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44 Pokémon Jokes - You'll Want To Collect 'Em All!

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

We all know jokes are the secret to keeping smiles on faces, so why not keep the laughter rolling with these funny Pokémon puns, one-liners and standard jokes.

These jokes are suitable for all ages, and even if you're not a huge lover of the franchise yourself, they're still bound to have you giggling. Tell them around the dinner table for some family fun, or leave them in a note for your children to start their day off well.

These funny Pokemon puns are great to tell the whole family. We've also included a few fun facts for you to unleash from your Pokedex, so you can Weedle your way into master status with your little Pokémon trainers. Now, have fun, and defeat the gloom!

Pokémon on the game boy color, where all the Pokémon jokes are inspired.

Did You Know?

-Although Pikachu is arguably the most famous Pokémon, it wasn't the first Pokémon that the company came up with. In fact, the first Pokémon that they developed was Rhydon, which is why you can often see Rhydon statues scattered throughout the map in the Pokémon games.

-Female Pikachu have a heart-shaped tail!

-The Pokémon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

-Poliwag and its evolutions all have a spiral on their stomach because they are modelled after tadpoles!


1. Pokémon released a new brand of bubblegum yesterday. It's called Pika Chew.

2. Pikachu ran into Jolteon the other day, the energy in the room was electric.

3. I overheard someone telling Pokémon jokes, but I couldn't catch 'em all.

4. The Pokémon was finding counting really hard, he couldn't get past pikaTWO.

5. My Pikachu misses me a lot, but her aim is getting better.

6. My friend wanted to catch a Pokémon, but not before they took azelf-ie.

7. When Ash took his Pokémon to Nurse Joy he was worried, but she said: "Don't worry, I'll make sure to Kyurem."

8. According to recent surveys, fans of Pokémon love electric type the most. These results are shocking.

9. My friend told me they love normal type Pokémon the most. Ditto.

10. I saw a Pokémon that looked like a vegetable today, I thought it was Oddish.

11. Brock had a battle with a grass type, now he's feeling a little Bulbasore.

12. My Togepi asked me what game I was playing on my phone, but when I said Pokemon Go it started to walk away.

13. Someone told me that Gen 1 Pokemon are the most dramatic, but I think that's farfetch'd.

14. Decided to catch up with Vulpix over coffee, he had Ninetales to tell me.

15. I ran into Yamper yesterday, he was just my electric type.

Boy and girl laughing at Pokémon jokes

Pokémon Jokes

16. What did the Pokemon say when it sneezed?


17. Which Pokemon do football players like most?


18. How did the magician Pokémon disappear?

In a Jigglypuff of smoke.

19. How do you help Pikachu get on a bus?

You Pokémon.

20. What do you see above Ash's head when he gets an idea?

A lightbulbasaur.

21. What do you call a Pokemon that moves very slowly?

A slow poke.

22. Why was Hypno so active today?

He isn't Drowzee anymore.

23. What is Ash's favourite instrument?

A Magikarp.

24. How do Pokémon watch cartoons?

On their Teevee.

25. What is Dracula's favourite Pokémon?


Eevee toy, to inspire Pokémon jokes

26. What do you call a psychic Pokémon?


27. What did the Chikorita say on Halloween?


28. What do you call a daredevil Weedle who is great at motorcycle stunts?

Weedle Knievell.

29. What does the Meowth call its reflection?

A copycat.

30. What do Geodudes say when they need encouragement?

You rock!

31. What is a Pokemon's favourite place in France?


32. What are Pokemon trainers favourite type of party?


33. What is the most famous dance in Kanto?

The hokey pokemon.

34. Why can't you blindfold a Pokemon?

Because it likes to Pikachu.

35. Which Pokemon is most likely to be a pirate?


36. What does the yellow Pokemon say before teleporting?


37. Which Pokemon is a huge baseball fan?


38. What did the Onix say to his trainer?

You Brock.

39. What do you say when you release a Pokémon?

Pokemon go.

40. What is the funniest Pokémon?


41. What do you call a little snowman?

A Snorunt.

42. When Pokemon play football, who acts as the striker?


43. What happens when a swarm of Pikachu attacks you?

You turn to ash.

44. Why should you always bring Charmander camping?

He's the fire starter.

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