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60+ Bowling Jokes That Won't Strike Out!

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You certainly won't strike out when you go bowling with this collection of hilarious jokes!

Here are some of our best jokes alongside some bowling funnies, some great bowling jokes for kids, and funny bowling captions! Find the funniest jokes about bowling right here with us!

A British anthropologist made the discovery in the 1930s that led to finding evidence of bowling items in an ancient Egyptian grave suggesting that bowling as a sport dates back as far as 3200 BC! Which is around the same time written words were discovered! Modern Bowling is only a few thousand years younger in comparison, making its debut in 1840 in New York City. It was first televised in 1950. No joke, the Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre in Japan holds the record for having the largest bowling alley in the world, which consists of 116 lanes! During the early 1900s, bowling balls were made out of wood and later on with rubber, resulting in them being heavy. And in the 1960s, manufacturers started using polyester resin, which helped with the production of lighter plastic balls with varieties of colors.

With all that said, let's go through some of our funny bowling phrases, bowling ball jokes, bowler jokes and some of the funniest bowling names!

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Funniest Bowling Jokes

Bowling can be a great source of humor.

Here are some funny bowling jokes to satisfy your bowling humor!

1. Why were the parents embarrassed by their child at the bowling alley? Because he kept bowling his eyes out!

2. Why did the man compete in the bowling tournament? Because he had a bowl in mind!

3. Why did the woman break up with her bowling obsessed boyfriend? Because bowling jokes weren’t up her alley.

4. Why was the bowler angry at the audience? Because they had a loft at his expense.

5. Why did the man reach the bowling alley before his friends? To get the ball rolling.

6. Why was the bowling alley in complete silence? So people could hear a pin drop.

7. What did the bowling ball say to the balling pins on being overused? Go on a strike.

8. What did the bowler and a thanksgiving guest have in common? They both want a turkey.

9. What did the bowling ball say to the other ball? “Don’t stop me now; I’m on a roll!”

10. Which sport do alley cats play? Bowling.

11. Why was the bowler terrible at baseball? Because he kept getting strikes!

12. Why was the bowling alley hot? Because there were no fans!

13. Where do old bowling balls end up? In the gutter.

14. What did the bowling champion get etched on his shirt? “Lean, mean, bowling machine.”

15. What do you call a triumphant procession held by the bowling pins? A perfect strike.

16. Why are employees at the Bowling alleys untrustable? Because they keep going on strikes.

17. Why did the team named lightning win the bowling competition? Because they got too many strikes!

18. Why was the banana no fun at the bowling alley? Because whenever it lost, the banana split!

19. What was the name of the best bowling team in the Star Wars universe? The Empire Strike Back!

20. What’s the difference between a puppy and a lousy bowler? The puppy will stop whining eventually.

21. What happened to the bowler who won a close game? He was on an emotional bowler coaster!

22. What did the bowler say at the start of an apocalypse? “May God save our bowls!”

23. What was the bowler’s favorite beverage? Herbowl tea.

24. Why was the lousy bowler dropped from the team? Because he was a liabowlity.

25. Where do you get food at the bowling alley? In the food lane.

26. Why did the judges get an outside opinion on the game? Because they wanted a fresh spare of eyes.

27. Why did the bowler ask the judges to give some of his points to his teammate? Because spare-ing is caring.

28. Why was the skilled bowler ecstatic after his record-breaking game? Because he knew he had curved his name into the stone!

29. Why was the bowler frustrated at not being able to throw a curveball? Because he was stuck in dire straight!

30. What did the bowler say about ending his opponent's streak? “Sorry to burst your double.”

31. Why was the bowler adamant about winning his match? Because it was his ticket to frame!

32. The bowler kept his excellent game going on. It was as par usual.

Awesome Jokes On Bowling

Jokes on bowling are hilarious and funny!

Here you will find some jokes on funny bowling sayings, funny bowling player names and team names! You can also use a bowling joke from here as bowling one-liners.  

33. What does an obsessed bowler have? A one rack mind.

34. Why did the bowler avoid trains? Because he didn’t like sleepers.

35. What do you call bowling content consisting only of rock fans? A Full Metal Bracket.

36. What was the bowler's favorite move? Chop, skip, and move!

37. Why was the bowler so good at the sport? Because it was in his flush and blood.

38. Where do bowling balls get their thrill for speed? In the fast lane!

39. What did the thug pins do when they saw the cops? They scattered!

40. What did the employer tell the bowler before offering him a new contract? “It’s an offer you count refuse!”

41. Why was the bowler’s action questioned by the referees? Because it was off the skid.

42. Why do football players make for bad bowling player? Because they try to kick the ball.

43. Why made the bowler lose his concentration? He received earth scattering news before the match!

44. Which animal do bowlers love? Llama.  

45. Why don’t bowlers know any dirty jokes? Because they keep their mind out of the gutter.

46. What do you call the leader of the bowling pins? KingPin.

47. Why was the bowler on a scoring streak? Because he was all clover the place.

48. Why was the absent player given a score? Because the referees were legally blinded to do so.

49. Why was the bowler happy with his game? Because it was his best parformance to date.

50. Why are volleyball players afraid of bowling balls? Because they can't spike the ball!

51. Why was the bowling pin left behind by his friends? Because he was deadwood.

52. Why were the fans agitated by the arrogant bowler? Because he bowl-dly claimed that he’d win the tournament easily.

53. Why did the friends go bowling? Because they wanted to see what was up the alley.

54. Why was the bowler adept at talking to foreigners? Because he was bowlingual.

55. Why are the financial situation of bowling alleys not so good? Because there's always a strike now and then.

56. Why are bowlers overly excited on Thanksgiving Day? Because they always want a turkey.

57. What do you call stylish bowlers? A ball-er!

58. Why was the tailor in the crowd at the bowling alley? Because with an unenthusiastic crowd like that, he could hear a pin drop.

59. Where do dead bowling pins go? To the pit of doom!

60. Where do bowlers take their dates? To the Ball!

61. What's the difference between Golf and Bowling? You can't lose the ball in bowling!

62. Why do football players struggle at bowling? Because they had a hard time kicking the ball!

63. Why do bowlers don't like having a Thanksgiving guest? Because they don't want to share their turkey.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 60+ Bowling Jokes That Won't Strike Out!, then why not take a look at volleyball puns or soccer puns.

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