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80+ Best Country Jokes That Are Out Of This World

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Country jokes are funny and will help you break the ice with people from other places!

Country jokes take you back to the rural period when things were simpler, and life is calmer! Let's take a look at some of the best jokes, including some of the funny American jokes and some funny country jokes from all around the USA.

America keeps a special 'stock' in country life. The countryside is the place where America seems to keep its soul. It may not be as diverse as places like New York or Seattle, but that is where the heart of America seems to lie. One can get the peace of mind, from the rustic air around and enjoy a conversation with two or three people face-to-face and crack a joke or two without having the pesky screen in front of them. If you want, you can enjoy the world of the countryside just by taking a step outside your city life and reading these country jokes. We know that the countryside can become an easy favorite for anyone who loves to find peace or like to find life in the more humble stuff of life. Country jokes come from such humble earth. You will be able to find jokes about other states, American sports, and maybe many more funny jokes that will get you cracking in this list. A joke or two on your own country doesn't hurt, right? We know you would like a few funny ones here!

Let's go through some funny farm jokes, jokes about the country, the best American jokes, and some south jokes and jokes about the south and the north!

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Funny Country Jokes

A southern joke is something that a lot of Americans want to hear!

Here are some great jokes on the great country of the United States, with a hint or two of country music puns and jokes about country music! You can share this with your little world for some funny laughs, so let's get crack-a-lackin!

1. What do a beach and an American beer have in common? They're both close to water!

2. Why are there no more minerals on the West Coast? Because they Oregon.

3. What happened to the American who went to the hospital with a broken leg? He went broke.

4. What do you call a bee that lives in America? A USB.

5. Why did the President ban the sale of shredded cheese? Because he wants to make America grate again.

6. What did Tennessee see that left it speechless? The same thing Arkansas.

7. Which country and jazz instrument does Donald Trump like to play? A Trump-et.

8. Why did the man get arrested for shooting a sick bald eagle? Because it's ill-eagle.

9. Why did the New Yorkers speak slowly to Southerners? Because they wanted to give them the chance to catch up.

10. What were the famous last words of the redneck stuntman? "Hold my beer and watch it!"

11. Why haven't Americans changed their weighing method from pounds to kilograms? Because they don't want mass confusion!

12. What did the Atlantan rap duo who did hip hop covers of Queen songs call themselves? Bohemian Rap City.

13. Why does my friend spend one quarter of his time playing American Football and another 25% playing Piano? He's a Quarterbach.

14. What did Delaware for the football match? Her New Jersey.  

15. Why are there hardly any knock knock jokes about America? Because freedom rings!

16. Why is everybody in Canada a lot cooler than the USA? Because of their winter.

17. Where did the vampire get school supplies for his son? Pennsylvania.

18. What did Biggie say after looking at the map of the United States? "Where Brooklyn At!?"

19. Why was there no trace of electricity in the Pennsylvania countryside? Something was Amish.

20. What fruit do Californians hate? STRAWberry.

21. How was the airport security in Los Angeles? Quite LAX.

22. Why are there no Xbox or PCs in Pennsylvania? Because it's always Sony in Philadelphia.

Silly Country Jokes

Some silly country puns alongside some great country jokes for the punny ones out there! Here are some jokes about the USA, the states and the countryside. This includes jokes about the world of American sports too and their favorite teams.

23. Did you hear about the New Yorker who killed the vampire from New Jersey? He used a New York steak to do it.

24. Where would you find people suffering from sadness? In the state of Missouri.

25. Which part of America has four eyes but still can't read? Mississippi.

26. Why is the cellphone network so good in Wisconsin? Because even the smallest towns there have at least four bars.

27. Where did the angels go to get god's approval? Los Angeles.

28. Why are the unusually cheerful people of Colorado in their strides? Because Colorado Springs.

29. What do the Minnesota Vikings and the Memphis Grizzlies have in common? Neither has a title!

30. What did the short person order with his small meal? A Minnesota.

31. What do you call pizza seasoning from Portland? Oregon-o.

32. Why was the colorblind guy unamused at the prospect of shifting to Colorado? Because it would just be -Ado for him.

33. What's different when you compare the Memphis Grizzlies with a dollar bill? The dollar bill is good for four quarters.

34. What did the Minnesota Timberwolves fan do after his team won the NBA Championship? He turned off his Playstation.

35. Why did NASA relocate from Houston? Because they heard the Houston Rockets can't perform when it counts.

36. Why is it that the Minnesota Vikings cannot eat their cereals for breakfast? It's because they tend to choke a lot when they come too close to a bowl.

37. What did Newark name their miniature replica of the tallest mountain in the world that stood beside their airport? Mount EWREST.

38. Why did the man from Colorado shift to Las Vegas? Because he wanted to take a gamble.

39. How did the buffalo pass his examinations? He just winged it.

40. What did the police department name their squad of short policemen? Minneapolis.

41. What is a lion's favorite American state to live in? Maine.

42. Why is Texas, also known as the Lone Star State? Because that was the highest rating, it could get away with.

43. How do you know someone is from Texas? They will let you know.

44. What is the best part of being in the center of Texas? Whichever direction you go, you're leaving Texas.

45. What would I do if my wife gets angry in the Northern cold? Alaska later what's wrong.

46. Why was the comedian's stand-up performance boring to the people of Arizona? Because they had no sense of Yuma.

47. Why did the Arizonian comedian who was stranded in the rainforest lose his sense of humor? Because it wasn't dry enough.

48. What happened to the partially blind man when he went to Washington? He couldn't Seattle!

49. Which fast-food chain is most likely to win an NBA Championship? Dunkin' Donuts.

50. Why did the hipster become a fan of Field Hockey? Because it was Ice Hockey before it got cool!

51. Where is the annual convention for dentists held? Floss Vegas.

52. Which US state is the most down to earth? Floor-ida.

53. What is the difference between the USA and the UK? One word.

54. Why is the President's office an oval? Because someone has been cutting corners.

55. Why did the Indian family love living in Texas? Because there's a Delhi on every corner.

56. Which building in New York has the most number of stories? The public library.

57. Why did the drunk man take a taxi from Louisiana all the way to Washington? Because he wasn't in the best of states.

58. Where do you get the most dad jokes in the US? Corny Island.

More Funny Country Jokes

Here are some southern jokes and country music jokes about the good ol' days. You can call upon any one of these best funny jokes when you find yourself in need of a laugh.

59. How many Country singers do you need to change a lightbulb? Two. One to change it and the other to sing about the good times they had with the old bulb.

60. What do you get when you play Country music backwards? Your entire life back.

61. Why aren't tubas used in Country music? Because they're made of heavy metal.

62. Why are national anthems so grounded and seem ancient? Well, they are basically just Country music!

63. Why did the Country musician lose his sponsorship with Coca Cola? Because his songs weren't pop enough for them!

64. What would happen if Keith Urban became obsessed with Country music? He would change his name to Keith Rural!

65. What did Keith Urban name his below par Country music band? Sub-urban.

66. My friend asked me, "Is Africa by Toto country music?"

"Continent music," I replied.

67. How do you know the Grammys is rigged if a Country singer wins an award? Because it's not a fair exchange.

68. What did the cowboy choose as his Twitch Username? Jolly Rancher.

69. What did the Country singer who liked Indian food name herself? Curry Underwood.

70. Why is Taylor Swift not a fan of the West? Because the last time she came in contact with a West, she was told she wasn't worthy of her award.

71. Why didn't the southerner couple let their children listen to Jazz music? Because of all the sax and violins!

72. What's the similarity between a tornado and a southern divorce? Someone is going to lose their trailer.

73. Why did the southerner visit Korea? Because he wanted to eat Seoul food.

74. What did the Country music fan name the playlist of his favorite country songs? Johnny Cache.

75. Why was the cowboy let go from his work? Because he was de-ranged.

76. What do you call a sleeping bull at the rodeo? A bulldozer.

77. Did you hear about the Southern Viking who died? It is believed he went to Y'allhalla.

78. Why did the Southerners buy a bullring in southern France? Because there was nothing Toulouse.

79. Why was there a long line at the southern restaurant? Because an offer was going on for the Barbequeue.

80. Why were the people at the bar confused by the Spanish southerner? Because he kept talking in Espan-y'all.  

81. How many northerners does it take to change a lightbulb? Hella.

82. What do you call it when a southerner commits treachery? Betra-y'all.

83. How many Yankees fans does it take to fix a lightbulb? None. They'd rather stay in the dark and talk about how good the old one was.

Knock Knock Jokes

Many people find country jokes amusing.

And finally, some good nature jokes and funny knock knock jokes for you to have banters with! These are general country knock knock jokes for you to tell all your friends.

84. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Alaska who?

Alaska right now, what's up with y'all?


85. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Jim who?

Jim Thorpe is a great place, you'll find it fascinating.


86. Knock, knock.

Who's out there?


Yellow who?

Yellow Springs is my favorite.


87. Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Madison who?

Madison is in Georgia. You would love it.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 80+ Best Country Jokes, then why not take a look at Music Puns and Music Jokes.

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