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Originally Published on Mar 20, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Young kids who like hard shelled animals like tortoises and crabs will love this free printable Crawdad coloring pages resource. Crawdad or more popularly known as Crayfish, is a species of hard-shelled arthropod living in freshwater bodies like rivers and lakes. They breathe through their gills which are hidden beneath their shells. Their bodies are divided into two main parts, the head ,and the abdomen or tail. On average, their average size is about 10 centimeters or about 3 inches. They have five pairs of legs, which they use to move around, and they also have some appendages on their abdomen, which they use to swim and float in the water. They are mostly yellow or green, or red in color. They eat mostly insects such as snails, worms, and tadpoles. However, some crayfish may also eat plants too. Crawdad is used as food worldwide, and most of its supply comes from Asian Countries like Japan and China.

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