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40 Father's Day Jokes That Are Guaranteed To Get A Laugh

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Fathers are one of the most significant figures in a young child's life.

As a supportive figure, father's do deserve a special mention with a special day. For ages, the figure of the father has been associated as providing the family with protection.

Traditionally, the concepts of father's day and mother's day are rooted in deep customs designed to honor our forefathers. In modern times, however, the father's day has evolved from a somber religious custom to being an integral part of popular culture. It is in this regard that things like dad jokes about funny dads, fathers day puns, father and son jokes, father's day one-liners, dad jokes for father's day, corny fathers day jokes, fathers day quips, and dad jokes for fathers day are in hot demand. While it is not good to make fun of someone, these jokes about fathers are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face.

Shower him with some great dad jokes to brighten his day up. If you like the best fathers day jokes in this article, you could also take a look at halloween jokes and Christmas dad jokes.

Funny Father's Day Jokes That'll Crack Him Up

Father's day was a prevalent custom from the middle ages.

Father and son humor and father and daughter humor can be the cornerstones of any family. In that regard, father jokes or jokes about dads are a great way to entertain your family members on any given day. Here's a list of some of the best happy father's day humor to let your father know that he is the best dad.

1. When does a dad joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.

2. What did the daddy buffalo say to its son before it left for school? Bison.

3. What would you call your dad when he falls through the ice? A pop-sicle!

4. What's the fundamental difference between a bad joke and a dad joke? The first letter.

5. What did the famous actor tell his dad when they ran into each other at a multiplex? You are the reel deal, dad.

6. Why did the golfer ask his son to pack an extra pair of socks for him? Because he would need a change of socks if he got a hole in one.

7. What did the farmer's son write on the father's day card he gave to his dad? Dad, you are simply the best, you can't be beet, and I do love you from my head tomatoes.

8. Why is taco's dad extra special? Because he is definitely nacho your ordinary dad.

9. What did the espresso tell his father on father's day? Hey dad, when I grow up, I hope I am a latte like you.

10. What did the golfer's son tell him when his father on the eve of the golf tournament? I think you'll do great, dad, you are tee-riffic.

11. Why did the crab family decide to eat out on the occasion of father's day? Because they wanted to shellebrate the happy occasion.

12. What did the science teacher tell his father after the physics class? You are the greatest father I know; my frame of reference is limited.

13. What did the little car say to his father on father's day? You have geared me towards greatness.

14. What did the junior bartender tell his dad on the day of his retirement? I would have beer-ly made it without you.

15. What did the chef tell his father when he came to his dad came to his restaurant? You are the rarest steak I have ever met.

Knock Knock Jokes For Your Dearest Daddy

Some of the best Father's day jokes have got to be knock-knock jokes. Here are a few knock-knock jokes for your dear dad guaranteed to make for funny dad jokes for any occasion.

16. Knock Knock

Who is there?


Happy Who?

Happy Father's day to you.

17. Knock Knock

Who is there?


Pa who?

Pa-pa, you're the best dad ever.

Hilarious Dad Jokes About Amazing Dads

Dad jokes even when it is about dads can be hilarious.

Only dads can joke about themselves and the world and make the world a better place for the kids. Here is a list of the best dad jokes about dads themselves.

18. What did the dad say when his kid asked him if he got a haircut? No, I cut them all.

19. Why do eggs refuse to say dad jokes? Because they would crack up the kids.

20. How are a maggot's father and a high-hit baseball different from each other? One is a pop fly, and the other one is a fly pop.

21. When is the boiling point of my father achieved? When my father sees my report card.

22. What is a corny dad called? Popcorn.

23. Why was the baby bird acting like his dad? Because it is a chirp off the old block.

24. What will happen if you give your dad soap flakes and not corn flakes for breakfast? He will be foaming at the mouth.

25. What happens when you have your father and grandfather in the same room? Twice as many dad jokes.

26. What did the dad say when the kid was excited to have a haddock for dinner? Looks like you haddock-good day.

27. What do dads feel like when their kids grow up? They have no rugrats.

28. Why did the dad give his kid a golden spoon after he graduated from culinary school? It was a stirring tribute.

29. Why is a baker also a dad? Because they are raising bread.

30. What did the kid say to his dad after he explained what barter is? "It means such a great deal to me."

31. What are the normal working hours for dads who work from home? From son up till son down.

32. What do dad wires do with their kid wires who are being very naughty? They ground them.

33. What would Romeo & Juliet's dads tell them if they would be melons? You can't elope.

34. Why was the dad who was vegan disappointed at their kid when he showed a keen interest in astronomy? Because he would take an active interest in meteor showers.

35. What would a game that simulates dads using the internet be called? Elder Scrolls Online.

36. What did the dad say when his kid complimented his beard? "It grew on me."

37. What would a baby computer call his dad? Data.

38. Why do dads make train sounds while feeding their kids? They are going chew chew.

39. What car does a dad drive? Folkswagen.

40. Why didn't Timmy show his father the report card? Because his friend borrowed it to scare his parents.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for father's day jokes, then why not take a look at British jokes, or lame jokes?

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