90+ Best Peach Jokes That You'll Ap-peach-iate

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Peach puns can be really funny if said in the correct manner.

Peach can be your favorite fruit or your favorite color. You will ap-peach-iate any kind of peach humor if you back it up with the right taste!

Peaches are sweet, juicy and fuzzy fruits full of important vitamins. Nectarines are a type of peaches that does not have the fuzz or hair on them. Kids generally eat their peaches, but sometimes they do not feel like eating any fruit. Well, we can't promise we will make your kids eat peaches, but we surely can make things interesting for them. Thinking back, the things we used to like back in our childhood were things that could give us a good laugh. A funny joke might help your kids love peaches more than ever. Now peaches are so sweet that people created a color after them. So we came up with some funny color-based peachy/orange jokes too. We have put together a list of funny peach jokes for kids. Grab a peach for yourself and enjoy these jokes that will make you feel peachy. We believe you will be coming back for more peach fruit jokes!

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Funny Peach Jokes

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One thing that will make kids laugh and make them eat their fruits at the same time is a total win-win situation for parents. Back in our childhood days, the things we used to love the most were games, ice cream, and jokes. Peach jokes have all those things in them. That what makes them so special. Check out this one list of peach fruit and peach color- jokes.

1. What kind of desserts does a turkey like? Peach gobbler.

2. Where do fruits manufacture their money? Peach Mint.

3. What did husband peach say to wife peach? "No matter what, a peach of my heart will always be with you."

4. What happened to the peach who got a beautiful surprise from her friends? She was s-peachless.

5. Why would a nectarine buy a wig for Halloween? He wanted to dress up like a peach.

6. Why do peach drinks act funny? Because they are fuzzy.

7. How was the joke the peach wrote on fruits? It was peachy-keen.

8. Why did I shave the peaches? Because I needed nectarine for my recipe.

9. What kind of fruits do vampires eat? Neck-tarine.

10. What happens to a fruit when it passes away? It rests in peach.

11. What did a fruit mom advise her kids? "You should always practice what you peach."

12. What happened to the peach whose fuzz got stolen? It became a nectarine.

13. What did I tell my friends who baked a fruit cake for my birthday? "I really ap-peach-iate all your efforts."

14. Where do fruits like to go on vacations? To the peach.

15. What happened to the peach who went to meet the knife? He came back in many peaches.

16. What did my peach mother ask her little peach while making breakfast? "Would you like a peach of fruit?".

17. What did the fruit reply when his friends asked him how he was doing? "Peachy".

18. What anime series do fruits like to watch? One peach.

19. Why did the artist fruit win the award? For his amazing peach of work.

20. What do you call it when fruits can freely express themselves? Freedom of peach.

21. What did my mother do when I told her I want a pear after she gave me a peach? She gave me another peach.

22. Why was the fruit arrested? Because of hate peach.

23. What do you call a peach who works at a shoe mending company? A peach cobbler.

24. What fruit can two peaches make? A great pear.

25. Why did the fruit win the debt competition? Because it had a great peach.

26. What film series do fruits watch in their free time? Peach Perfect.

27. Why are fruits such good singers? Because they have nice peach.

28. What did everyone start to shout when the fruit won the price? "Peach, peach!".

29. What does everybody think about the fruit couple? Everybody thinks they make peach other happy.

30. Why did the kind fruit build a special school for kids? Because there are a lot of fruits who suffer from peach impairments.

31. Why is it illegal to make peach ice cream in some countries? Because they do not have the right to free-ze peach.

32. What did the rockstar peach say while singing off the stage? "Peach out, homies".

33. Why did everyone have teary eyes when the manager of the fruit company was retiring? Because he gave everyone an amazing farewell peach.

34. Which song do fruits jam to? Stronger with peach tear.

35. Why was the fruit sad on her vacation to the beach? Because she forgot to pack her one peach.

36. Why was the peach minister sad? Because he got im-peached.

37. Why did no one like peach's personality? Because it had a heart of stone.

38. Where do peaches keep their water? In a peacher.

39. Where do rich fruits hang out with their friends and family? At their peach house.

40. What did the fruit ask her teacher? "Peach me how to sing, please."

41. What kind of decisions do peaches make? Fruitful ones.

42. What do you call a really violent fruit? A peach breaker.

43. What did one fruit say to another while playing board games? "That was a peachy move".

44. Why did the fruit finish her homework so quickly? Because the homework was a peach of cake.

45. What did the fruit wish for before blowing off her birthday candle? World peach.

46. Why did the fruit go to the salon? To peach her hair blonde.

47. Why was the fruit teacher fired? Because he used to mis-peach his students.

48. What fruits do worms love? Peaches.

49. Why was the fruit salesman rich? Because he has an amazing sales peach.

50. What did the very angry fruit say to his brother? "Shut up or you will get the worst peach of me".

51. What kind of bag did the fruit get her friend for her birthday? Peachy.

52. What did the fruit wear to her prom? A peach ball gown.

53. Why could the fruits not see anything? It was peach black there.

54. What do you get after making fun of peaches? A peach roast.

55. What did the husband peach tell his wife? "Pie love every peach of you with all my heart".

56. Why did the fruits like nectarines so much? Because it was such a peach.

57. What did the scientists use for their pie experiment? A peach-tri dish.

58. What kind of lipsticks do fruits use? Peachy.

59. How was my trip to the orchards? Very peachful.

60. Why does everyone like listening to the fruit priest's advice? Because he has a very peachy tone.

61. What did the fruit say when her mother asked how everything was going? "Everything is going peachy well, dear mother".

62. What does peach's best friend say about her in front of others? "I picked a good one".

63. Why was the fruit not selected for the singing competition? He has a flat peach.

64. What happened to my sister who was running late for her fruit eating competition? She peached just on time.

65. Why did the fruits gather together with posters and slogans? They were doing a peach protest.

66. What happened to the grocery store owner who got robbed? He became peach-less.

67. What did the kid fruits learn in school today? Figures of peach.

Fictional Character Peach Jokes

Peach is so popular that there are many characters named after it. Be it a Princess Peach from Nintendo's 'Super Mario',Peach from the Netflix series 'You', or Peaches in 'Animal Crossing', we hear the name Peach almost everywhere. Maybe it is because the name 'Peach' has that posh and fruity right to it. Here are some such funny jokes that the kids will love.

68. Why does Princess Peach like to keep Toad around her? Because Toad is a fun-gi.

69. What video games do fruits play? Peach ball.

70. Who is the fuzziest gaming character in the world? Princess Peach.

71. What did Luigi always want? Im-peachment of King Boo.

72. What would Mario win a Nobel Prize for? Bringing peach to the Mushroom Kingdom.

73. Why did Mario fancy Princess Peach? She was very peachy.

74. What kind of dessert do Mario always ask for? Peach pie.

75. How were the Princess Peach jokes I heard? Fawful.

76. What advice did Mario give Princess Peach? What doesn't kill you, makes you smaller.

77. Why was Princess Peach laughing at Mario? Because he was not even close to the right castle.

78. What did Princess Peach become when she was no longer any ordinary princess? Super Princess Peach.

79. What did everyone sit on in Princess Peach's kingdom? Toad-stools.

80. Who makes Princess Peach's beautiful shoes? Peach cobbler.

Clever Pit Jokes About Peaches

Pits are the seeds of the peach that has a woody texture to them. Now, the peaches having a pit inside them opens up the possibility of a whole new bunch of hilarious and clever jokes. We have put together a list of pit jokes related to peaches that will definitely make your core hurt from laughter.

81. What would the stage name of a fruit who is an artist be? Peach Pit.

82. Why did the fruit stop for some time while driving? It wanted to make a quick pit-stop.

83. Why does the peach arrive late to work every day? It always has to make a pit stop.

84. Where did the '90s children like to hang out with their friends? In the peach pit.

85. Where did the peach meet her best friend? At a pity party.

86. Who is Peach's favorite actor? Brad Pit.

87. What happened to the peach who fell from the hills? He found himself in a deep pit.

88. What were the sibling peaches doing that made their mother angry? They were pitting against each other.

89. What was the theme of the peach's birthday party? A Ball Pit Party.

90. What would a peach love to pet? A Pit Bull.

91. Why do the peach love the pit so much? Because the pit acts as the seed of hope to them.

92. What did the baby peach's mother get for her? A sand-pit.

93. What did the peach want to become when it grows up? A pit-chman.

94. What do you call a peach who is sympathetic towards others? A pit-ier.

95. What did the peaches do to the peach robbers? Pit them with stones.

96. What is a pit's favorite color? Peach.

97. What happened to me after I stole a peach from my brother and ate the entire thing by myself? I felt like I had a pit in my stomach.

98. How were these peach puns and jokes? Pit-iful.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Peach Jokes then why not take a look at Fruit Puns, or Apple Puns.

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