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Originally Published on Apr 12, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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The young ones will surely have fun and great learning experience through this free printable heliconius coloring pages. Heliconius are colorful widespread butterflies. They are commonly known as longwings or heliconians. Their larvae feed on passion flowers. These butterflies exhibit diversity and mimicry within themselves and the other species of moth and butterflies. The heliconian caterpillar favors specific plant material, which results in them storing poisonous material in their tissue. Thus, when they grow up they become unpalatable to the other predators. Upon transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, they are filled with bright colors and contrasting wing patterns. These heliconians are mullerian mimics of each other and further many a times evolve themselves to the mullerian mimicry with other species. For such aposematism and mimicry to be successful they evolve continuously to warn the predators of their unpalatability. They engage in two kinds of mating. One is the standard reproduction and the other is pupal mating. In this type of mating, a female finds the male pups and waits a day until she is ready. After which the male transfers the anti aphrodisiac to females after copulation so that no other make can come near.

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