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Symonne Harrison Birthday & Fun Facts

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Symonne Harrison Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Symonne Brianna Harrison
Place Of Birth
Cleveland, USA
17 years old
Birth Date
June 18 2006

Symonne Harrison Facts

Child Star?
YouTuber, Actress
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Jim Harrison, Tania Harrison

About Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison is a well-known actress, social media personality, model, and dancer from the United States.

The date of birth of Symonne Harrison is June 19, 2006, while the place of her birth is Cleveland, Ohio, United States. She has danced for her hometown NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and has also won numerous medals at various dance competitions.

Symonne Harrison became well-known for her part in the Showtime program 'The Affair'. Symonne Harrison has also worked with renowned fashion and cosmetics companies, including Beach Waver and Lip Smacker. The family in which Symonne Harrison grew up was upper-middle class. Jim Harrison and Tania Harrison are the parents of Symonne Harrison. Jim Harrison, Symonne Harrison's father, is a businessman by occupation, while Tania Harrison, her mother, is a stay-at-home mom. The names of the siblings of this social media star remain unknown. The zodiac sign of Symonne Harrison is Gemini. When it comes to food, she likes eating fast food. She admires Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and likes to listen to and dance to their music. She is a serious gamer who loves playing video games. She plays online video games on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Symonne Harrison enjoys taking risks and is adventurous. She is pretty bold and enjoys attempting new things.

The second source of income for Symonne Harrison is brand endorsements, sponsored collaborations, and commercials. Symonne Harrison was in a relationship with Nick Bencivengo. The couple announced their engagement in January 2022, however, the pair have split as of July 2022. Nick Bencivengo is a well-known social media personality and TikTok celebrity.

Symonne Harrison completed her elementary education at a neighborhood high school in Cleveland, Ohio. To enhance her education, Symonne Harrison attends the same high school from which she is graduating. She has deeply loved performing and dancing since she was a small child. Symonne Harrison has competed in several local dance contests and won various awards for her community. 

Symonne Harrison Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Symonne Harrison's net worth?

The net worth of Symonne Harrison is estimated to be around $3 million. Symonne Harrison is a well-known American actress, social media personality, model, and dancer. Symonne Harrison gained national attention after performing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the basketball team from her hometown, and won multiple medals at dance contests. Commercials for brands, sponsored collaborations, and endorsements are her second source of revenue.

How much does Symonne Harrison earn per year?

The annual income of Symonne Harrison is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Symonne Harrison?

The height of Symonne Harrison is 5 ft 3 in (160 cm). The height of this social media influencer and TikTok star might change as she is an adolescent.

How old is Symonne Harrison?

Symonne Harrison is 16 years old as of 2022. Symonne Harrison's birth date is June 19, 2006, while the place of her birth is Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Symonne Harrison celebrated her 16th birthday on June 19, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Symonne Harrison studies at a local high school located in Cleveland, Ohio, Symonne Harrison has finished her elementary education. Symonne Harrison continues to attend the same high school from where she is graduating to pursue her further education.

Since she was young, Simonne Harrison has been passionate about dancing and acting. Symonne Harrison has participated in numerous regional dance competitions and garnered numerous accolades for her city. Symonne Harrison has always wanted to work as a well-known actress and dancer in the American entertainment industry.

Family Life

Symonne Harrison's birth date is June 19, 2006, while the place of her birth is Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Symonne Harrison was raised in an upper-middle-class family. Symonne Harrison was born to Jim Harrison and Tania Harrison. The zodiac sign of Symonne Harrison is Gemini.

The father of Symonne Harrison, Jim Harrison, is a businessman by profession, while her mother, Tania Harrison, is a housewife. This social media influencer has one younger sibling, but her sibling's name is unknown. Symonne Harrison was in a relationship with Nick Bencivengo. She got engaged to Nick Bencivengo in January 2022. The pair have broken up according to one of the YouTube videos posted by Symonne herself on July 2022. Nick Bencivengo is a TikTok star and famous social media figure.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Symonne Harrison is an American actress, social media personality, model, and dancer. Additionally, Symonne Harrison rose to fame for her role in the Showtime show 'The Affair'. Simonne Harrison also has a YouTube channel where she posts videos two or three times a month.

Symonne Harrison has collaborated with well-known fashion and beauty brands like Beach Waver and Lip Smacker. Symonne Harrison also established a company, at the age of six, called Bear On The Chair and obtained a patent for its design. Additionally, Symonne Harrison has modeled for well-known companies and featured in numerous art and beauty publications. She also performed for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball club.

She is also active on numerous social media networks, with a sizable fan following. She has given performances at Walt Disney World while having numerous close friends, including Emily Browning and Piper Rockelle. At such a young age, Symonne Harrison made it in the entertainment industry.

What awards has Symonne Harrison won?

Symonne Harrison has accrued many awards at a young age and has participated in many dance competitions. She has won numerous awards for the same and has also performed at Walt Disney World.

Symonne Harrison's Hobbies And Interests

Symonne Harrison enjoys seeing films featuring Emma Watson as she adores her. She prefers the color pink. She enjoys eating fast food. She reveres Miley Cyrus and Rihanna and enjoys listening to and dancing to their tracks.

She enjoys video games and is an avid gamer on the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and online video games. Symonne is an adventurer. Symonne Harrison likes to try out new things and is rather daring. Symonne Harrison enjoys parasailing, zip lining, indoor skydiving, acrobatics, and flying trapeze.

Other Interesting Symonne Harrison Facts And Trivia

  • Symonne Harrison started her YouTube channel on January 11, 2017. She uploaded her first video on June 16, 2018.
  • On Harrison's YouTube channel, there are more than one million subscribers. Most of her YouTube videos we created along with her ex-partner, Nick Bencivengo.
  • Symonne Harrison also owns an e-commerce website under her name, which she invented at the young age of six years.
  • Symonne Harrison is also an active Instagram user and has more than one million followers on her Instagram account, @symonneharrison.
  • @symonneoffical is the Twitter account of Symonne Harrison and the account has more than 4,000 followers.
  • Symonne Harrison started dancing when she was just two years old.
  • 'The Christmas Dance' and 'Jentzen Ramirez' are movies in which Symonne Harrison has appeared.
  • Symonne Harrison and her parents relocated to Los Angeles, California, when she was 11 years old so that she could pursue and succeed in her acting career.
  • Symonne Harrison represents the National Invention League as a young ambassador.
  • The Christmas eve episode of the television program 'Black-ish' promoted her goods.
  • She released a song with Nick Bencivengo called 'With You'.

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