Green Sea Turtle

Aashita Dhingra
Jan 24, 2024 By Aashita Dhingra
Originally Published on Feb 13, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Marine organisms gather a lot of attention in whichever medium they feature, and kids particularly love watching them in aquariums. This free printable green sea turtle coloring pages resource is definitely a way to bring kids out of boredom and keep them engaged. Sea turtles are ocean creatures consisting of about seven different species. These include leatherback, hawksbill, flatback, loggerhead, kemp's ridley, green, and olive ridley. They are highly aquatic and come on beach surfaces to lay their eggs. Sea turtles mostly survive in tropical and subtropical seas. These creatures have forelimbs transformed as flippers that move their bodies throughout the water and hind legs as rudders. Marine turtles are slow in walking. The body sizes of sea turtles vary in seven species. Some turtles are herbivorous and eat aquatic vegetation, while most are carnivorous and feed on other animals such as jellyfish. They are long-lived and migratory animals. Most sea turtle species come in threatened or endangered species. Human beings capture the turtles and eggs for food. Also, they are hunted for their shells, which are used for jewelry or other decorative items. Did you know? Sea turtles cannot withdraw themselves back into their shells like other turtles.

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