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80+ Best Cookie Jokes That Won't Crumble

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A cookie refers to a type of dish prepared by baking flour and sugar.

Cookies are usually small in size and are loved by one and all. There are a variety of cookies like wafers, chocolate chip cookies, sandwich cookies, etc.

These food dishes are a type of dessert and are enjoyed by children. So kids, remember not to eat too many cookies or you will have to go to the dentist! So, while you have these cookies that you love so much, take a look at these awesome jokes!

If you are interested in more jokes and puns, take a look at Cookie Puns and Baking Puns.

Funny Cookie Jokes That'll Make Your Heart Crumble

Here we have funny cookie jokes that include some funny chocolate chip cookies' jokes, sugar cookie jokes, a joke about a cookie sheet, and a Christmas cookie joke that'll make your heart full of laughter.

1. What's the best way to define a cookie baked in the shape of an antelope? It is a cookie doe!

2. Which type of cookie is an absolute delight for all species of apes? They usually love a chocolate chimp cookie.

3. What do you say when two cookies made out of the same material get married? You obviously call it a batch made in heaven.

4. Which type of cookie can make a person become a rich man from a mere pauper? It definitely is a fortune cookie!

5. Why was the little fortune cookie crying in the oven? Because his mother was wafer so long!

6. Why did the little boy have to go to the doctor just after he ate a cookie? Because he started to feel crumby!

7. Which variety of cookies is absolutely adored by people who have reddish hair? They usually love ginger snaps!

8. What did the husband fortune cookie say to his wife affectionately? He simply said, "I think without you, I will simply just crumble".

9. What is the best gift to give a person who is a little eccentric? An ideal gift for a kooky person would be a cookie gift!

10. Why did the little boy decide to make cookies for his sister, who fared badly in the test? Because he was of the opinion that he would bake her day a little better.

11. How does a cookie greet his friends during Christmas? He says, "Here's whisking everyone a Merry Xmas".

12. What did the cookie say to his best friend? He said that his friend was as sweet as sugar!

13. What did the baker's friend say to the sick baker? "I wish you get batter very soon".

14. Why did the mad guy compare himself to a cookie? Because he thought that the cookie was just as nutty as him!

15. What did the romantically crazy husband cookie say to his beloved wife? He was simply nuts for her!

16. What did the squirrel say to cheer his friend? He said, "There can be nuttin' better than cookies to cheer you up!"

17. What does a cookie look for in a perfect friend? He looks for someone who will always chip in when needed!

18. What did the elder cookie say about the little caramel cookie? He said, "This little one is just a chip off the old block".

19. Why was the cookie very grateful to his wife? Because she stood by him even when his chips were all down!

20. Why was everyone in the town visiting the newly opened bakery? People claimed that the cookies were roof raisin-ly good!

Joke About Cookies That Are Dough-Pe

Wherever the chips of life may fall, chocolate chip jokes can make people laugh.

These are the chocolate chip cookie jokes, some oreo jokes, girl scout cookie jokes, and some cookie dough jokes that are just as dough-pe as you.

21. What did the baker say to the people who helped him save his shop? He said, "Thanks to everyone for raisin the funds and helping me".

22. What did the cookie say to his wife lovingly? He said, "You are the only raisin for which I smile".

23. What did the cookie son say to appreciate the cookie mother? He said, "Kudos to my mother for doing such a grape job in raisin me".

24. How would you describe yourself if you were to cut a gigantic cookie into two halves? It makes you a cookie-cutter!

25. What is the most intelligent paradox about cookies and bacon? You always bake cookies, but you are supposed to cook bacon!

26. What did the baker say when he was asked if he would be able to make the cookies ready on time? He said, "I will dough whatever I can to bake them right on time".

27. What did the baker say when the meringue macaron cookies were tasteless? He said, "But, I did what was asked. I did not macaron any choices".

28. How did the little guy tease his friend who was banned from eating cookies? "Doughn't you wish that you were tasting the cookies?"

29. What should you not eat while on a diet? You should never eat thin mints as, ironically, the cookies are bound to make you gain weight!

30. What can be the best way to refer to a baker whose hair is bright red in color? You can call him the gingerbread man!

31. What did the groom baker say to his wife on their wedding day? He said, "No matter what happens, I will macaroon for you in my heart whenever you need it".

32. What did the baker say when his colleague cracked a foolish joke? He said, "Your joke can make anyone snickerdoodle in laughter".

33. What warning did the amateur baker give when he prepared his first batch of cookies? He said, "I won't try to sugarcoat it, but the cookies could be a little tough".

34. What is the sole reason as to why girl scouts are often tasked to sell cookies? Because they can always make sweet impressions!

35. What is the only similarity that you can find between a laptop and a cookie? They both have many chips!

36. How can you deduce if an army man has baked chocolate chip cookies? You are bound to find a lot of M&M shells lying on the ground!

37. Why did the Oreo cookie make an immediate appointment to go to the dentist? Because he lost his fillings!

38. How does a gingerbread man make his bed in the morning? He puts on a fresh cookie sheet every day!

39. Which kind of keys can you safely entrust to a kid? Coo-keys!

40. How can cookies correctly predict your future if you spell them backward? Because they became seikooc!

Sweet As Chocolate Chip, Cookie Jokes

This is the list of chocolate chip cookie jokes, oreo cookie jokes, a joke on a cookie sheet and a pun on a chocolate chip cookie, and some girl scout cookies' jokes that you can enjoy while eating some sweet chocolate chip cookies!

41. Why are cookies an absolute favorite amongst all basketball players? Because the players can sink the cookies whenever they want.

42. Which type of cookies is loved by the cookie monster? The cookie monster surely loves ghoul scout cookies!

43. What should you do to a little computer to avoid making him cry? Never delete his cookies!

44. What did the millennial teen say when he dropped cookies on the floor? Do-ugh!

45. Why did the cookie suddenly drop the chips on the ground? Because that is the only way in which he fumbles!

46. Which type of cookies is adored by vampires? Vampires absolutely love the no-stake type of cookies!

47. What does a metalhead do when he bakes his cookie at 666 degrees? He's simply raisin' hell!

48. Why are Keebler elves a prime target amongst the thieves? It is probably because they have huge doughs!

49. What is an ideal way to name thieves who steal from the Keebler elves? They are called crook-ie.

50. What did the teacher tell me when I solved all the puzzles in the least amount of time? She claimed that I was a smart cookie!

51. What banner did the baker hang on his shop to invite more customers? The banner read 'Come and try the cookies from the list that you can chew'.

52. What did the weak guy say to his helpful soldier friend? He said, "It's great to have a tough cookie like you on my side".

53. What did the small girl say to her mother when she made cookies for the first time? She said, "Take a looky, I baked some cookies".

54. What is a duck's favorite lunch dish? They usually have quackers and soup!

55. What is the favorite cookie of a dragon? They love fire-crackers!

56. What is the only type of cookies which wookies love? They love the chewy chocolate chip cookies!

57. What did the cookie say lovingly to his wife? He said that his wife was his butter half!

58. What is the ideal thing to say to a sick friend when you give him a bag of cookies? "I heard you were a little crumby, these cookies might just cheer you up!"

59. To which cookie does an astronaut aim to travel? Mars Cookies!

60. Which is the most favorite cookie for the Vulcans? They love spock-olate chip cookies!

Coo-key Jokes To Open Your Heart

Wherever the chips of life may fall, chocolate chip jokes can make people laugh.

Lastly, we have some baking jokes, some jokes about Oreos, and Christmas cookie jokes that will make your heart melt as a chocolate chip cookie does.

61. What hits the plate if you have cookie mix in the first, cracker on the second, and cookie dough on the third base? It is a cookie batter!

62. What lunch does Santa take to the office? He brings his ho-ho-homemade cookies.

63. How do you react to a cookie that annoys you the most? You exclaim, "Ohhh, crumb on, man".

64. Why did the apes start to throw stones at the cookie show? Because they sell animal cookies!

65. When does a cookie go to the doctor? When it's feeling crumby!

66. What did the cookie say to his best friend? We are friend chip goals!

67. What do you call people who dislike cookies? Weir-doughs!

68. What did all the cookies call the coolest fortune cookie kid of the school? They say that the kid is dough-pe!

69. Who is the favorite detective of the cookies? Auguste Dough-pan (Dupin).

70. What did the boy say when he realized that he was stress eating? He said, "Oh, ginger snap, I finished the cookies".

71. What did the foodie say to the cookies? He said, "This love for cookies is simply more than a feeling".

72. What did the fortune cookie say to his friend when they met after a long time? He said, "I think we should bake this plan more often".

73. What did the baker teach his students while making a fortune cookie? He said, "Always take whisks when baking".

74. Which is the most favorite song of all cookies? It most definitely is 'Don't Go Baking My Heart.'

75. What does one space cookie say to his friend? He said, "Hey, why don't you beam me up biscotti".

76. How do witches make cookies? They usually bake it in their covens!

77. What will a German cookie say to you when he greets you? He will greet you by saying "gluten-tag!"

78. What did all the cookies say to the cookie who always comes first in class? They call him the academia-nut!

79. What will you end up with when you mix a hammer and a cookie? You end up with cookie crumbs!

80. What is a cookie's favorite band? It most definitely is 'O-R-E-O Speedwagon'.

81. How does a pirate react when he sees cookies? He says, "Ay mate, Chips Ahoy".

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Cookie Jokes then why not take a look at Cake Puns, or Chocolate Puns.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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