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Christmas is the most awaited season that everyone is always excited about.

Be it the kids or the eldest person in the family, everyone is fond of Christmas eve and Christmas. This holiday season excitement is doubled with the help of Santa Claus, reindeer, gifts, lovely food, and some corny holiday jokes and so much more.

All of us love Christmas. Period. There is no taking away the celebrations, shopping, happiness, and meeting family and friends to share and create new stories and memories. While doing all of this, it is always about Santa Claus, Christmas eve gifts, movies, and sweets for the kids. Kids love being on the nice list of Santa Claus, and some don't mind being on the naughty list either because they also know that there is a fun element there. To top this, jokes about Christmas or funny Santa jokes are what will make the festivities even more hilariously enjoyable for the kids. Because they all believe in Santa, don't they? So here is a list of some cheesy holiday jokes, best Santa jokes, as well as some silly Santa jokes and Christmas jokes for kids.

If you want to check out something different than Santa Claus Joke for Kids, you can continue enjoying the festive fun by reading these Elf Jokes and Christmas Dad Jokes.

Funny Santa Claus Jokes For Kids

Cute baby in Santa costume.

When Santa Claus comes to town, that is a fun and happy day! Why not make these fun and happy days all the more merry with the best jokes related to the kids' most favorite Santa? Santa Claus is a character that all the children adore, and they would try to do everything right to enter Santa's list of nice kids. So, Santa jokes are surely a win-win for all the parents. Check this list of funniest Santa humor jokes to make your kids laugh out loud.

1. How can Santa fight with Karate skills? Because he has a black belt.

2. How does Santa lift a frozen car? With the help of Jack Frost.

3. What do you say when Santa calls out your name for attendance? Present!

4. What is it called when Santa claps his hands? A Santapplause.

5. What is Santa's mother-tongue? North Polish.

6. What famous actress would Santa take up for a ride on his sleigh? Holly Hunter.

7. What would you call a kid who doesn't believe in Santa? A rebel without a Claus.

8. Where does Santa spend his holiday? In a ho-ho-hotel.

9. Who gives the best Christmas gifts to the cats and dogs? The Santa Paws.

10. Who gives the best Christmas presents in the dentist's office? Santa Jaws.

11. Why did Santa put a clock on the sleigh? He wanted to see time fly.

12. Why does Santa go down the chimney? Because it soots him well.

13. Why won't Santa stay sick for long? Because he has a private elf-care.

Elf, Reindeer, Holiday And Mrs Claus Jokes

Santa owes everything to the elves because he is elf-made. This list of funny elves, Mrs Claus, Reindeer, and pet jokes will make the Santa Christmas even more fun. These jokes will surely make all your friends and family members crack up and laugh uncontrollably.

14. What are Santa's reindeer wranglers called? The Jolly Ranchers.

15. What are Santa Claus' little helpers who love grammar called? Subordinate Clauses.

16. What did Mrs Claus exclaim when she saw her husband put on his suit after a wet Christmas? "Your suit has rain, dear!"

17. What do elves learn in school? Elf-abets.

18. What do you call Santa with a pet cat? Santa Claws.

19. What do you call Santa with a pet frog called? Santa and Mistletoad.

20. What is a singer elf called? A wrapper.

21. What is a reindeer's opening line before telling a joke? This joke will surely sleigh you.

22. What is the name of Santa's least favorite Reindeer? Rude-olph.

23. What would an elf who won a Santa lottery be called? A welfy.

24. Where do you find reindeers? It depends on where Santa leaves them.

25. Why did Santa's little helper stand in the corner? Because he had low elf esteem.

26. Why won't Santa go to a hospital? Because he has his own elf care made out of subordinate clauses.

27. Why would Mrs Claus get mad at Santa? Because she believed her husband was a flake.

Corny Santa Jokes


Santa-mental jokes will always make everyone laugh their hearts out especially all the Santa lovers out there! Make sure you don't miss this list of some amazing jokes that will make you feel happier about the season of joy!

28. How does Santa measure on the metric system? With a Santameter.

29. What do you call Santa country? A place where nationality is Santa Claus.

30. What do you call Santa on a break? Santa pause.

31. What is red, white, and falling down the chimney? A Santa Klutz.

32. What is Santa's favorite breakfast? Frosted flakes.

33. What nationality is Santa Claus? North Polish.

34. What would Santa's favorite music be? Wrap.

35. What would Santa's favorite track and field event be? North pole-vaulting.

36. What would you call a poor Santa? Saint Nickel-less.

37. What would you get if Santa was crossed with Sherlock? Santa clues.

38. Which singer does Santa love the most? Elf-is Presley.

39. Why can Santa Claus not enter an elevator? Because he is Claus-trophobic.

40. Why does Santa have a white beard? So that he can hide at the north pole.

Christmas Kids Jokes

When 'tis the season of joy and merriness, one cannot miss out the Christmas jokes that make Santa worthy of all the attention. These Christmas jokes infused with a few punny answers are sure to make everyone burst out into fits of laughter during the festivities.

41. How do you get a Christmas quacker? Cross Santa with a duck.

42. What's as big as Santa on a Christmas tree but weighs nothing? The shadow.

43. What does Santa put on his toast on Christmas? Jingle jam.

44. What do you call it if Santa stay at a beach on Christmas morning? Sandy Claus.

45. What would you say Christmas time is? A time when everyone gets Santamental.

46. What would you say if Santa was to move to the South pole on Christmas? Bi-polar.

47. Where do Christmas trees go to become movie stars? Holly-Wood.

48. Where does Father Christmas go to vote? The north poll-ing station

49. Who will bring teeth gifts during Christmas? Santa Floss.

50. What does Santa get if he eats Christmas decorations? He gets Tinsel-itis!

51. Where does Santa keep his suit when Christmas is over? He keeps it in the Claus-et.

52. What says "Oh oh oh!"? It's Santa Claus going backwards!

53. What is the best Christmas present in the whole world that you can receive? That would be a broken drum - you can't beat it!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Jokes About Santa Claus then why not take a look at Reindeer Jokes, or Christmas puns.

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