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The word avocado originated from the Spanish term 'aguacate'.

The avocado fruit is believed to originate in the Tehuacan Valley in Puebla, Mexico. Avocado is known by many different names around the world, such as 'aguacate' and 'alligator pear' in California and Florida, respectively.

Avocados grow best in subtropical regions with no frost; the plant requires only a little wind. Avocado fruit is climacteric in nature, which means the fruit matures on the tree, but it ripens off the tree. Avocados are very versatile in nature in terms of cooking; they are used to make guacamole dips, and act as a great spread for avocado toast, corn chips and tortillas. Avocados are also used to make salad, soup, smoothies and even ice cream! Avocados are a rich source of nutrients. They are healthy for the heart and good for eyesight, they improve digestion and have naturally detoxifying properties.

We have put together a list of some great and funny avocado puns, ideas for funny or cute avocado Instagram captions and food puns inspired by the cute avocado fruit. These cute avocado puns will get you rolling on the floor laughing and for more interesting puns and jokes, check out these avocado jokes and these vegan puns.

Funny Avocado Puns

Cute avocado puns and avocado jokes will really amuse you you will definitely avo good laugh at these! Check out these amazingly funny avocado puns inspired by avocado quotes and plays on words. Here are some funny puns all about avocados that you can make into Instagram captions. Holy guacamole, these are funny!

Box with sandwich cookies nuts fruits and avocado

1. Mr and Mrs Avocado are going to the gym, it's an avo-cadio day.

2. The lovely avocado couple got married and they lived happily avo after.

3. The avocado congratulated his son on winning the race and said, "Bravocado son."

4. Scientists crossed a breed of cactus with some avocados; the end result was a guac-tus.

5. On their wedding anniversary Mr Avocado said to his wife, "You are everything I avo wanted."

6. Mr Avocado loved going on business trips; he enjoyed building up his pear to pear network.

7. The sad avocado felt really pit-iful.

8. There was an avocado who had feet; he was nothing but an avaca-toe.

9. The baker prepared some avocado flavored bread using avoca-dough.

10. Baby avocados were taught about how to fight against pear pressure in school.

11. The avocado family went to the church yesterday. I heard they wanted to meet the avo-cardinal.

12. The avocado took his car to the garage, but they said it was beyond re-pear.

13. Mr Avocado took great care of the baby avocado for his friend. One must be thankful for his hass-pitality.

14. If you mix an avocado with an alligator, you will get a fierce avogator.

15. I have been telling my daughter to pick the ripe avocados, but she can't seem to get it right. Honestly, it is not that hard.

16. The avocado just started going to the gym and he is already very tired. I guess he is feeling pretty hard-core.

17. The party was really great and the food was delicious, the buffet was avo control!

18.  Mrs Avocado had enough of Mr Avocado, she said “The time hass come for me to move on.”

19. Four avocados were kept in the basket; a young Spanish boy saw and asked if they were avo-cuatros.

Guacamole Puns

‍These funny puns and cute avocado jokes will make you say "holy guacamole". Here is a list of the best guac puns and food puns to get everybody laughing.

20. After hearing about a very exciting piece of gossip Mrs  Guacamole said, "You have guac to be kidding me."

21. At the avocado wedding ceremony the priest asked, "Do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife?" The groom said, "I avoca-do".

22. The avocado said, "Things could not get any worse, I have hit guac bottom."

23. "You are so much more than I avo hoped for," said the guacamole when he met the perfect toast.

24. An elderly avocado was suffering from an eye disease; the doctors said it was guac-oma.

25. The two avocados were communicating using their guacie- talkies.

26. A duck ate an avocado and all of a sudden, she started saying guack-guack instead of quack-quack.

27. I watched a little girl cooking guacamole on a television program. She was avoc-adorable

28. The kids were playing with avocados. They were whacking them with hammers and calling it  guac-a-mole.

29. I heard the priest blessed an avocado during the Sunday prayer. He became a holy guacamole.

30. If scientists experimented with an avocado and a crocodile, they'd get a guac'o dile.

31. An animal has been stealing avocados from my farm. I found out recently that it was a guaca-mole. I should have guessed!

32. After trying some of my avocado toast at lunch, my friend thanked me and said, "Thank you so much, these toasts are really guasome!"

Humorous Food Puns

Tortilla chip puns can be really great and amusing. Here we've compiled a list of funny puns, which include some cute avocado toast puns and nacho puns to keep your whole family laughing!

33. A gamer who had too many avocados was giving them out to people for free. As he handed them out he kept saying, "Please, havocado."

34. When the bowl of dip was empty, the tortilla chip said to the avocado, "I think we have hit guac bottom."

35. The tortilla participated in a food race; all the avocados were supporting him by cheering, "Chip chip hooray."

36. When the tortilla chip was not feeling well, the doctor prescribed her an avoca-dose of medicine.

37. The tortilla chip hosted a party, and everyone was grooving to guac' and roll on the dance floor.

38. The avocado toast said to the guacamole, "You complete me, you really guac my world."

39. At the party, Mr Nacho raised the toast and said it's time for some guac-tails!

40. The nachos and tortilla chips decided to form a rock band together. They named it Avoca-bros.

41. The magician avocado chanted "Avocadabra," and poof, the rabbit vanished!

Avocado Puns That Make The Best Instagram Captions

‍Avocado puns can be great captions for your Instagram posts. Check out these awesome avocado puns and avocado captions inspired by popular avocado sayings. Why not use a cute avocado pun to make your Instagram beautiful with these Instagram captions? If you avo lot of love towards avocados, make sure your Instagram captions avo humorous taste with these cute avocado puns that make perfect Instagram captions!

42. I have a great relation-chip with my guacamole!

43. You are the one for me, you really guac my world.

44. During the season, I like to guac at avocados.

45. It's definitely guac-tail time!

46. I am all about avo-cuddles.

47. It's time to guac' n roll.

48. Ready for the avocado party. Finally, the time hass come!

49. Sunday brunch, avo good time y'all.

50. I love avo-cardio; they say it's good for the heart.

51. It’s going to be a spec-taco-lar day!

52. Avo great birthday with these avocado cakes.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully compiled lots of cheerful family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for you to cherish! If you liked our suggestions for the best avocado puns and are looking for another food pun article, then do take a look at these sushi puns, or for something different take a look at these mango puns.

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