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Best 50+ Anti Jokes That Are Surprisingly Funny

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The secret behind a good anti-joke is to stump the receiver as much as possible.

When someone is listening to an anti-joke, they expect a funny punchline or a witty remark but end up with a literal response that may be a little sarcastic or just dark. Anti jokes dispute the notion of a traditional joke, one that has a setup and a punchline, and instead humor the recipient by stating a logical or logistical notion that is present in the joke.

Many anti jokes are unfunny jokes that are funny only because of their self-evident punchline. Everyone is usually conditioned to assume that a punchline will be molded to fit the joke, so having a straightforward response that is obvious can often incite laughter. Many anti jokes are funny because they are jokes with no punchline! The joke is present in the set up itself. This comprehensive list contains various literal jokes, which you may find funny. Here's a list of the best anti jokes ever. We hope you enjoy them!

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Funniest Anti Jokes

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If you're on the hunt for long anti jokes or jokes with funny anti humor, you've come to the right place! Here is a compiled list of the funniest anti humor jokes, just for you.

1. What did one cake reply when the other mentioned how hot it was in the oven? Yes, it's around 180 degrees Celsius.

2. What happened when the bull walked into the bar? Most people escaped because they didn't want to be in danger.

3. What did the plumber say when he misplaced his wrench? Where is my wrench?

4. What did Mater say to lightning McQueen? Many things. They were in a couple of movies together.

5. What food does a unicorn love to eat? Nothing, because unicorns don't exist.

6. How do you label a TV that's sitting in your house but isn't yours? Stolen. You should give it back.

7. What alphabet do pirates use all the time? Probably none, since most of them couldn't read according to historical accounts.

8. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? At the bottom.

9. What do you call a lamp that talks? Imaginary.

10. What did one stranger declare when another walked right past him? He didn't say anything. It'd be odd since they don't know each other.

11. Why did the otter wave to the little girl at the zoo? He was trying to be nice.

12. What is the oddest thing you can think of? Numbers that can't be divided by two.

13. What do you call a man who buys 60 watermelons at the grocery store? A shopaholic.

14. Why are there no Russian people on Neptune? Because Neptune's atmosphere prohibits human life from existing on the planet.

15. What did one ant mention to the other when they were hanging out? She didn't have to say anything because ants only communicate with each other through pheromones.

16. What tastes similar to an apple and is also red in color? An apple.

17. What would you call your dog if he only had one ear? You can name him anything you want.

18. What did one doctor say to another? Hey, we're doctors!

19. Why did one man tell his sister that she was playing the music too loud? Because she was playing her music too loud.

20. Why did George Washington fall sick after drinking a lot of milk? He was lactose intolerant.

21. What is the main commonality between a book and a hyena? Both of them can't sing.

22. What did the surgeon say when the patient asked him why he couldn't feel his legs? Because I amputated them. Just like you said.

23. What is the one thing that always makes the old woman smile? Her facial muscles.

24. What did the policeman say when he pulled over a driver for rash driving? Words.

25. What happened when the man broke one of his fingers of his right hand? On the one hand, he was okay.

26. What did the giraffe say when someone asked him why he had a long face? Evolution.

27. What smells like paint and has a blue color? Blue paint.

28. Why has no one ever seen a T-Rex clap his hands? They've been extinct for millions of years.

29. What happens every minute? Sixty seconds pass by.

30. What was the Japanese woman saying to her friend? I have no idea because I've never learned Japanese.

31. Why did the guy walk into a restaurant? To get a meal because he was hungry.

Best Anti Jokes

Are you looking for the best anti jokes to confuse your friends and make them cringe while laughing? Here is a list of the best anti jokes, which also includes a variety of jokes that fall in the 'non-joke' category.

32. How many pears can you pick from a pear tree? All of them.

33. What will happen when a horse walks inside someone's house? They call animal services because a horse is inside their house!

34. What happens when an old Jewish man walks into a bar? Nothing, he's allowed to drink because he's above the drinking age.

35. What happens when a child walks into a bar? They scream in pain.

36. What never came again after 1983? 1983.

37. What do you call a printer that doesn't print out something you need? Broken.

38. What did the flower say to the bush? Flowers can't talk, so it didn't say anything.

39. Why aren't there any painkillers in the Amazon rainforest? Nobody thinks it's financially viable to market painkillers in an area that is majorly unpopulated.

40. How did the chef end up putting salt instead of sugar in the dessert? He was not a good waiter.

41. What did the Polish man tell his wife before he snuck off to bed? He said, "I'm heading off to bed," in Polish.

42. What do mechanics say when they're at the bar? They just ask for a drink, like everyone else.

43. How do you fit two elephants inside of a taxi? You cannot. Elephants are the largest land mammal, so they won't fit inside of a taxi.

44. What did the driver do when he saw the red sign on the road? He took it as a sign and pulled the brakes before the stop sign.

Anticlimactic Jokes

A funny anti-joke is characterized by its anticlimatic punchline. If you're into jokes that are anticlimatic, this list will surely make the atmosphere in any room lighten up. If you read this list, you'll also run into a couple of 'why did the chicken cross the road' anti jokes.

45. If a man named Marty consumes 10 pints of ice-cream, what does he get? He gets diabetes.

46. How can you tell if it's raining? By looking outside.

47. What did the German man see today? Everything he viewed with his eyes.

48. What would happen if humans formed a huge line at the equator? Many people would drown.

49. Why is Michelle Obama not good at hockey? She never learned it properly.

50. What are purple, pink, orange, turquoise, and brown? Colors.

51. Why was a boy named Helium so confused on his first day of school? He didn't know why his parents named him Helium and not something more common.

52. Why didn't a man's son call him dad? Because he always says papa.

53. What would happen if you tried to shave a monkey's head? You would be kicked out of the zoo.

54. Why did the teenage boy stay home instead of going to the party? Nobody invited him.

55. Why did the little girl actually break her piggy bank? She had gone broke.

56. Why was the chicken crossing a road? No one knows.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokesfor everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Best 50+ Anti Jokes, then why not take a look at 20 Long Jokes With Endless Twists And Turns or What Do You Call Jokes.

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