Corgi Mandala

Abhijeet Modi
Jan 24, 2024 By Abhijeet Modi
Originally Published on Apr 17, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Young kids who like dogs will love this free printable Corgi mandala coloring pages resource. The Welsh Corgi or better known as Corgi is a working dog, which initially originated from Welsh. There are two different species of Corgi’s, namely The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and The Cardigan Welsh Corgi; they are named after the lands where they initially originated. They both are nearly identical to the other, with their major difference being that Cardigan Welsh Corgi have tails, whereas Pembroke Welsh Corgis do not have tails. Their coats range in color from red, sable, fawn with some white markings. Their coats are short or medium in length and are hard textured and weatherproof. The corgis are said to be an above intelligent dog breed, and they can be trained with ease, provided there are some positive reinforcements. However, due to their working backgrounds, they are stubborn and need regular exercise, and have a tendency to herd small children together. They have a long life expectancy, with some Corgi’s even living for 16 years.

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