70+ Best Anime Puns That Don't Drag-On

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Anime love is real love if you are amongst the population of people who love anime to death.

This revolutionary form of art and entertainment that originated from Japan has taken the world by storm ever since its genesis. Many anime fans have even been obsessed with anime and characters from anime to the point of even making it their profession or an integral part of their lives.

Anime has had a major influence amongst people of all ages all around the globe. People who are obsessed with anime are called otakus and the ones who have made it a part of their lives call themselves weebs. This revolutionary art form is a culture in Japan that has made most of these otakus and weebs obsessed with Japan and all things Japanese. Not only does it promote traditional Japanese ways of life, language and music, but has also been a very important source of entertainment. It is a traditional and integral part of their culture and lifestyle that has attracted people from all over the world towards Japan.

Anime humor is also a majorly important element in anime. There are a plethora of funny puns related to anime to choose from. An anime pun about funny anime names and anime name puns are a hilarious and can make anime nerds go so 'Berserk' that they would just be able to settle for only 'One Piece.' Even though anime happens to be fictional, it reminds us greatly of the fact that life is no 'Fairy Tail.' If you love a particular anime show like let's say, 'Death Note' or 'Full Metal Alchemist', we also have good puns from that. In this article, we have curated the rarest, funniest and punniest anime jokes and puns bound to make every anime fan like and fall in love with you because of how witty you will seem! We know that this list of puns and jokes will show you that watching just one anime does not make you an otaku or a fan. You need to hustle, watch them all and make them your life's major purpose to call yourself a weeb and not be a 'Crybaby' about it either. If you are a true anime fan looking for some of the greatest anime puns to show your fellow otakus and weebs that you are a force to be reckoned with, you can refer to this list of puns about anime, anime series and their characters as well. However, if you are a light anime watcher, we know that some of these good puns and jokes are one of a kind and you will like them too. So, choose at least one pun you like from our list and get sharing them with friends!

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Funny Anime Puns And Anime One-Liners

Vegeta from DragonBall Z

Looking for some of the good puns or jokes about anime related to your favorite anime show? Here's a one-of-a-kind list you will love! Select any one pun on the animes you like and get your humor level up.

1. An anime fangirl usually drives a Nii-san.

2. Without Light, the World is indeed quite dark.

3. A Titan's favorite dish is rawmen.

4. I would have tried alchemy if it did not cost an arm and a leg.

5. Remember the Titans would be Eren's favorite movie.

6. When Conan finished watching Death Note, he said: "Case Closed ."

7. An anime that is questionable should be called Nanime.

8. You have not seen my full Polywrath yet.

9. These bad toys are gonna make me go Blastoise.

10. I need some Ichigos for the Bleach themed cake.

11. An anime about getting loose shoelaces is called Attack on Tighten.

12. Juan Piece is Mexico's favorite anime.

13. A healthy breakfast for anime fans is a bowl of oataku.

14. If Death Note had jutsus, Light Clone Jutsu would be highly used.

15. Berserk ended up being Guts-wrenching.

16. Saya goes on vacation to visit the Blood C.

17. An institute that does not follow the standard syllabus is My hero academia.

18. A French anime fan is known as an Ouib.

Dragon Ball Puns For Anime Fans

Are you Saiyan that you are a Dragon Ball Z fan looking for a Dragon Ball Z pun? You will love this list of DBZ anime puns, so get reading!

19. Frieza is quite cool, but sadly the older brother is cooler.

20. I would like it if you could pass me some Gohan.

21. Saiyans destroyed their own planet due to aping out.

22. Saiyans should eat more Vegeta-bles.

23. Goku Junior needed Pan in his life for food.

24. Vegeta's son kept wearing the same clothes. Maybe he could not find the right Trunk.

25. They play Dragon Ball in the other universes.

26. Goku and friends buu-ed the Majin out of everyone.

27. The more Cells there are, the more complex the problem.

28. Cell's phone runs on Android.

29. Shenron is such a baller.

30. Gohan loves to play the piccolo.

31. The androids could really charge a Cell up.

32. Nimbuses are friendly clouds in DBZ.

The Greatest Anime Puns From Naruto

Here is a list of puns for anime fans of Naruto that will make you say "Dattebayo" to everything! If you like Naruto, these puns will really get you going!

33.  Naruto should have had some Pain killers before fighting the Akatsuki.

34.  I want to Naruto run away from bad anime.

35. If you wonder where to keep a pet Tanuki, it's clearly in your Gaara-ge.

36. Shino's favorite band are The Beetles.

37. Lee puts on his suit with his Tie-jutsu.

38. Konan was a part of Akatsuki because she was doing all the paperwork.

39. If you wonder what was said to Hashirama by Madara, it was: "Have you gotten the letter I have senju?"

40. Sasuke knows how to grab girls' hearts - with the Chidori.

41. I want some Naruto in my Ramen.

42. There is a killer bee loose in the Village Hidden in the clouds.

43. Sasuke recently got creeped out because he saw A-roach-imaru.

44. Neji's favorite time of the day is Ten ten.

45. They say Orochimaru's village produced some sick beats.

46. Sasuke really wants the one who is Susan-oo.

47. Tobi or not Tobi, that is the real question.

48. Uchihas share-ingan among themselves.

49. You have got to C4 yourself how Sasuke defeated Deidara.

Punny Jokes About Names Of Anime Series

Do you want to have some pun with names of Anime series? This list will amaze you and we hope you like it and find one great pun that even your anime friends would like and get to enjoy.

50. The most popular anime in heaven is 'Angel beats.'

51. A life without watching anime is 'No Game No life.'

52. A spirit hiding in a human could be called a 'Ghost in the Shell.

53. Your anime watchlist will be dry if you do not add 'H20.'

54. To solve an anime puzzle you only need 'One Piece.'

55. A classroom full of anime characters is also called 'Classroom of the Elite.'

56. An anime collection does not sound bright enough without 'Bleach.'

57. One thing that anime teaches you is exactly 'How not to Summon A Demon Lord.'

58. Joe's experience could be classified as 'JoJo's bizarre adventure.'

59. Finding an anime series that is pretty much dead in the modern age is quite a 'Ghost Hunt.'

60. I am quite sure that the scary story told by my classmates was a case of 'Ghosts in School.'

61. Whenever he hears any bad news, Griffith goes 'Berserk.'

62. Life is neither an anime nor a 'Fairy Tail.'

63. Death's quite a 'Soul Eater.'

64. When an anime character is possessed call upon 'The Blue Exorcist.'

65. An anime addict could be called an 'XXXholic.'

66. The lost group was very angry because 'Elfen Lied.'

67. Asta had encountered such bad luck because she must have found a 'Black Clover.'

68. To call upon Alucard you need to 'Hellsing.'

69. Anime school life is just a 'School Rumble.'

70. A cross between anime and matrix is called 'Animatrix.'

71. When you're in love, life seems to go at '5 centimeters per second.'

72. A library of anime books and manga can be called a 'Garden of Words.'

73. Alphonse literally is a 'Fullmetal Alchemist' unlike Edward.

74. The sky in anime almost looks 'Perfect Blue.'

75. Amongst most characters in anime, Train is the 'Black Cat.'

76. Too much dark anime would require a check-up from a 'Paranoia Agent.'

77. Some characters from anime would definitely not want to go back to their 'School Days.'

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Anime puns then why not take a look at Pokemon Jokes, or Superhero Puns.

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