Petting Zoo

Oluwatosin Michael
Jan 24, 2024 By Oluwatosin Michael
Originally Published on Apr 17, 2021
Age 3 - 18
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Kids who enjoy coloring will love this free printable petting zoo coloring pages resource. Petting zoos are similar to zoos with animals, the only difference being that in petting zoos, domestic and wild animals are kept which are passive enough to be fed and touched by people who visit them. Zoos do prohibit visitors from touching or feeding the animals of their zoos but in the case of petting zoos, even kids are allowed to feed the animals or even touch them. Other than individual petting zoos, there are many zoos that have a part of it as petting zoos. Animals like cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, and horses can be commonly seen in petting zoos. Petting zoos are well supervised in order to prevent any dangerous incident from happening and protecting both the visitors and the animals of their zoo. Petting zoos are also sometimes referred to as zoos built for kids as they provide a platform for the interaction between kids and wild animals. The primary source of income of a petting zoo is the entry fees they charge from their visitors. This helpful sheet can be used to help kids with their coloring skills.

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