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These 90+ Bowling Puns Are Rock and Bowl!

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Bowling, or ten-pin bowling, is an indoor sport in which a large, heavy ball is rolled down a lane towards ten 'pins' at the end of the lane.

The goal of bowling is to have knocked down as many pins as you can over ten rounds. Each round gives you two turns to knock down ten pins, then the next round starts off with a new set of pins.

Whilst we're sure most of you love to hit the bowling alleys, you'll be bowled over by these surprising facts that you probably aren't familiar with! Did you know that bowling pins have to be 38.1cm in diameter (15 inches)? And bowling balls can have up to 12 holes in them, as long as you can prove the use of each one. Amuse your friends with this bowling knowledge; three strikes is called a 'turkey', four a 'ham bone', six a 'wild turkey', and nine a 'golden turkey'.

If you're considering a birthday party at a bowling alley, take a few puns with you as they certainly do strike the funny bone. Or if you're more into climbing, take a look at these puns.

Funny Bowling Shoe Puns

The humour that these puns pack might just rival the goofiest game at the bowling alley...

1.Laces to go, laces to see.

2.If the tap fits, wear it.

3.Going laces.

4.They're sole-ing like hotcakes.

5.Let the good times sole.

6.Let's call the sole thing off.

3 strikes is called a 'turkey', 4 a 'ham bone', 6 a 'wild turkey', and 9 a 'golden turkey'.

Bowling Ball Puns

The typical bowling alley offers bowling balls in a variety of styles, and here are puns to match.

7.The new skid on the block.

8.Bread and gutter.

9.Blow the skid off.

10.Let's not say we skid.

11.Guttering under your breath.

12.I'm not skidding around.

13.Keep a skid on it.

14.Gutter perfection.

15.I gutter a great present.

16.Get the ball bowling.

17.I skid you not.

18.A messy, guttered room.

19.Skid I do that?

20.I never skid that.

Funny Bowling Puns

What makes these puns so great is the variety of bowling terms - make sure you know your gutter from your pit, and your tap from your spinner.

21.It's right up my alley.

22.Spinner and a movie.

23.Bowling is a sport for people with talent to spare.

24.Tap of the iceberg.

25.That ship has railed.

26.Leave no pin standing.

27.A lane in the neck.

28.Go against the lane.

29.Let the pins fall where they may.

30.Spinner peace.

31.Bowlers always have time to spare.

32.Pins as needles.

33.You could have heard a pin drop.

34.Old aches and lanes.

35.Spinner takes all.

36.I'm at my pit's end.

37.Take it one pin at a time.

38.Cream always rises to the tap.

39.Bright as a new tenpin.

40.Take it with a lane of salt.

41.A sparrow escape.

42.Hidden in lane sight.

43.Bear false pitness.

44.Following this lane of thought.

45.On the straight and sparrow.

46.Lane as day.

47.Scared out of your pits.

48.In tip tap condition.

49.Life and bowl of the party.

50.Hit the rail on the head.

51.Aches and lanes.

52.Make like a banana and pit.

53.A bowl lotta love.

54.The motto of the bowling team was "let's knock them down."

55.Junk rail.

56.A sparrow escape.

57.Fighting tooth and rail.

58.On the bowl.

59.Confession is good for the bowl.


61.My spinner voice.

62.Plain railing.

63.Pit on the fence.

64.Bowling your eyes out.

65.Ready to bowl.

66.A pitting duck.

67.A bowling stone gathers no moss.

68.Bridge the tap.

69.Straight as a sparrow.

70.You're on pin ice.

71.Let the good times bowl.

72.The bowl shebang.

73. A spare-of-the-moment thought.

74.Like a bowling stone.

75.Don't just pit there, do something!

76.An emotional bowler-coaster.

77.Tap out of it!

78.The Bowling Stones.

79.A fresh spare of eyes.

80.The pitting image of.

81.Tapped around your little finger.

82.Tap of honour.

83.Bowling through my social media feed.

84.It's pitting with rain.

85.A tap on the wrist.

86.Tap, crackle and pop.

87.Live to tell the rail.

88.It's all gone spare-shaped.

89.Spare resemblance to.

90.Bowls and whistles.

91.It's lonely at the tap.

92.Tap bang in the middle.

93.That doesn't ring a bowl.

94.Can't make head or rail of it.

95.Look for the spare necessities.

96.Put a spinner in the works.

97.Jingle bowls.

98.Get the ball railing.

Temitope is a Fine Art student in London who loves to learn and loves to express herself creatively. A Private Tutor also, she enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge with children from Primary School all the way up to Sixth Form and finds it incredibly rewarding. When she isn’t writing or tutoring, you could find her painting, editing photos, baking or building Lego with her nephew.

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