A Joke For Any Occasion: The Kidadl Guide

Matt Brown
Feb 29, 2024 By Matt Brown
Originally Published on Nov 16, 2020
a barrel full of gags to keep kids entertained
Age: 0-99
Read time: 2.5 Min

Why did the chicken cross the road? To take a look at our vast archive of hilarious jokes and puns. We’ve put together dozens of articles teasing the mirth out of every subject under the sun. Kids into unicorns, Minecraft, pirates, dinosaurs or chess? You’ll find a barrel-full of gags to keep them entertained here. We’ve even got dentist puns. And geography chortles. And… somehow… 35 jokes about otters.

1. Find a topic you want to giggle about. 2. Click the link. 3. Laugh until you stop.

Sport Jokes

Basketball jokes that’ll have you hoop with delight

Bike puns that are wheel-y good

Climbing puns

Football jokes 

Netball puns

Rugby jokes that’ll tackle you pink

Food And Drink Jokes

Avocado jokes

Biscuit puns

Bread jokes

Burger puns

Cake puns that’ll have you in tiers of laughter

Cherry puns

Cooking jokes

Egg puns to crack you up

Fish and chip puns

Hot dog puns (bunbelievable)

Lettuce puns (just cos)

Meat puns that are a cut above the rest

Milk puns (the cream)

Mushroom jokes, to be a fun-guy or girl

Nut puns that walnut disappoint

Orange puns

Pancake jokes that won’t fall flat

Pie puns that aren’t half-baked

Pineapple puns

Pizza puns you knead to know

Restaurant jokes

Rice puns

Salad puns that’ll leaf you in stitches

Spice puns

Water jokes

Travel And Transport Jokes

Airplane jokes (miles ahead)

Beach jokes

Car jokes

Seaside jokes to buoy the spirit

Sun puns

Train jokes

Travel jokes

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Written by Matt Brown

Bachelor of Science specializing in Chemistry, Master of Research specializing in Biomolecular Sciences

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Matt BrownBachelor of Science specializing in Chemistry, Master of Research specializing in Biomolecular Sciences

With a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a Master's in Residency specializing in Biomolecular Sciences and roots in the Midlands, Matt has developed a passion for writing about London. As a former editor and prolific contributor to Londonist.com, he has authored several books exploring the city's hidden gems. In addition to his work, Matt enjoys spending time with his two preschool-aged children.

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