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Tom DeLonge Birthday & Fun Facts

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Tom DeLonge Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Thomas Matthew DeLonge
Place Of Birth
Poway, USA
48 years old
Birth Date
December 12 1975

Tom DeLonge Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, Director, Producer, Actor
Education & Qualifications
Rancho Bernardo High School
Net Worth
Ava Elizabeth DeLonge, Jonas Rocket DeLonge
Thomas Delonge Sr., Connie Delonge
Shon DeLonge, Kari DeLonge

About Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is well known for being an author, songwriter, film director, fashion designer, music video director, singer, screenwriter, and musician.

Tom DeLonge became involved in entrepreneurship at an early age, as he wasn't very convinced of the potential of Blink-182 at the beginning of his musical career. He is the co-founder of Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves.

His new album, 'To The Stars... Demos, Odds, and Ends' was released on April 21, 2018. He has also released two books, 'Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl' and 'Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows'. His new TV series, 'Strange Times' is still in production, as of 2022. The new series 'Strange Times' follows five skateboarders who solve mysteries while outrunning Deep State government officials. 'My affection for all things weird and skateboarding occasionally takes a back seat to my enthusiasm for offensive jokes', DeLonge added.

He is also known for albums like 'We don’t Need to Whisper', 'Love', and 'Dream Walker' which has been proved to be massive hits.

Tom DeLonge Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Tom DeLonge’s net worth?

As of 2022, Tom DeLonge's net worth could be estimated at around $70 million.

How much does Tom DeLonge earn per year?

Tom DeLonge manages to earn approximately $6.5 million in a year. His source of income is from his career as a singer and songwriter.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How Tall is Tom DeLonge?

Tom DeLonge is 6 ft 3 in (193 cm) tall.

How Old is Tom DeLonge?

As of 2022, Tom DeLonge is 47 years old.

Childhood And Education

Tom DeLonge was born on December 13, 1975, in Poway, California, the United States. He was born to Thomas DeLonge Sr. and Connie DeLonge. 

From his early childhood, he was interested in skateboarding and wanted to be a firefighter. However, his love for music began when he received a guitar on his 11th birthday. After that, he started writing songs and learned to play the instrument. 

Tom DeLonge’s father worked at an oil company, and his mother as a mortgage broker. He has a little sister and an older brother. He went to Poway High School and then Rancho Bernardo High School, from where he graduated. 

He spent his free time skateboarding and drinking with his friends while listening to punk music by The Descendants, which later on influenced the kind of music he played.

DeLonge began his career as a pop-punk musician in Southern California. The early ’90s saw a thriving punk scene in Southern California, fueled by an active surfing, skating, and snowboarding culture. In contrast to East Coast punk music, the West Coast wave of bands, including Blink 182, tended to incorporate more melodic elements into their songs.

'As for the Californian middle-class suburbs, they have nothing to be down about', DeLonge said. In a 2011 essay, he listed six bands that had impacted his development as a musician, including Stiff Little Fingers, U2, Depeche Mode, New Order, Fugazi, and the Descendents. The last was his main inspiration when he began playing guitar. Buddha and other early recordings were an attempt to duplicate their sound. Following the Descendents, DeLonge credited Screeching Weasel as the second most important influence on his songwriting during his early years.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Tom DeLonge’s Spouse?

Tom DeLonge was married to his high school girlfriend, Jennifer Jenkins. They both started dating in 1996, and in 2001, they got married in California. The couple has two children together, Ava Elizabeth DeLonge (born in 2002) and Jonas Rocket DeLonge (born in 2006). However, they got divorced in 2019.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

He formed his first band in 1992, which was called Blink-182. He was the co-founder of the rock band called Blink-182. He was the guitarist as well as the co-lead vocalist for Blink-182 until he was dismissed from the band in 2015. In 2001, he and his band members released an album entitled 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket', which quickly climbed the musical charts.

Most people know Tom DeLonge because of Blink-182. The band became very popular and is still popular. However, he left the band after a few years. According to him, he left the band because he wanted to continue his space research. 

The lead vocalist reunited with the remaining members of Blink-182 in the year 2008 and released an album called 'Neighborhoods'. But he left the group once again in 2015 and recorded his first solo album called 'To the Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends'.

He is not only devoted to music, as he stepped into business in the year 1998, and his business includes a clothing website, and a control group. After that, he also invested in technology. 

The band's status in the music industry was uncertain for DeLonge, and he began venturing into business in 1998. He formed a holding group called Really Likable People (RLP) with a $20,000 investment after that. He co-founded, a company that specializes in youth-branded apparel, following this.

What Awards has Tom DeLonge Won?

Tom DeLonge won the Close Encounter Award in 2003 and shared it with people like Fat Tony. There is no information about any other awards won by Tom DeLonge. 

Tom DeLonge’s Hobbies and Interests

Tom DeLonge likes to sing and write songs in his free time. He is also interested in theories and came up with his own theory about aliens.

Other Interesting Tom DeLonge Facts And Trivia

  • Thomas Matthew DeLonge Jr. is active on social media sites such as Instagram, with 958,000 followers and with 500 followings as of 2022.
  • He is the founder of the rock bands Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and Angels & Airwaves.
  • He has two children named Ava Elizabeth and Jonas Rocket DeLonge.
  • Matt decided to quit college in order to pursue his passion for music through the band he had formed with Tom DeLonge. They had also got themselves a drummer named Scott, but soon he left for college, so they had Travis Barker join the band later. By the end of 1995, they had released their debut album.
  • Apart from Blink-182, Barker also joined a rap/rock supergroup named The Transplants and also released his solo album titled ‘Give the Drummer Some' on March 15, 2021. He was also named as ‘punk's first superstar drummer' by Rolling Stone Magazine for his solo album.
  • During those years, he tended to use Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters and his own Fender Tom DeLonge Stratocaster, with Seymour Duncan Invader pickups, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlop Tortex Picks, and a Whirlwind Selector A/B/Y box. The Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier was essential to DeLonge's early style. It was used to generate a distorted sound.
  • The American musician and record producer was born in Poway, California, and grew up in the suburbs of San Diego. When he was a teenager, DeLonge got his first guitar and began writing punk rock songs. Blink-182's bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor were teenagers when they started the band.
  • The band became popular in the mid '90s by releasing independent albums and constantly touring, particularly in their home country and Australia.
  • DeLonge got his start performing pop-punk music and went on to become one of the most successful musicians in history. During the early '90s, Southern California had a large punk community, fueled by an active surfing, skating, and snowboarding culture.
  • He has released the album ‘Box Car Racer' with Box Car Racer.
  • When 'Dammit' debuted on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, other stations took note, and the song was added to rock radio charts all over the country.
  • In April 2015, the Magnetic Press released DeLonge's first comic book series. 'Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker' is a three-issue comic book series based on his award-winning short film of the same name.
  • With his other projects taking precedence, Travis Barker recorded the studio album 'To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends' while performing.
  • In 2011, he listed six musical acts that had a significant influence on his development as a musician, including Stiff Little Fingers, U2, Depeche Mode, New Order, Fugazi, and the Descendants.

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