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Sean Pertwee Birthday & Fun Facts

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Sean Pertwee Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Sean Carl Roland Pertwee
Place Of Birth
Hammersmith, UK
59 years old
Birth Date
June 4 1964

Sean Pertwee Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Teddington School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jacqui Hamilton Smith
Alfred Pertwee, Gilbert Pertwee
Jon Pertwee, Ingeborg Rhoesa
Dariel Pertwee

About Sean Pertwee

Sean Pertwee is an English actor, narrator, and producer.

His birth name is Sean Carl Roland Pertwee. Sean was born on June 4, 1964, in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom.

He is best known for his performance as Alfred Pennyworth in the famous 'Gotham' series.

Sean Pertwee's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sean Pertwee's net worth?

Sean Pertwee's net worth is estimated to be about $5 million as of 2022. 

How much does Sean Pertwee earn per year?

Sean Pertwee's annual salary has not been revealed to the media.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sean Pertwee?

Sean Pertwee's height is 6 ft (183 cm).

How old Is Sean Pertwee?

Sean Pertwee was born on June 4, 1964, and is 58 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Sean Pertwee was born and brought up in Hammersmith, UK. He is the son of actor Jon Pertwee and his German wife, Ingeborg Rhoesa. Sean belongs to a pretty famous family, as his grandfather, Roland Pertwee, is a playwright and screenwriter. His sister, Dariel Pertwee, is an actress, and his cousin, Bill Pertwee, is also an actor. Sean had an acting bug in him since childhood, and he made his first appearance in the TV show 'Billy Smart's Children Circus' at 11.

Sean completed his studies at Teddington School in Richmond and graduated from Sunbury College in Surrey. He also graduated as an actor from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 1986. Sean had an idyllic Bohemian childhood. He was a happy kid as he had the freedom to play all day and returned home only for meals when his father rang a cowbell. He grew along with his sister, and their parents gave both of them enough freedom and respect to share their opinions on serious family matters.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Sean Pertwee's partner?

Sean Pertwee married Jacqui Hamilton Smith in 1999 and has twin children, Alfred Pertwee and Gilbert Pertwee.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After Sean's graduation, he got employed by the prestigious theater group Royal Shakespeare Company, where he worked for the next three years. His film career began with Joe Orton's biopic 'Prick Up Your Ears' (1987), in which he was featured as Orton's friend. After that, he appeared in the following films and TV shows–

'The 4th Reich'.

'Shopping' (1994).

'Cadfael' (1994-1998).

'ID' (1995).

'Deadly Voyage' (1996).

'Bodyguards' (1996-1997).

'Cold Feet' (since 1997).

'Event Horizon' (1997).

'Stiff Upper Lips' (1997).

'Macbeth' (1998).

'Soldier' (1998).

'Tale of the Mummy' (1998).

'Cleopatra' (1999).

Five Seconds To Spare' (2000).

'Seven Days To Live' (2000).

'Love, Honour, And Obey' (2000).

'The 51st State' (2001).

'Equilibrium' (2002).

'Dog Soldiers' (2002).

'Julius Caesar' (2003). 

'The Adventures Of Greyfriars Bobby' (2005).

'The Last Drop' (2005).

'The Prophecy: Uprising' (2005).

'Goal!' (2005).

'Wilderness' (2006).

'When Evil Calls' (2006).

'Marple: The Moving Finger' (2006).

'Dangerous Parking' (2007).

'Goal II: Living The Dream' (2007).

'Botched' (2007).

'Journey To The Edge Of The Universe' (2008).

'Mutant Chronicles' (2008).

'Doomsday' (2008).

'' (2010).

'Devil's Playground' (2010).

'Just For The Record' (2010).

'Ultramarines: A Warhammer' (2010).

'Four' (2011).

'UFO' (2012).

'Naked Harbour' (2012).

'St George's Day' (2012).

'Dead Man's Folly' (2013).

'Alan Partridge' (2013).

'The Magnificent Eleven' (2013).

'Howl' (2015).

'The Pale Horse' (2020).

'The Invitation' (2022).

Sean Pertwee also had a recurring role in the 'Camelot' and the 'Chancer' series. Apart from this, he was a part of the main cast of the 'Gotham' series and the 1997 'Bodyguards' series. Sean played the role of Alfred Pennyworth in Gotham from 2014-2019.

What awards has Sean Pertwee won?

Sean has won and been nominated for BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award (2013) for the best voice ensemble in a video game. He has won the LAIFF Summer Award (2020) for the best actor.

Sean Pertwee's Hobbies And Interests

Sean Pertwee's hobbies and interests are singing and acting.

Other Interesting Sean Pertwee Facts And Trivia

  • According to astrologers, his zodiac sign is Gemini. His favorite colors are blue and orange, and his favorite destination is London.
  • 'Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' is one of the popular TV series in which Sean Pertwee plays the role of Captain Heinz.
  • This 'Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' was telecasted for a year.
  • The English actor has had an extensive career in television and cinema Productions. He is also well known for his role as Doctor Talbot in the 'Doomsday' film released in 2008. His voice became familiar to the audience as he had written several television commercials, video games, and documentaries. He has also lent his voice to the computer game 'Medieval: Total War' and other war games like 'Killzone', 'Killzone 2' and 'Fire Warrior'.
  • Sean is also the voice of the tourism advertisement of the Northeast broadcasted in 2009. Currently, he works as the narrator in the MasterChef show, and he replaced India Fisher in the fourth series.
  • Sean Pertwee is also known for his role in the Fox TV series 'Gotham', which is the origin of the characters involved in the Batman franchise. He carries the role of Alfred Pennyworth, a former Soldier from London working with Wayne's family as a loyal Butler. He also eventually becomes the mentor and Guardian to the next Batman after the death of the Wayne parents.
  • Before all this, his role as Pilot Smith in 'Event Horizon' garnered a lot of publicity as the science fiction horror film ruled the box office in 1997.
  • Jon Pertwee Has been a part of multiple dramatic works for BBC Radio. His role as Oliver Reed in a play by Matthew Broughton in 2011 made this attempt more popular.
  • Jon Pertwee, his father, is also a well-known actor.
  • Sean Pertwee married Jacqueline Jane 'Jacqui' Hamilton-Smith at the House of Lords. She gave birth to twin children, and one of their twins died four days after birth due to premature birth.
  • Pertwee delivered a television party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party in the 2010 UK general election.


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