46 Uniquely Hilarious Unicorn Jokes

Sarah Nyamekye
Dec 12, 2023 By Sarah Nyamekye
Originally Published on Jul 24, 2020
Girl riding a unicorn at the Nurture Barn and thinking of unicorn jokes.
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Unicorns are magical mythological animals and the topic of many legends and stories - it’s easy to see why children are so fascinated with them.

Whether your children love unicorns or just love a good old giggle, we’re sure they’ll love these uni-que, albeit a bit ‘corny’ jokes about unicorns!

Question And Answer Unicorn Jokes

Get ready to laugh yourselves hoarse with these funny unicorn puns!

1) What do you call a unicorn that doesn’t have a horn? A horse!

2) What is a unicorns favourite breakfast cereal?  Lucky charms!

3) What road do all of the unicorns live on? Mane Street!

4) What do you call a unicorn that has bushy eyebrows? A Uni-brow!

5) How do unicorns get around? On a unicycle!

6) What is black and white and eats like a unicorn? A Zebra!

7) Why are unicorns such good guitar players? Because they know all the uni-chords!

8) What do you call clever unicorns? A-corns!

9) What did the Unicorn say to the tomato’s growing in the field? U No Corn!

10) What do unicorns call their dads? Pop corn!

11) Where do all the naughty unicorns go? To unicourt!

12) What looks like half a unicorn? The other half!

13) Where did the unicorn run to after the rainstorm? Somewhere over the rainbow!

14) Why did the unicorn cross the road? To meet his neigh-bours!

15) Where do unicorns play tennis? On the unicourt!

16) What card game do unicorns like to play? Uno

Girl with rainbow headband looking at unicorn jokes

17) What did the unicorn say to the beans? U No Corn!

18) What would you call a small scoop of ice cream? A uni-cone!

19) What do you get when you cross a dog and a unicorn? A corn dog!

20) Why do unicorns love really silly jokes? Because they are uni-corny!

21) What do you call a unicorn that survived a disease? An immunicorn!

22) What did the unicorn do when he was getting bullied at school? He told his pop corn so he could do something about it!

23) What has a horn but doesn’t honk? A unicorn!

24) Where do unicorns live? In Neigh-bourhoods!

25) Which unicorn smells a lot? The poo-nicorn!

26) Why did the little unicorn get sent to bed without any dinner? Because she was horsing around!

27) Which unicorn has a cold? The Achoo-nicorn!

28) What is a unicorns favourite type of story? A Fairy Tail!

29) Where do the unicorns go to go on some rides? A unicorn-ival!

30) How do you get a unicorn to move out of the road? Use a uni horn!

31) What did the unicorn dress up as for Halloween? A rhinoceros!

32) What is the difference between a unicorn and a carrot? One is a funny beast, the other is a bunny feast!

33) Why was the unicorn arrested? She was the mane suspect!

34) What is a unicorn's favourite food? Corn on the cob!

35) What do unicorn mums bake on Sundays? Uni-Corn muffins!

Knock-Knock Unicorn Jokes

Who doesn’t love a knock-knock joke! Easy for the kids to remember, they’ll love sharing these funny unicorn jokes with their friends!

36) Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


You who?

Unicorn, that’s who!

37) Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


Unicorn who?

Uni cracked corn and I don’t care!

38) Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


Pardon who?

Pardon me, but have you seen my unicorn?

39) Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


Waldo who?

Waldo we do when we finally see a unicorn?

40) Knock Knock,

Who’s there?


Canoe who?

Canoe meet me by the rainbow so we can see the unicorns play?

41) Knock, Knock,

Who’s there?


Unicorn who?

Unicorn-iest joke teller I’ve ever met!

Girl with a flower in her hair laughing at unicorn jokes

One-Liner Unicorn Jokes

Let’s finish off with some super one-liner unicorn jokes for kids that will have them laughing to the end.

42) Unicorns never horse around, they always just get right to the point!

43) I thought I saw a unicorn but when I turned around it was uni-gone!

44) No one could tame the wild unicorn, he was horn to be wild!

45) A unicorn fell over and shouted, “I’ve fallen and I can’t giddy up!”

46) A unicorn went to a bar and ordered a drink, the bartender said: “why the long face?!”.

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