Baby Otter

Akinwalere Olaleye
Jan 24, 2024 By Akinwalere Olaleye
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Young fans of animal stories will love these free printable baby otter coloring pages resource. One such story is the story of ‘Josh The Baby Otter’ which revolves around a newborn baby otter named Josh. Alex and Austin, two other otters, wanted to make friends with Josh, but Josh’s mother Clare wanted Josh first to learn how to float as it would help him become a good swimmer. Alex then realizes that he had forgotten how to float, and Clare reminded him that he practiced a lot with the support of other elders. She also mentions that they should never float or swim themselves even if they are a good swimmer. The story progresses as Austin and Alex become swim buddies of Josh, and they help with Josh’s floating lessons the next day. After Josh learns to float by himself, Alex and Austin promise Clare that they would help Josh with his swimming lessons the next day, and they swim off to tell their parents about this. The story illustrates the fact that kids should stay away from water unless they are with an adult and also that floating is the first thing to learn when in water.

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