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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
Age 3 - 18
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Kids will love these free printable beagle coloring pages. Beagles are considered to be one of the breeds of dogs that are difficult to train since they used to be bred as hunting dogs. The average life expectancy of a beagle is around 12 to 15 years. Beagles have a white-tipped tail and they weigh around 26 to 33 pounds. Beagles grow to a height of about 16 inches and have a great sense of smell. Beagles are also known to be one of the most vocal dog breeds. The name ‘Beagle’ is also believed to be translated from the French word ‘bee gueule’ which stands for ‘wide throat or loud mouth’. Beagles are considered to be good family dogs because of their gentle nature. These helpful sheets can be used to help kids with their coloring skills and also learn some facts about beagles. Did you know? Bob Ford is the author of a book named ‘Beagle Tales’ which revolves around Bob and some beagles.

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