Aye Aye

Aashita Dhingra
Jan 24, 2024 By Aashita Dhingra
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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This aye aye coloring pages resource features the lemur known as aye aye that lives only in Madagascar. It belongs to the family of species known as primates, including humans, monkeys, and one of the largest nocturnal mammals belonging to this group of animals. They have a tiny face with large eyes and have sharp fingers and claws. They are covered completely in brown or black hair. They have unique hands that are built specifically for them to hold branches and hang on to them. They are known to live alone, even by leaving their kids as soon as the kids are able to fend for themselves. They have a lifespan of 23 years. These are omnivores and are therefore known to eat small plants, berries, fruits, and some larvae. Aye Aye is known to be an endangered animal with only a few left in the world. Awareness about them can increase interest and understanding of the need for such species in this world. Through these coloring pages, kids can have a fun time learning more interesting facts about animals.

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