Baby Squirrel

Martha Martins
Jan 24, 2024 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021
Age 3 - 18
Read time: 1.0 Min

Young fans of animal stories will love these free printable baby squirrel coloring pages. One such story is the story of ‘Biana and the baby squirrel’, which illustrates the bond of love between a girl named Biana and a baby squirrel. Biana lived in a beautiful house that had a garden in the front. This garden was home to many birds, animals, and worms. She loved all of them, but a baby squirrel was her best friend. And when one day the baby squirrel fell sick, Biana got very tense. She prayed to god and took good care of her. One day the baby squirrel recovers and thanks Biana for taking care of her. All of them were happy, and they lived together joyfully. The story sets the example of spreading love and taking care of others when they are in need. This helpful sheet can be used to help kids with their coloring skills and also learn from the story of Biana and the baby squirrel about caring for others. Did you know? Baby squirrels are born blind and cannot take care of themselves until they are at least 12 weeks old.

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