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65+ Best Goat Jokes That Will Make You Bleat With Laughter

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Goats are domesticated animals.

Goats are helpful to human beings in a wide range of ways. They are used for their meat, skin, milk, labor, and other things too.

Goats are one of the most ancient animals that have been domesticated by humans. They are herbivorous animals, i.e., they only eat plants. Goat milk is extremely nutritious and is widely used as an alternative to cow milk for little kids. A baby goat is called a kid, and there are over 300 different breeds of goats. These animals have a lifespan of about 15 to 18 years.

So now that you know a little more factual information about goats, sit back, relax, grab some goat's cheese, and enjoy it while you laugh at these brilliant and hilarious goat jokes!

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Funny Goat Jokes That Aren't Baaaad

Goats are naturally funny.

In this, you'll find funny goat joke that'll help you up your goat humor.

1. What do you call a goat on a mountain? It definitely is a hillbilly!

2. Why is it extremely difficult to have a proper conversation with a goat? Because no matter what, they will butt in!

3. What is the best way to define a goat that lip syncs? You can call it a Billy Vanili.

4. During an election, who do the goats cast their votes in favor of? Goats always vote for Billy Clinton!

5. What do you call a goat who is in charge of an entire university? You have to call him Billy Dean!

6. What is a hot topic of stories among all mountain climbers? Besides a raging campfire, mountain climbers often tell goat stories!

7. Which classical musician is an absolute favorite artist for all goats? Goats love classical music, and they are avid fans of Baaaaa-ch.

8. What do you call a goat who is cool and usually wears denim pants while going out? You refer to him as Billy Jean King!

9. What do you call a goat that is extremely lazy? You simply call him Billy Idle!

10. While running toward the edge of the cliff, why did the mountain goat fall down over the edge? Because by mistake he didn't see the ewe turn!

11. What do you call a goat that is foolish and always makes immature decisions? You have to call him a silly billy!

12. What do you call a goat who is a famous painter? He is called Vincent Van Goat!

13. What kind of every drink does a goat drink on a dry sultry summer day? He drinks Goat-arade.

14. Which is a favorite TV show for all goats where goats often showcase their unique talents? The show is called 'America's Goat Talent'.

15. Which famous musical is loved by goats all over the world? 'Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Goat' is a no brainer!

16. What did the little goat say when he was caught playing silly pranks on a large number of sheep? The kid goat said, "Sorry, it was nothing serious. Just kid-ding!"

17. What is the perfect way to call a goat that is an outlaw? You can call him Billy Goat Kid.

18. What were the first words out of the mouth of a goat who woke up and found himself on a bus? He simply said, "I honestly have no idea as to how I goat here".

19. What is the main reason as to why the majority of the goats are all from the French musical choir? The obvious reason is that they all have French horns!

20. How can you identify the history, generation, and family tree of a goat? You can identify it if you look at the goat of arms!

Baby Goat Jokes For Babies And Parents

These jokes are as funny as having a conversation with a goat.

Here we have some baby goat and farm jokes that are for the whole family to enjoy together.

21. What did the father goat say angrily when the little goat kept disturbing his important work? The father goat said, "For goat's sake, stop creating a ruckus".

22. What do you call a goat that has a thick beard and always wears t-shirts? You call him a goatee!

23. What did one goat investigator say to the other goat while investigating a murder? He said, "Let's interrogate the suspects, I'm sure someone's goat to give something out".

24. What did the angry billy goat fans say when they saw their team losing in the soccer game? One said, "Here we goat again, every day the same old drama".

25. What did the goat say in disbelief when he heard that he was not going to get his hard-earned promotion at work? He shouted angrily at his manager, "You goat to be kidding me".

26. What did the goat rapper say when he was asked to feature in a shampoo commercial? He simply said, "Nope, I ain't goat any time for such commercials".

27. What did the teacher goat say to her class when she asked them a question? She said, "What happened now? Why are you not answering my question? Did a cat goat your tongue?"

28. What is the first nursery rhyme that a little goat learns in primary school? The little goats are taught the rhyme 'Row, row, row your goat'.

29. What does a perplexed goat say when he finds that a huge amount of work gets added to a shortened deadline? He exclaims, "Damn, the trouble just goat more serious".

30. What did the little intelligent goat tell his mother when he reached home from school? He said, "Look, mother, I goat full marks in mathematics".

31. What did one goat say to another goat in the midst of a quarrel? He said, "You can tell me whatever you want but then again, whatever goats your boat".

32. What did the little goat say to his mother after cheating in the class test? He said, "I shouldn't have cheated for the test, now I feel baaaaaaaaa-d".

33. What did the goat say to the shopkeeper when he went to buy grass? He said, "Hey, have you goat any grass?"

34. What do you call a goat that is an expert in mixed martial arts and jujitsu? You refer to him as the Karate Kid!

35. What do hairless goats want the most in their life? They always want mohair!

36. What do you call a goat that only lives off from the diet of office supplies? You can say that the goat indeed does have a staple diet!

37. How did the elder goat advise the newly father goat to treat his child? The elder goat said, "No matter what happens, learn to be patient with them as they are just kids".

38. What did the receptionist goat of the university say to the young goat who has come for his admission? She said, "Are you sure you have applied for the right department? Hoof have you spoken to about this?"

39. What happened when the goat wanted to ask for a holiday from his boss? As his boss spoke continuously throughout the meeting, he could not goat a word in edgewise!

40. What did the father goat tell his son, who was running late for school? He said, "Listen, kid, you are late, so you better goat moving now".

Family Friendly Jokes About Goats

This is the list of goat and billy goat jokes that aren't half baaa-d.

41. What did the coach goat say to the athlete goat when he was too tired to train the entire day? The coach said, "If you want to compete and win the Olympic gold medal for goats, then you better goat used to these kinds of training".

42. What did the goat exclaim when he tried the new peri peri fry for the first time? He said that he couldn't goat enough of the dish and wanted more and more!

43. While playing rondo, what did one goat say to another? The first goat teasingly said, "Do you want to get the ball? So come and goat it?"

44. What do you call a goat that has only one ear? You simply call him a Van goat!

45. What do you call a goat who is a lovely singer and piano player? You simply call him Billy Joel!

46. What do you call a goat that loves traveling across the world via sea? You call him Sea Billy Ocean!

47. What do you call a goat that got the job of hosting the Oscars? You just call him Billy Crystal!

48. What do you call a goat who married the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie? The goat was named Billy Bob Thornton!

49. Which goat recently hit the no1 charts in pop music and also won the Grammys? Billy Eilish!

50. Which goat formed a rock band with his fellow friends and became a sensation in American with his band named 'Green Day'? Billy Joe Armstrong!

51. Which goat is often seen listening to country music all day long? He definitely is Billy Ray Cyrus!

52. While meeting Satan, what did Bill Murray say to him by looking directly in his eyes? He simply said, "I am not afraid of goats".

53. What did the guy tell his friend when he was about to say a goat joke? He said, "I could tell ewe, but it is very baaad".

54. What did the vet tell me when he checked on my goat, who had a problem in bending his knees? The vet said, "I think that is a kid knee disorder".

55. What music was played at the wedding of an owl and a goat? Apparently, they had hootenanny!

56. How does the husband goat lovingly call his wife? He lovingly calls her baaaaae!

57. What is the best way to behave around little baby goats? You should always behave like a kid!

58. What kind of food does a goat eat when it is on a strict diet? It only eats goat-meal!

59. What did the man say as a complaint to the police when an angry goat came and headbutted him suddenly? The man claimed that it was a ram-dom act of violence!

60. What happened to the thief goats that wanted to rob the bank? Though they tried running away, the police did goat hold of one of them though!

61. How can you stop a goat from charging? You stop a goat from charging by taking away its credit card!

62. How do you call the best butter on the farm? The best butter on the farm is the angriest goat!

Knock Knock Witty Jokes For Kids

Here are some funny knock-knock jokes that are so good, you see the ewe turn coming! These are some knock-knock goat jokes for kids and for everyone else too to enjoy.

63. Knock, knock!

Who is there?


Goat who?

Goat to get up to get down.

64. Knock, knock!

Who is there?


Goat who?

Goat to the door and find out who is knocking!

65. Knock, knock!

Who is there?


Goat who?

Goat on a limb and open the door.

66. Knock, Knock!

Who is there?


Goat who?

Goat to believe in magic.

67. Knock, knock!

Who is there?


Goat who?

Goat to go to play, so come out!


Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Goat Jokes then why not take a look at Donkey Jokes, or Moose Puns.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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