Bear Fishing

Adekunle Olanrewaju Jason
Jan 24, 2024 By Adekunle Olanrewaju Jason
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2021
Age 3 - 18
Read time: 1.0 Min

Young fans of animal stories will love these free printable bear fishing coloring pages. One such story is the story of ‘The Foolish Bear’. At the beginning of the story, a hungry bear had come out of his den to catch some fish. He reached the river and caught a fish but then thought to himself that the fish was too small for his stomach. And so he let go of the small fish and waited for a bigger one. And in this manner, he caught a lot of small fish but let them all go until sunset. He then realized that he was foolish to have let go of all those small fishes as together they would have filled his stomach. He was too tired and ended up hungry all that day. The story depicts the fact that a small fish in hand is much better than a big fish in water that means we should try to be satisfied with what we have; otherwise, we might end up losing that too. This helpful sheet can be used to help kids with their coloring skills and also learn from the story of the foolish bear.

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