Mountain Sheep

Abhijeet Modi
Jan 24, 2024 By Abhijeet Modi
Originally Published on Mar 06, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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This free printable mountain sheep coloring pages resource is a great way for kids to learn more about mountain sheep. Mountain sheep, also known as bighorn sheep, are endemic to North America. Female mountain sheep are called ‘ewes’, and males are known as ‘ram’. They inhabit mountain ranges of Alaska, central and northern British Columbia. They are found mostly in dry country, and they prefer meadows, steep slopes with the rugged ground around the slope for their habitat. This helps them to plan the escape from predators. Male mountain sheep have extremely curly, huge curved horns, while female mountain sheep have slender, less curvaceous, and smaller horns. They both look similar till about the age of three after their huge thick curly horns easily recognize that male mountain sheep. These horns mostly grow in summer, spring and early fall. Because of such a growth process, their horns form a ring called annuli; by counting the annuli, one can determine the sheep’s age. Males and females live in a different band. They only come together during mating season. Did you know? Male bighorn sheep are known to have head-to-head combat.

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