African Buffalo

Aashita Dhingra
Jan 24, 2024 By Aashita Dhingra
Originally Published on Jan 25, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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This African buffalo coloring pages resource features a buffalo with long horns on the side of its face and its eyes looking wide. These buffalos are known to live in the open lands of Africa. They are known to live for around 18 years. These are herbivores and therefore are known to eat only small plants, herbs, shrubs or grass. Hence, these animals can live among many habitats such as grasslands, shrublands, and plants to eat and water to drink. They are larger mammals and weigh over 300 kg (300,000 g). This species of buffalo exists only in Africa, and no other species of buffalo is found here. In spite of being prey to many predators, its large size helps defend itself very well, and these buffalos hardly come across any threats except for lions. It has a large body and a large head with smaller legs and is usually found in colors such as black, brown, or red.

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