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Václav Havel Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Václav Havel Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Václav Havel
Place Of Birth
Prague, Czechoslovakia
87 years old
Birth Date
October 4 1936

Václav Havel Facts

Child Star?
Author, Poet, Politician, Playwright, Peace Activist
Education & Qualifications
Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts
Net Worth
Current Partner
Dagmar Havlová
Václav Maria Havel, Bozena Vavreckova
Ivan Milos Havel

About Václav Havel 

Václav Havel was a popular face of the Czech Republic.

Václav Hazel was a Czech literature writer. He was born on October 5, 1936.

Václav Havel's birthplace is Prague, Czechoslovakia. He was the Czech Republic's first president (between 1993 and 2003). Similarly, prior to that, he was Czechoslovakia's last president (between 1989 and 1992). Václav was a prominent politician, dissident, writer, author, poet, and playwright. He worked at Prague's Theatre ABC as a stagehand. Later, in Theatre on Balustrade, he wrote several plays, poems, and non-fiction and fiction books. Some of his books were 'To The Castle And Back', 'The Power Of The Powerless', 'Disturbing The Peace', 'The Art Of The Impossible', and 'Pizh'duks'.

Václav's Civic Forum Party had a crucial part in Velvet Revolution. It capsized the Communist party system in 1989 in the Czech Republic. Viktor's principles were clear from the beginning of his political career: humanitarianism, civil activism, anti-consumerism, environmentalism, and direct democracy.

Václav Havel's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Václav Havel's net worth?

As per various sources, Václav Havel's net worth was about $2 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Václav Havel?

Václav Havel's height was 5 ft 7 in (170 cm).

How old was Václav Havel?

Václav Havel died at the age of 75. He died on December 18, 2011, in Prague, Czech Republic. There was a memorial gathering on his death day at Wenceslas Square.

Childhood And Education

Václav Havel did an apprenticeship at a chemical laboratory as an assistant. He did it for four years and took classes at the gymnasium in the evening. He finished his secondary education in 1954. Václav Havel was at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He tried to complete the Faculty of Economics at Czech Technical University in Prague.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Václav Havel was born into an affluent family of entrepreneurs. His parents were Václav Maria Havel and Bozena Vavreckova. Both his grandfathers and his uncle were well-known businessmen. Václav's father was into real estate.

Who was Václav Havel's partner?

Václav Havel married Olga Havlová in 1964. She died in 1996 due to cancer. Olga Havlová was a well-known face in the Czech Republic and focused on all charitable events. Václav Havel re-married to Dagmar Havlová in 1997. Dagmar Havlová was an actress.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Václav Havel was a prestigious name in politics. He was democratically first elected president of both Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. He was re-elected in 1998. Václav was the chairperson of the Human Rights Foundation for the International Council. Václav served in the military between 1957 and 1959. Václav Havel performed his first own play in public. His play 'The Garden Party' in 1963 got him international recognition.

Further, his plays were banned after 1968. This was the time when his political career became active. He was on a hunger strike to extend his support for human rights activist and Kurdish doctor Yekta Uzunoglu. He created history around the globe in 2007. Václav Havel was the first former president who stood up for a foreigner. He was the first ever to support by doing a hunger strike for the doctors' legal battle. Václav was a loyalist to the green politics movement from the '80s. Moving further from 2004, he supported the Czech Green Party.

Charity Work

Václav Havel is well-known for his several humanitarian acts. He often spoke and supported these things. He has received several awards for Communication and Humanities.

What awards did Václav Havel win?

Václav Havel has won several prestigious awards during his lifetime. Erasmus Prize in 1986. International peace prize Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels in 1989, Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize and Freedom medal in 1990, Philadelphia Liberty Medal in 1994, Prince of Asturias Award and Prix Mondial Cino Del Duca in 1997, Hanno R. Ellenbogen Citizenship Award in 2002, International Gandhi Peace Prize by Indian Government in 2003, Ambassador of Conscience Award for Amnesty International.

He also won the United States Presidential Medal Of Freedom, and got appointed as an honorary Companion Of The Order Of Canada. Giuseppe Motta Medal in 2008, In 2011, St. George Victory Order presented by Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili.

Václav Havel has gained many more accolades and doctorate honors.

Václav Havel's Hobbies And Interests

Václav Havel loved to write plays and poems. Being a poet, he had written a few poems as well. Václav is also an author with several books published.

Other Interesting Václav Havel Facts And Trivia

  • Václav's nationality was Czech and Czechoslovak.
  • Václav Havel was a chain smoker and had lung cancer. Later, his cancer reappeared, and he had to quit smoking.
  • He has written 24 plays and has enacted them in various Czech Stage Productions during his lifetime.
  • The Václav Havel Library is a charitable organization founded by his wife Dagmar in 2004. In May 2012, The Václav Havel Library Foundation had a new branch in New York.
  • In 2012, Prague international airport was renamed Václav Havel Airport.

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