African Lion

Oluniyi Akande
Jan 24, 2024 By Oluniyi Akande
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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This African lion coloring pages resource features an African Lion, highlighting its ferocious features such as the glorious mane, strong body, and long tail. These animals are found in East Africa and South Africa. They have a lifespan that ranges from 8 - 15 years. These carnivores are the major predators that hunt almost all the animals in the jungle, such as deers, zebras. African lions belong majorly to the savannahs of Africa since they need open lands to live in. With more space to live in, these species of animals live in larger groups known as prides and therefore are much more dangerous. They are also much bigger than Asiatic lions, with a larger body and longer mane. The female lions generally don't have a mane. Africa is also home to white lions, which are only found in South Africa. They were extinct in the wild for around 12 years until they were reintroduced again in 2004.

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