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70+ Best Geometry Jokes

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Jokes about math have been around for many years.

Mathematical jokes include number jokes, calculus jokes, algebra jokes, trigonometry jokes, geometry jokes, angle jokes, and many more. Corny math jokes and a bit of math humor can make any boring maths class interesting and lively!

Geometry can make for some hilarious jokes for math. These jokes include shape jokes, jokes about angles, circle jokes, triangle jokes and many more. Jokes like 'Why shouldn't you talk to circles?' or 'What did the triangle say to the circle?' are very common on the internet. But here we have some really interesting and unique jokes, that are super acute.

So, without further delay, let's take a look at them!

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Corny Geometry Jokes

Business woman using calculator and laptop

Looking for an acute angle joke to tell in geometry class? Here you will find that perfect shape joke, that joke about angles, or even that circle joke that you know you have to tell in math class.

1. What could the triangle say to the circle to defend his argument? The triangle told the circle that he was pointless.

2. Why was the teacher taking longer than usual to explain circles? Because he was continuously going off on a tangent.

3. After a snowstorm, what are mathematicians known to do? They are known to construct snow angles!

4. Which is the mathematician who was also a great professional wrestler? Kurt Angle!

5. What do geometry teachers do when it rains outside? They have no other option than to coincide!

6. If geometry was considered to be a forest, then who would be the King of the forest? The king would undoubtedly be a line!

7. What could the acorn say when it finally had grown up? It said, "Geom-e-tree!"

8. When the doctor asked the obtuse angle the reason behind its sadness, what did it say? It said, "I am sad because I can never be right!"

9. Why are geometry teachers, such good musicians? This is because they know all about chords!

10. When the geometry teacher say that there was more than one l in the spelling, what did he say? He said that it was a parallel spelling!

11. What should we call the geometry teacher who spent all his vacation at the seaside? You call him a tangent!

12. What do you call a geometric shape that has been completely destroyed? You call it a  rectangle!

13. What was the reaction of the geometry teacher when he saw that his pet parrot had gone? He said, "Polygon!"

14. What spell did the witch put on the geometry professor to remove the evil spell off him? The witch said, "Hexagon!"

15. Why could the geometry teacher not play the staff soccer match? This was because he had twisted his angles.

16. What is the name of the social media site used by the geometry buffs? It is known as the Parallelogram!

17. Why was the geometry expert brought in to perform surgery on the athlete's twisted quads? Because he knew how to make quadrilaterals.

18. What was the public transport vehicle that the mathematician took to come to work? He would always take the rhombus!

19. What is the favorite hobby of a mathematician specializing in geometry? He loves flying the kite!

20. If a geometry professor became a hunter, what would be the shape of the traps he would set for the wild animals? The shape would be a trapezoid.

21. Why are 90 degrees angles famous for winning debate competitions? This is because they are always right!

22. Why is the circle considered a genius in the field of geometry? This is because it has 360 degrees!

23. Why would the maths professor always spill his food while trying to use the microwave oven? This is because he always kept the food at 180 degrees!

24. In geometry, what is the one shape that you can attain perfectly only after plenty of attempts? The shape is the tryangle!

25. Why are geometry buffs good at farming in the fields? This is because they have pro-tractors!

Geometry Jokes That Are Acute

The math jokes and angles jokes that you'll find here can easily be turned into triangle puns, circle puns, and square puns! There are plenty of mathematicians' jokes that are made by Sir Cumference, just kidding!

26. What do you call an angle that looks very adorable in geometry? You call it acute angle!

27. What did a math teacher use to tie up his books properly? He used a chord to pack his books!

28. Why can two parallel lines never be friends?  This is because despite being so similar they can never meet.

29. In the Kingdom of Geometry, who is the King? Why, of course, they have a great ruler!

30. What did the teacher say when the student finally drew the 90-degrees angle correctly? He said, 'It looks like you finally did something right!"

31. Why was that one angle praising every other angle? This was because it was a complimentary angle!

32. Why did the student find geometry hard to grasp and learn? This was because it was an all-around problem for him!

33. Why could the two angles in a triangle not get a loan approved from the bank? This is because the bank wouldn't sine the loan!

34. Why were the two sides of a triangle sick but the base wasn't? It was because the height and the hypotenuse of the triangle were affected by the sine-flu!

35. Why had the obtuse angle visited the beach on a sunny day? Because the temperature was well over 90 degrees!

36. Why was the maths teacher always very fit and athletic? Because geometry was keeping him in shape!

37. Why were the people in the kingdom so good at geometry? This was because they had a supreme ruler!

38. Why are so many fishermen great at working out the geometry problems? Because they are experts in angle-ing!

39. Why did the student not want to do geometry classes despite loving calculus and trigonometry? Because that is where he drew the line!

40. What did the teacher tell the student who hated geometry? He advised him to look at geometry from a different angle!

41. What is the similarity between the french language and geometry? Students can understand neither!

42. How did the professor react when his two-sided figure was rejected by the maths governing body? He said, "Let the bi-gons be bi-gons!"

43. Why was the triangle able to run as fast as a horse? This was because it was equine-lateral triangle!

44. Why were knights good in geometry in medieval times? This is because they had good squares!

45. Why did the math teacher reject the job offer? Because he was being offered to make four figures, but he wanted to make six figures!

46. What is the favorite type of dessert for geometry teachers to have in a cafe? They love having the hypote-mousse!

47. What was the name of the knight who had built King Arthur's Round Table in a perfect shape and size? Well, his name was Sir Cumference!

48. What did the geometry tell the student who was feeling cold to go and sit in the corner of the room? Because it was 90 degrees over at the corner!

49. What can be the difference between a  geometry teacher and an astronaut? The teacher would do spatial geometry in class while the astronaut would do geometry in space!

50. Why did the geometry tell that geometry had changed and influences his life? This was because, as we all know, geometry shapes all our lives!

Funny Math & Geometry Jokes

A joke about math has to be intelligent and funny at the same time:

51. With what do mathematicians usually decorate their office floors? They are known to use area rugs.

52. What is the shape that one can always find outside Starbucks? A line!

53. Why do mathematicians never use sunscreen? Because they always want to get a tan!

54. Why can't maths and geometry professors never enter heaven? This is because they have committed to many sines!

55. Why was the math teacher doing the same sum over and over again in class? Because he was running around in circles!

56. In which government building, are geometry buffs and mathematicians employed? They all go to work at the Pentagon!

57. What is the name of the band formed by 5 sided shapes in geometry? They are known as the Fifth Dimension!

58. Why was the triangle arrested in Egypt? This was because he was accused of running a pyramid scheme over there!

59. How did the geometry teacher make soup while climbing up the high mountain peak? He took the help of the high-pot-in-use!

60. What was the only type of fast food that mathematicians and geometry professors prefer to eat? They simply prefer to eat a plane burger!

61. What would you say if Dwayne Johnson held a globe in his hand? We would say that this is an example of rock and roll!

62. How did one circle greet the other circle when they met after a long time? "Hey buddy, I hope I am going to see you around more!"

63. Why was the math teacher so popular with his students? This was because he never gave them any as-sin-ments to do for vacations!

64. What do you call a type of triangle that can hold its nerve even during very stressful situations? You call it an Ice-oceles triangle!

65. Where did the mathematics teacher buy a ruler that was exactly three feet long? He must have got it from the yard sale in his neighborhood!

66. What is the kind of tree that the maths professor said we can make into any shape and any size? It can be none other than the geome-tree!

67. Why can triangles never measure their weight during a visit to the doctors? This was because they have to always find their scales!

68. Why was the reason for scalene triangles never getting good marks in school exams? Unfortunately, no matter how much they tried, they could never be right!

69. What is the name of the place where circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas like to visit in the summer? They love going to this place called the Coney Island!

70. Why was Yoda from Star Wars so bad at solving geometry problems? Because he did not believe in try angles, he only ever believed in do or do not angles!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Geometry jokes then why not take a look at Pi jokes, or Chemistry puns.

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