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Originally Published on Nov 11, 2020
Age 3 - 18
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These free printable hedgehog coloring pages are a great way for the kids to learn about hedgehogs, their behaviour and other aspects. Hedgehogs are spiny mammals, and this spiny protection resembles that of porcupines. Their spikes are hollow hairs made of keratin and are stiff. Unlike porcupines, these spikes do not detach, and neither are they poisonous or barbed. They shed their spines when they mature as adults and or if they have some disease or under extreme stress. They share their ancestry with shrews. They are nocturnal animals and sleep largely in the day, under bushes, rocks, or grasses. They are a vocal species and communicate through various sounds like grunts, snuffles, squeals. They are known for their ritual of anointing. Whenever any hedgehog acquires a new scent, they lick and bite the source, form a scented froth in the mouth, and paste it into their spine with their tongue. Hedgehogs are omnivorous creatures and feed on plants, insects, snakes, grass roots, mushrooms, melons, berries, frogs, and toads. Did you know? A hedgehog has been portrayed as a superpower hero in the big hit kids movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, where his superpower is speed.

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