Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

It is usually common to see dogs sleep facing door of the room. Know more about your dog's sleeping habits and why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you.

Ever noticed how your furry pals sleep? 

Well, one of the most common characteristics of your dogs that you see is how they face their bum to you while sleeping near or away from you. You might have wondered why your dog sleeps facing away. 

Humans like to show affection face to face. But that's not the case with dogs. Well, you might have noticed quite a lot of interesting facts spotting your dog in different sleeping positions. And there is nothing to worry about seeing your dog sleep with their butt facing you. It is totally normal and very common for dogs to sleep with their bum facing you. Depending on the breed of dog, this can be a sign of a protective gesture or a playful one. These animals also love to get scratched on the rear spot and the belly. The butt of a dog is more complex both physiologically as well as socially than a human butt. 

Well, here are some facts as answers to a few questions about your dog's sleeping positions and bum behaviors. To find out more about dog behavior, you may also like to read why do dogs cough and why do dogs drag their butts.

Is it normal for dogs to sleep with their bum facing you?

One of the most noticed behaviors of dogs by their owners is how they sleep. People sometimes feel worried and sometimes annoyed by how their furry pets sleep with their butts on their faces.

Well, it is totally normal for dogs to sleep that way as it is their natural instinct. They mean no harm and just show their vulnerability to you. These animals also do not mean to show you any kind of disrespect. You must be wondering why your dog lays with its back towards you. Well, it is normal and is one of its born instincts that they show towards any human. Also, it is not something that is a threat to notice but could often be simply a new way to play for them. It might just be a simple reason for being comfortable for dogs to sleep in that way. Something you might know about dogs' behavior is how they smell other dogs' back spot scents.

They smell dogs' butts as a form of greeting them. They also do it to claim them as theirs. This is how they try to show love to their owners. Also showing their back to you means they have passive trust in you. Many times they just want to be your guardian protector who is always on the lookout for you. We can also acknowledge their loyalty, trust, and faithfulness being shown by them. Your dog may feel cold, so probably for heat, it may be bringing its butt towards you. Sometimes if you see your dog rubbing their butts on carpets or grass or floors, it might be due to parasites and scratching problems. For such a situation, it is advised to consult a veterinary doctor before the threat becomes serious. 

What does it mean and why does your dog sleep facing away from you?

It is important for you to know why your dog sleeps facing away from you. Your dog is just showing a little sign of a friendly gesture, trust, and passion. Dogs' passivity is something that is known across the world and is what is most sought after among pets.

As a matter of fact, they can be simply caring or looking out for you. Often, sleeping facing away from you doesn’t always mean they disrespect or dislike you or anything. They wanna make you feel secure and protected. A dogs' natural instinct is a protective instinct. Dogs sleep facing the door in order to keep an eye on you. Often it is related to your head protecting your dog's back and your dog protecting yours. It just tells you that your dog has got your back and it trusts you. Dogs' behavior of bringing their rear to you is called 'hip nudge'. This is how they show you how much they love you by bringing their bum towards you. Well, it's a compliment they give you and say that they always think about you. Also, they might move their bum towards you to get a good scratch.

Scent glands under the dog's tail help them to identify things and claim them. They might also be trying to claim you as theirs by bringing their rear end towards you. Another little fact that people believe is that dogs, unlike humans, don't like eye contact. So in order to avoid your stare, they sleep facing away from you. Perhaps it could also mean they don’t want to be disturbed. 

People think that usually sleeping with bum facing them means the dog is trying to feel comfortable.

What to do when your dog sleeps with its bum facing you?

The best way to react is not to do anything to startle it as this is a simple way in which they protect themselves from being vulnerable. When you see your pet sleeping with its bum facing you, there is nothing to worry about. It is how they know to sleep.

Your pet facing away shows no threats. Usually, it feels more calming as we look away, so is the same with vulnerable dogs. Sometimes they might expect you to give them backrubs and soothing back pets. Well everyone knows how much dogs love them. You should know that by giving your fuzzy pals more and more belly rubs and slow back pats, you encourage them to show this behavior more to seek your attention. However, dogs are just like babies who love to get all the attention and care in the world. If your dog is sleeping, it's better not to wake them up suddenly as it may cause problems, like it may feel attacked and can jump on you. As long as your dog keeps a fair distance between your face and its butt, it's fine for it to sleep that way.

Sometimes like cats, your dog might also sit on your face or wanna play with you. It is just a sign expressing its vulnerability and love for you by bringing its bum towards you. At that time it would feel bad if you yell or punish your dog for such behavior as they are just telling you that they love you. It's up to you how you handle your pet and teach it how to behave. With love and care using toys, you can probably try to distract them when they come with their bum to your face. 

How to make your dog stop sleeping facing away from you?

If you don’t want them to be away from you, you can hug them to sleep beside you. Keeping their teeth far away from you and having their rear towards you, they try to make you feel safe and they assure you no harm.

Since dogs show their love and affection through their rear part, there's actually not much you can do about it. It is going to be pretty tough to train your dog not to sleep facing away from you as that's how they are, that is their natural instinct. More petting and pampering might help you to get your dog closer to you. Giving more cuddles and head rubs will get your dogs closer to you. You can also give your dog its own small bed or a place to sleep, and toys in order to keep it entertained. Proper training of your dogs can also help to tackle the issue. Calling your pet to sleep with you at night and giving them nice and warm cuddles could make them want to share the bed with you. More care and trust would move your dog's heart and make them believe in you and will get them close to you.

Is it only your dog or your cat also sleeps with their back facing you?

It may seem that both cats and dogs sleep facing away from you in order to keep a lookout for you from danger. A newborn in your family surely can be a reason why your pet sleeps keeping their face away from them.

It is because it feels a protective responsibility towards the infant and thus sleeps facing the door. Sometimes getting back together after a long gap might create some changes in their sleeping ways. If you and your pet seem to be close, they might get in with you to bed, and would probably sleep facing you. Also if they are sick, they try to keep a distance from you as they would not like to be disturbed, and might want to have some space away from you.

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