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Tyler Joseph Birthday & Fun Facts

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Tyler Joseph Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Columbus, USA
35 years old
Birth Date
January 11 1988

Tyler Joseph Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Olentangy High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jenna Black
Rosie Robert Joseph, Junie Belle Joseph
Christopher Anthony Joseph, Kelly Joseph
Jack, Jack Joseph, Madison Brett

About Tyler Joseph

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Tyler Robert Joseph is a well-known American singer, record producer, rapper, and songwriter. 

Tyler Joseph is famous for co-founding the musical duo called 'Twenty One Pilots' with the drummer Josh Dun. In 2008, Joseph also released a solo album titled, 'No Phun Intended,' which initially consisted of about 18 tracks. 

Joseph has been nominated for about six Annual Grammy Awards along with his bandmates, out of which the group won one for the song, 'Stressed Out' for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2017. He is known for his eccentric demeanor and gloomy, complicated lyrical themes of his tracks.

As a part of the duo 'Twenty One Pilots,' Joseph has released six albums along with his bandmates, including the 2009 debut studio album, 'Twenty One Pilots,' 'Regional at Best' (2011), 'Vessel' (2013), 'Blurryface' (2015), 'Trench' (2018), and their recent 2021 released the sixth studio album, 'Scaled and Icy.'

Joseph has also been featured in a few songs, including 'Sickly Sweet Holidays' (2014) with Dallon James Weekes, 'Live' (2010), and 'Dollhouse' (2009), both with Jocef. In 2014, Joseph contributed as a featured artist in Travis Whittaker's tracks of the album 'Clear,' including 'Dead Come Alive,' 'Producer,' 'Twenty-Nine,' 'Lord of Glory,' and 'Rulers of Reverse.'

Tyler Joseph's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Tyler Joseph's net worth?

The net worth of Tyler Joseph is $16 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Joseph is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Tyler Joseph?

Tyler Joseph is 33 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Tyler Joseph was born in Columbus, Ohio, to parents Christopher Joseph and Kelly Joseph. He has three siblings, two brothers, Zack Joseph and Jay Joseph ( who is also a musician and artist), and one sister, Madison Brett. Joseph was homeschooled for most of his primary childhood years. His father, Christopher Anthony, worked as a basketball coach at Worthington Christian High School for about a decade. His mother, Kelly Joseph, was a mathematics lecturer at the Olentangy Orange High School, Columbus, Ohio, where Joseph spent his high school years.

Tyler Joseph used to post content on his YouTube channel titled 'slushieguys' in 2007. The channel has about 100k subscribers. Even after being offered a scholarship at the Otterbein University to represent the University in basketball, Joseph declined to attend college.

He would record different radio melodies, and soon, he started working on his solo album titled, 'No Phun Intended' throughout 2007 and 2008 with the Thomas. It is known that Nick Thomas also worked as a guitarist in many of the tracks of Joseph's album.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Tyler Joseph's partner?

Tyler Joseph is currently married to his wife, Jenna Joseph. He first proposed to her on July 8, 2014, and a year later, the couple got married on March 28, 2015. The couple revealed that Joseph and Jenna were expecting their first child, Rosie Robert Joseph, on September 7, 2019. On February 9, 2020, Jenna Joseph delivered their baby girl, Rosie Robert Joseph. Tyler Joseph disclosed that the couple was expecting their second baby, Junie Belle Joseph, while performing at the MTV VMA on September 12, 2021, who was born on April 8, 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 2009, the record producer, Tyler Joseph, founded the group 'Twenty One Pilots' in Columbus, Ohio as the lead vocalist of the group along with the bassist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih. After the release of their debut and self-titled album, 'Twenty One Pilots,' Nick Thomas and Salih decided to leave the group in 2011. Tyler Joseph and the drummer, Josh Dun, released their second album, 'Regional at Best,' which was also released the same year.

Soon after the release of their third studio album, 'Blurryface,' the band released a single track, 'Fairly Local,' with its music video on the YouTube channel, 'Fueled by Ramen.' In 2015 and 2016, Joseph and Josh Dun went on the Blurryface Tour and Emotional Roadshow World Tour, respectively. On October 5, 2018, the fifth studio album titled 'Trench' was released, after which the musical duo went on The Bandito Tour. A YouTube music video for the track, 'Nico and the Niners' was uploaded on July 25, 2018, along with a commercial snippet of the track, 'My Blood.'

After the release of the music video of the song, 'Chlorine,' the band released a new single track, 'Level of Concern.' Surprisingly, the duo recorded a Christmas song in December 2020, which was titled, 'Christmas Saves the Year.'

On May 21, 2021, 'Twenty One Pilots' released their sixth album, 'Scaled and Icy.' Tyler Joseph released a solo project album, 'No Phun Intended,' as a solo artist. Before 'Twenty One Pilots,' Joseph was working on this album during his high school years.

Tyler Joseph was also featured in 'Where Are You?', which was an internet-related caution clip directed by Mark C. Eshleman himself. This clip was recorded in the same place where the official YouTube video for the track, 'House of Gold' was shot.

Joseph also made a contribution of a couple of tunes to Five14 Church's praise CD, 'Clear' of the Christian rock group New Albany Music, fronted by Travis Whittaker. Joseph was featured in four tracks of the 13-track long album 'Clear.' A second single, 'Dead Come Alive,' was also released with Whittaker. Joseph sang backup vocals for the track, 'Sickly Sweet Holidays' by Dallon Weekes, who is a former bassist of 'Panic! at the Disco.'

What awards has Tyler Joseph won?

In 2017, Tyler Joseph (along with his group members) was nominated for Record of the Year for the song, 'Stressed Out,' at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. For the same song, The musical duo won the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2017. At the 59th Annual Grammy Awards of 2017, they were nominated for Best Rock Performance, Best Song Written for Visual Media, and Best Rock Song for the song, 'Heathens.' In 2019, the song, 'Jumpsuit' was nominated for the Best Rock Song at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Other Interesting Tyler Joseph Facts And Trivia

  • Did you know? In New Albany, Ohio, Joseph played a magic piece with David McCreary and sang the song, 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel' for 'Christmas With the Stars' of Five14 Church one day before Christmas Eve in 2013. The video of the appearance was soon posted on February 14, 2014.
  • In 'The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango,' Joseph appeared as the lead in the three-fold mockumentary of Five14 Church.
  • Joseph worked on the track of the debut album, 'In Search of: L.O.V.E.' by rapper, Joseph Michael Langston (popularly known as Jocef), which was titled 'Live' and featured other artists, including Juda and Alon in 2010. Joseph contributed to the composition of the track. In 2011, Jocef featured in a track of the album 'Regional at Best' called 'Be Concerned' by 'Twenty One Pilots.'

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