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Sheryl Sandberg Birthday & Fun Facts

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Sheryl Sandberg Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Sheryl Kara Sandberg
Place Of Birth
Washington DC, USA
54 years old
Birth Date
August 28 1969

Sheryl Sandberg Facts

Child Star?
COO, author, activist
Education & Qualifications
Harvard Business School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Tom Bernthal
Joel Sandberg , Adele (née Einhorn)

About Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, or Sheryl Kara Sandberg, was born on August 28, 1969, in Washington DC, US.

Sheryl Sandberg is an American technology executive, author, and activist who is known for being the chief operating officer (COO) of Facebook since 2008. The billionaire now serves as the COO of Meta Platforms, a position which she is leaving in the fall of 2022.

Sheryl Sandberg is known to be the founder of LeanIn.Org. Sheryl Sandberg studied economics at Harvard University in Massachusetts. Economist Lawrence Summers was her advisor there when she did her undergraduate thesis. In 1991, she got her bachelor's degree and was the top student in the subject. She did her MBA (Master of Business Administration) at Harvard Business School. Lawrence Summers was given the job as the chief economist at the prestigious World Bank. Sandberg joined him there to work on projects that helped developing countries. She was at the World Bank from 1991 to 1993. Sheryl Sandberg was elected in June 2012 to the board of directors of Facebook. She was even the first woman to be on the Facebook board. She was the head of the advertising business of the company. Sheryl Sandberg also worked as the vice president of global online sales and operations at Google before joining Facebook as the COO. She was also a part of Sandberg worked as the chief of staff for Lawrence Summers, the United States Secretary of the Treasury. She was even named in the Time 100 in 2012. The Time 100 is a yearly list containing the most influential people in the world.

The businesswoman from Washington now lives in California.

Sheryl Sandberg Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Sheryl Sandberg’s net worth?

It is estimated that Sheryl Sandberg has a net worth of $1.8 billion due to her many stock holdings in various companies and in Facebook. She is one of the richest executives today.

How much does Sheryl Sandberg earn per year?

It is not known how much Sheryl Sandberg earns per year. Apart from her salary, she has stocks in many companies, which ensures her funds are of different values each year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Sheryl Sandberg?

Sheryl Sandberg is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old is Sheryl Sandberg?

Sheryl Sandberg was born on August 28, 1969. As of June 2022, she is 52 years old.

Childhood And Education

Sandberg was born in Washington DC, USA. Sandberg's parents are Joel Sandberg and Adele (née Einhorn). She is the oldest of the three children of her parents. Joel Sandberg is an ophthalmologist, while her mother taught the French language in a college. When Sandberg was two years old, the family moved to North Miami Beach in Florida, where Sandberg went to North Miami Beach High School for her education. She graduated from there in 1987 and was ranked ninth in the class. Sandberg was also sophomore class president, a member of the senior class executive board, and an integral member of the National Honor Society. When she was in high school, Sandberg also taught aerobics.

Sandberg went to Harvard College in 1987. Sandberg was Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa when she graduated in 1991. Sandberg received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Sandberg also co-founded an organization named Women in Economics and Government while in college. She met Professor Lawrence Summers when she was at Harvard. He recruited Sandberg as his research assistant at the World Bank. She worked there for around 11-12 months on health projects working on initiatives surrounding blindness, leprosy, and AIDS in India.

She got into Harvard Business School in 1993. Sheryl Sandberg got her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1995 with the highest distinction. She also earned a fellowship in her first year of business school.

There is no other information available publicly about her personal life.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Sheryl Sandberg’s partner?

In 1993, Sheryl Sandberg married Brian Kraff. Brian Kraff and Sandberg, however, divorced each other in 1994. She married Dave Goldberg next in 2004. Dave Goldberg was an executive at Yahoo! when the couple got married, and he became the CEO of SurveyMonkey later. They have a son and a daughter. Goldberg died unexpectedly on May 1, 2o15, and reports came in that he died from head trauma when he fell from a treadmill during a vacation in Mexico. Sandberg has said that the actual reason for the death of her husband was arrhythmia.

She dated Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick after that. They separated after three years of dating. She got engaged to Kelton Global CEO Tom Bernthal and announced this news on Facebook on February 3, 2020.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

She was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company for a year from 1995 to 1996 right after she graduated from business school.

She joined Google where she was given the responsibility of online sales for the advertising and publishing products of Google. She was also responsible for sales operations of Google's consumer products and Google Book Search.

In March 2008 Facebook announced that Sandberg had been given the post of COO of Facebook after she left Google.

She became a part of the board of directors of Facebook in 2012. She was the eight-member and the first female on the board.

Sandberg was also named as part of the board of The Walt Disney Company in 2009. She is also part of the boards of Women for Women International, V-Day, and the Center for Global Development. She was earlier part of the boards of the Brookings Institution, Starbucks, and the Ad Council.

In 2022, Sheryl Sandberg announced that she will be stepping down as the COO of Meta in the fall but she will remain on the board of the company for the foreseeable future.

Her first book is named 'Lean In: Women, Work, And The Will To Lead' and was co-authored by Nell Scovell. It was published by Knopf on March 11, 2013. 'Option B' is her second book which was co-authored by Adam Grant and published in April 2017.

Charity Work

Her Lean In Foundation was renamed the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation in November 2016.

What awards has Sheryl Sandberg won?

Sandberg received the John H. Williams Prize at graduation as she became the best graduating student in economics.

She has won many such awards throughout her career.

Other Interesting Sheryl Sandberg Facts And Trivia

  • She again went back to work for Lawrence Summers from 1996 to 2001. He was serving under President Bill Clinton as the United States Secretary of the Treasury. She helped in the work of the Treasury on letting go of debt taken by the developing world when the Asian financial crisis hit.
  • She managed to grow the ad and sales team of the company from four to 4000 when she worked at Google.
  • Fortune magazine ranked her as one of the 50 'Most Powerful Women In Business'. She was seen on the list many times.
  • The Wall Street Journal named her on the list of '50 Women To Watch' in 2007 and 2008.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook's chief executive and the co-founder of the company. He met Sheryl Sandberg at Dan Rosensweig's Christmas party. Mark Zuckerberg was not searching for a chief operating officer for his company, but he was determined that Sandberg was the right choice for the position of COO (chief operating officer) in the organization. He hired her in 2008.
  • She started at the company by trying to make it more profitable. In its earlier days, Facebook was focused on creating a cool site and thought that revenue would come in due time. The leadership in Facebook by late spring decided to rely more upon advertising, and by 2010, the company became profitable. Facebook says that Sandberg oversees the business operations of the firm, which include sales, marketing, human resources, public policy, business development, and communications.
  • Since Facebook went public, Sandberg has sold half of her Facebook shares, as reported in April 2014. She had around 41 million shares in the firm at the time of the IPO of Facebook, and after some rounds of sales, she had approximately 17.2 million shares. She has a stake of around 0.5% in Facebook which amounts to around $1 billion.
  • She was said to be one of the world's 100 most powerful women. This was determined by Forbes in three different years.
  • The Wall Street Journal put out the news on April 21, 2022, that she was a member of a coordinated campaign that helped to restrain the Daily Mail from putting out a story about a temporary restraining order sent to Bobby Kotick by an ex-girlfriend.
  • Sandberg, who was born in Washington DC, now lives in Menlo Park, California.
  • She has also been invited as a keynote speaker at many events.

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