60+ Taco Jokes That Are Nearly As Corny As A Tortilla

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If you like tacos, chances are you will enjoy some jokes about tacos.

Do you want to taco bout how much you love tacos? Maybe you can flavor it up with a little bit of fun too!

A good taco joke can guacupy your entire heart as much as tacos. You can have tacos when you are sad, when you are celebrating, when you are stressed, and, of course, when you are hungry! No matter how full we are, we can always make space for some tacos. They are comfort food to a lot of people over the world. Even kids enjoy them. Maybe this is the case because tacos are super fun-shaped, filled with all the healthy delicious fillings, crispy, and of course, very tasty. Another thing that can be as comforting as tacos are a few hilarious taco jokes. You can never go wrong with tacos and jokes about them. Here's the awesome list you won't stop taco-ing about.

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Best Taco Bell Jokes

Some might taco bout taco salad and others might want fish tacos. Taco Bell's menu has got everyone covered. Taco Bell has various offers going on all week like taco night/taco day offers, Taco Tuesday offers, and many more. We might not be as good as Taco Bell with offers but we have something we can offer you. The best taco jokes related to Taco Bell. Enjoy our taco jokes with or without a taco.

1. What did I do when the doctor advised me to stop eating McDonalds so much? I started eating Taco Bell.

2. What did I do when everybody in front of me in the line at Taco Bell started asking for help, saying there's one armed man inside? I drove away because a one-armed man will take forever to make everybody's tacos.

3. What is the name of Tinkerbell's sister? Taco Bell.

4. What did the manager say when I ate the entire Taco Bell menu? He asked me to get down from the counter.

5. Why did I visit Taco Bell even though I was not hungry? I was out of gas.

6. What should someone do if they get diarrhea every time they go to Taco Bell? They should start ordering online.

7. How is the hard shell taco in Taco Bell different from the soft shell taco there? One takes about 30 seconds more in the microwave to get ready.

8. What will happen if Dominos end up acquiring Taco Bell? It will be like a hostile tacover.

9. How would Eminem be the perfect employee at Taco Bell? Because he is basically a wrap god.

10. What would have stopped Taco Bell from not opening due to short staff? Hiring tall people.

11. What would turn out to be a perfect name for a princess who eats tacos the whole day? TacoBella.

12. Who would be an ideal match for Taco Beast? Taco Belle.

13. Why was the chicken hesitating to cross the road? Because on the other side of the road, there was a Taco Bell.

14. Why should you go to Taco Bell with your childhood friends? To taco bout all the memories you have of each other.

15. What is a good form of exercise for a tacos lover? Running to Taco Bell every day.

16. What is the similarity between Taco Bell menu and DNA? Both are results of permutation combinations of four ingredients.

17. Why does Taco Bell not make songs anymore? Because they are more into making wraps now.

18. What did the Taco Bell employee say when I asked her if my tacos are going to be long? She said they are going to be round.

19. How can a taco get out of taco jail? By getting Taco Bail.

20. Why did the Taco Bell waiter get me a chicken taco when I am a vegetarian? It was just a bad queso miscommunication.

21. What did the employee at Taco Bell do when I asked for salsa? He started dancing.

22. What did I say to the person who drove past me at the Taco Bell drive-through? "Hey, don't you dare taco-ver me".

Hilarious Tortilla Jokes

What Mexican foods other than tacos would you want to try? Maybe a day will come when you get to try every Mexican food available. We hope that day comes very soon but until then do you want to try some Mexican food jokes? Here's a list of tortilla, taco, and nacho jokes that you will definitely find funny and share with your kids and loved ones.

23. What do you call an animal covered in a tortilla? A tacodile.

24. What is the other name for a vessel made out of corn? Tortilla ship.

25. Why did the tortilla fight with his friends? Because he was very corny.

26. What happened when the actor tortilla finished shooting? It was a wrap.

27. What type of triangle would tortilla chips be? They will be i-salsa-less triangles.

28. What type of tortilla chip dip would a religious person prefer? Gauca-holy.

29. What happened to the person who was covered with a huge tortilla? He was under the wraps.

30. How does a tortilla chip sneeze? Na-choooooo.

31. What do ducks dip their tortilla chip in? Quackamole.

32. What did a tortilla chip say to his friend when he asked him why he was so corny? "It's nacho problem".

33. Why was the tortilla scared to go skydiving? Because he had vertaco.

34. Why was everyone scared of that tortilla chip? Because he was a nacho man.

35. What did the dad tortilla say to the son tortilla when he was misbehaving? "Don't taco back to me".

36. What happens every time I eat tortillas for breakfast? I have a spec-taco-lar day.

Funny Taco Jokes

Burritos wraps with mincemeat, beans and vegetables.

We have all heard some good jokes on a taco Tuesday, the day dedicated to tacos. But still, there are some silliest taco Tuesday jokes or taco one liners like 'taco-over the phone' or 'tacos said no Juan ever' that you might not have heard. But do not worry because we have the best taco puns that will make you wanna taco bout them.

37. Why was the taco crying? Because onions were being chopped in front of him.

38. What did taco mom say to her taco children before eating? "Lettuce pray".

39. What services do taco sauce protectors provide? Mild Protective Services.

40. What did a chicken taco say to another? Guawk guawk.

41. Where do tacos call in case of emergency? 9 Juan Juan.

42. What is an ocean filled with tacos called? Flotilla.

43. What happened when the taco maker made some fish tacos? They did not eat it and swam away from him.

44. Why was the son taco scared? Because his parents said that there was something they want to taco bout.

45. What happened to the boy who over-ate tacos? He is currently in Tacoma.

46. Is it a good idea to have taco Tuesday for lunch? Sure but don't forget to grab some food before.

47. Who said that they don't like tacos? No Jaun.

48. Why can taco share everything with his parents but burrito can not? Because taco is more open.

49. What did son taco say to mama taco when she asks what he wants to have for dinner? "Taco, ma".

50. Why was the taco sad? His brother was falling apart.

51. Why could the chef not finish making the taco? He was out of thyme.

52. How was the taco that my foreign friend made for me? Mexcellent.

53. Why are tacos not good at keeping secrets? They spill everything.

54. Why are taco chefs so happy in life? They season the moment.

55. What is a robot's favorite restaurant? Dell Taco.

56. What did one taco say to the other when he was acting unusual? "You are nachoself today".

57. Why can you not make everyone happy even though you try? Because you are not a taco.

58. What is a proper balanced diet for a taco lover? Two tacos in each hand.

59. What does a taco do after school? Salsa.

60. How much do I love tacos? From my head tomatoes.

61. What did the taco say to her mother when her irritating cousin left? "He was jalapeño business."

62. What did the waiter say when I could not decide what to order? "It's okay, taco your time".

63. Why should you eat tacos every day? Because they can guac your world.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for taco jokes then why not take a look at steak puns or shrimp puns.

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