator. Sean has also been a part of the stunt team for several other movies, such as 'Golden Revenge', 'The Labyrinth', and 'Into the Equinox'. The model from Burbank, California, was also a member of the cast of the movie titled 'Thicker Than Thieves', which deals with a group of like-minded individuals in pursuit of the same target. He was also cast in the role of Felix Koster in the series 'Major Crimes' whilst also having played the role of Karisma's father in the movie 'The Fits'. The latter is based on a young girl who tries to fit into a dance group that she had always wanted to be a part of. He has also played the role of Terry Scott, a police sergeant, in the short film titled 'Ten Thousand Miles'. The actor from California has also played the role of Jamie Jones in the short film titled 'The Compatible'. He has also served as a producer for 'Stony Brook'. Sean Harmon is currently working on new projects in terms of both movies and television series.

What awards has Sean Harmon won?

Sean Harmon has been nominated for the Best Ensemble Cast Award at the First Glance Film Festival in Philadelphia in 2020 for his role in the short film 'Alina'. He was also the winner of the Platinum Award for the Best Ensemble Cast at the Independent Short Awards of 2020 for his role in 'Alina'.

Sean Harmon's Hobbies And Interests

Apart from acting, Sean Harmon is interested in kickboxing and surfing.

Other Interesting Sean Harmon Facts And Trivia

  • Sean Harmon's zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Sean Harmon is often confused on the internet with a sergeant in the US Army who shares the same name. The actor has not served in the military.

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