30+ Best Dolphin Jokes That Will Make You Flip-per

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Originally Published on Aug 11, 2020
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Ready for a splash of fun? Welcome aboard this laughter submarine that will take you on a journey exploring the charming world of dolphins. Yes, these fascinating creatures exist in different forms and species in the vast oceans and are recognized for their genius tendencies. But did you know they also double as the life of the underwater comedy club?

Well, you're about to find out just how funny dolphins can be with this collection of the most amusing dolphin jokes that are sure to tickle your funny bone. So, hold onto your snorkels because it's time to dive deep into a sea of giggles. Check out these dolphin jokes, and enjoy the wittiest and goofiest dolphin humor ever seen on dry land or in the blue depths.

Question And Answer Dolphin Jokes

Little boy and girl swimming in the pool underwater wearing goggles.

Prepare to dive into a sea of giggles with these clever dolphin-themed question-and-answer jokes! Sure to tickle the funny fins of your friends and family, these quips will make everyone feel like they're having a whale of a time. So, hold on tight, it's time to unleash waves of laughter!

1. If dolphins didn't live in the ocean and lived on land instead, which country would they live in? Finland.

2. What did Cinderella dolphin lose at the ball? Her glass flipper.

3. What currency do dolphins use? Sand dollars.

4. Where do dolphins go to sleep? In their water beds.

5. Why was the pet dolphin so grumpy? He ate too many crabs.

6. Did you know dolphins can squirt ink? Just squidding.

7. Why don’t dolphins play tennis? Because they’re too scared of the net.

8. What is a dolphin’s favoritegame to play at parties? Salmon Says.

9. What did Mummy dolphin do when her teenage dolphin son was late for dinner? She just flipped out.

10. What do you call a person from Finland who is extremely boring? A dull Finn.

11. What did the dolphin say when he avoided going to prison? "I'm off the hook!"

12. Why did the dolphin suddenly blush? It saw the ocean's bottom.

13. Why are dolphins so good at making pancakes? They’re great flippers.

14. What's the best way to hear dolphins talking? Listen to the dolphins' podcast.

15. What did the baby dolphin say when he was sad? Nothing, he just whale-d.

Best Dolphin Puns

Coral, rocks and fish in the sea underwater.

Who's up for a splash of pun-tastic dolphin-themed fun? Get set to ride the waves of laughter as you dive into a treasure trove of dolphin puns perfect for the whole pod! These clever quips will have everyone slapping their flippers in delight, making every family gathering an ocean of giggles.

16. Why did the dolphin cross the road? To get to the other tide.

17. Where do lady dolphins keep their money? In their octo-purse.

18. What is a dolphin’s favoritegame show? Whale Of Fortune.

19. How do dolphins make a decision? They flipper coin.

20. What should dolphins always have to stay healthy? Vitamin Sea.

21. Why do dolphins fail their school tests? Because they work below C level.

22. How did the octopus make the dolphin laugh when he was sad? With ten-tickles.

23. What do French people say at the end of dolphin races? "Fin."

24. What is a dolphin’s favorite holiday? Fin-dependence day.

25. What do dolphins use to clean their houses? All-porpoise cleaner.

26. How do dolphins send all their messages? Via sea-mail.

27. What did the ocean say to the dolphin? Nothing, it just waved.

Dolphin One-Liner Jokes

Swimming straight into the humor current, check out this collection of delightful dolphin one-liners sure to tickle your funny bone. Fast, funny, and flipper-approved, these one-liner jokes are the perfect bite-sized amusement for any occasion. So, get ready for a wave of laughter!

28. Did you know that dolphins are the most calculated animals? They do everythingon porpoise.

29. The audience at the water show was so bored of waiting for the dolphins to jump, so they shouted, "Water you waiting for, you dull-finned creatures?"

30. Such sad news about the elderly dolphin. He lost his herring.

31. Did you know that there's no charge to get into our local aquarium if you're camping or dressed similarly to a dolphin? To all in tents and porpoises, it's free!

32. I met a really cool dolphin the other day. We didn't have to say much, we just clicked.

33. I just finished writing a whole book on dolphins. On second thought, I probably should've used paper.

34. After years of research, scientists have finally discovered a way to make dolphins invisible. I don’t really see the porpoise.

Hope you've had a blast exploring this delightful world of dolphin humor! Remember, jokes and puns can be a wonderful way to bring smiles to faces and connect with others, whether it's during family gatherings or casual meet-ups with friends. However, be sure to use them wisely; while these dolphin-themed jests are generally a hit, not every joke suits every occasion. Now, it's time for you to swim with the current of laughter, sharing these flipper-fabulous jokes and puns.

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