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50+ Best Chair Puns, Jokes And One Liners

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The chair is a piece of furniture that none of us can live without.

We need a chair to sit, to stand on, to take a rest, to work on a desk, to eat and to do so many other things. However, that shouldn't stop us from poking fun at or making a chair pun about this all important furniture.

A furniture like the chair has been around for ages, dating back to the early Egyptian civilizations about 5000 years ago. But from then till now, a chair has been primarily been carved out of wood, although in recent years they have been frequently made out of other materials including plastic. Early chairs were usually designed for people to sit, yet with the advancement of civilization and time, they were thought to be a symbol of aristocracy and power. Even now, many committee heads and parliament heads are referred to as The Chair.

With so many uses, the chair also has a lot of comedic value attached to it. You could easily make up plenty of chair jokes from the phrases related to the act of sitting on a chair. You can also make up a lot of chair jokes and puns with the very word chair itself. So seat back and enjoy as you read through this list of enjoyable chair jokes and puns that have compiled just chair you up!

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Awesome Chair Puns

A chair can be made into different puns, similar to sofa puns.

Take a look at these wonderful chair related puns that just might make you fall off your seat in laughter! Be chair-ful!

1. I was at a magic show recently where the magician had an act where he disappeared while sitting on a chair in front of our eyes. Guess, he just vanished into thin chair.

2. The chair which could also act as a refrigerator was flagged by the Pollution Control Board. This was because it was supposedly releasing chairosol into the air.

3. I have a carpenter friend who failed in his carpentry examination. I believe he is going to prepare and resit the test again.

4. I was looking for a job and ended up at the Employment centre. Being a carpenter, I asked if there were any furniture-related jobs, They asked me to take a seat.

5. When some of my office colleagues pranked me by stealing my chair, I decided that I am not going to take the prank sitting down.

6. My friend was astounded to see me having possession of one of the vintage recliners from the early 20th century. I told him that my recliner and I go way back.

7. When Senator Percy Chair became President of the United States, the president's plane was known as Chair Force One.

8. My chair had a weird problem. It would suddenly get very warm and needed to be cooled down. My carpenter suggested that I turn on the chair conditioner.

9. One day, I went to take up a job at the furniture removal center. When I reached there, the interviewer said, "Take a seat".

10. Apple decided to make a new hard and durable latop that could double down as a seat. One of the designers had already thought of a name - Macbook Chair.

11. For charity, a chair was sent up into the sky with a help of a balloon. The organizers named the event the Hot Chair Balloon.

12. All the chairs were trapped inside one room by their enemies. They were slow dying inside the room because the chair supply had been cut off.

13. When my lover and I decided to get married, she stood by me at all times through every hardship. She didn't really have a choice because we could only afford one chair.

14. My grandfather's rocking chair has survived through a lot of things: fire, floods, earthquakes and even a war. I believe we should rename the chair as Chair Grylls.

15. My husband wasn't thrilled at the fact that I had bought an expensive revolving chair for my work from home. But, after using for a while, he came around.

16. I once tried to do a daredevil stunt by eating pieces of a broken chair. Well, it didn't really sit well with my digestive system and stomach.

17. When Michael Jordan announced that he would bringing a new furniture line in the market, we all knew the name of the company would be Chair Jordan.

18. While experimenting in the science lab, the scientists put an explosive device on a supposedly indestructive chair. When they turned on the device, the force of the explosion was so much that it created a chair boom.

19. I was extremely sad when my grandpa's favorite rocking chair got destroyed in the earthquake. I will always chairish the memories.

20. My father would always store extra chairs in the garage so that we could be prepared if there were any emergency seat-uations.

21. I went to the market to buy a new chair for home and soon found myself a great chair with an amazing back rest. But, it would be an expensive choice so I decided to sit on it for some time and buy it later.

22. I recently bought a recliner for myself. I know that if I don't like it, I can always take it back.

23. When the King Chair resigned from his role, there was a lot of rumors about who would take the throne as there were no chair apparent.

24. I received a surprising reply when I asked my friend about his exercise routine. He said he would simply pick up a large chair and put it down- this was his routine of seatups.

25. My father recently bought home a reclining chair from the furniture shop. Neither my mother nor I liked it but my father wasn't too concerned about it- he would just take it back.

26. When I was moving from one house to the other, I decided to donate all my old tables and chairs. I guess I am just doing my bit for chairity.

27. I got a chair which acts up weirdly during stormy weather and gets all kinds of sores on it. I think I shouldn't have bought a Windsor chair.

28. Raven had recently ordered a chair from a shop, they were supposed to deliver by this week, but called her up yesterday to let her know that they were canceling the order due to low stocks. Well, this is one of the cons of buying a cantdeliver chair.

29. When the tensions between the two chairs of the executive committee couldn't be solved with the help of peace talks, they decided to have a physical contest of chair-knuckle fighting to decide who is better.

30. While helping my friends take his furniture and other stuff to a new house, I was horrified when I broke a beautiful old chair that she had. I profusely apologized for it, but she said it was okay because she couldn't chair less about it.

31. My teacher said that we can learn about keeping ourselves motivated by citing a chair's example. She said that even if a chair is blown away in the storm, it still keeps itself uplifted.

32. There was this truck carrying a lot of chairs of varying sizes that overturned on the highway, spilling all the furniture everywhere. This really was a serious case of loose stools.

Great Chair Jokes

Chair jokes are a great way to express humor.

Are chair jokes that make you rock back in laughter really worth sitting on? Absolutely not. Here take a look at some of these handcrafted chair jokes and furniture jokes which have been as meticulously designed as a perfectly made chair!

33. What do you tell a person at the party who wants to dance? "Can I have your chair, please?"

34. What do you call a sitcom show on TV which has a chair in its lead role? You call it 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Chair'.

35. What do you say when the police ask you to sit in the chair during an interogation and your lawyer advises you to deny everything? You promptly reply, "This ain't a chair!"

36. What genre of music does an electric chair usually like listening to? It listens to death metal.

37. Where does a kind chair spend most of their money? On chairity.

38. How do you make a chair made of fake wood or plastic turn into a chair made of the best quality wood? You pass it through the chair purifier!

39. Why can a person sitting on a chair never win a wrestling battle royal? Because the winner has to be the last man standing.

40. What name did the Spanish people give to musical chairs? They call it the despa-seat-o.

41. Why did my rock band buddies love sitting on my father's old chair? Because you know, it always rocked.

42. What do you say you got when you finally lay your hands on the chair that you wanted to buy for a long time? You say you got an arm chair.

43. What do you call Elvis Presley when he sings a song while sitting on a chair? You call him Pelvis Restly!

44. Why can comedians never sit back on a chair while telling jokes to people? Because they do stand-up comedy!

45. Why did the family put a chair beside the casket of their dead grandmother? They were waiting for rigor mortis to seat in.

46. Why did my grandfather add wheels to his rocking chair? Because he wanted to rock n' roll.

47. What happened when you tried to sit on the old antique chair that you ordered all the way from Greece? The chair baroque.

48. What do you call a chair that is kept in a castle among the mountains? You call it a high chair.

Funny Jokes About Chairs As Instagram Captions

Social media platforms like Instagram are ruling the planet and we don't wanna make the chair feel left out of them! So, take a look at some chair related one-liners and furniture jokes that you might want to use as captions on Instagram.

49. The Irishman who is always looking forward to repairing chairs and furniture is called Paddy O' Furniture.

50. Lawn chairs are terrible at poker or other gambling games because they always fold.

51. I have never seen a chair with wheels be this rusty and move this slow. What is this, a sloth chair?

52. As the chair realized that it was going to be chopped down to be used in making other furniture, it started singing the song 'Love Will Chair Us Apart!"

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for chair puns then why not take a look at library puns, or for something different take a look at hair puns.

Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer's Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. She is fond of classic British literature.

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