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50+ Best Dentist Puns That Have Bite

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Dental hygiene is essential, and so are our dentist puns!

Dentists are the doctors who are qualified to treat our teeth and gums related diseases and any other conditions. They are the reason behind beautiful teeth and our fantastic dental hygiene.

Dentists usually repair or extract damaged teeth, and they also insert new artificial ones. Dental hygiene has become a bigger and more important part of everyone's life nowadays, as it should be. Dentistry, the study of oral medicine and dental medicines is mainly a branch of medical study that includes the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions, diseases, and disorders of our oral cavity. As teeth help us eat, talk properly, depict our looks in a certain way, one can certainly understand and appreciate the fuss over them and the importance and the appreciation every dentist deserves.

However, kids can be scared of the dentist, it can be intimidating the first time you go. It's important to make them comfortable and feel at ease, and humor is a great way to do that! So, here we've collected some of the best dentist puns or dental puns that include tooth pun, toothbrush pun, and so many more for you to laugh along with and break the ice when you're at the dentist's place next time and just make them laugh along with you.

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Funny Dentist Puns Even A Molar Bear Loves

A boy showing how to properly brush his teeth using an anatomical model of jaw and a toothbrush.

Here we have some funny dentist puns, tooth puns, and dental puns that will help you up your dentist humor.

1. I've been going to the dentist since I was a kid. I just know the drill by now.

2. My dentist recently won the dentist of the year title. He received a little plaque as the prize.

3. My dentist doesn't really like tea. So I just call him Denis. He wasn't really abcess-ed with it.

4. An orthodontist went to the theme park and rode on a roller coaster. He braced himself before the ride started.

5. The Queen got her tooth chipped the other day. So she decided to go to her dentist to treat herself a new crown.

6. Once, I was living with a marching band member and I noticed that she used to brush her teeth with a tuba toothpaste.

7. I took my brother to the dentist the other day. When the dentist asked him what type of filling he wanted, he just told the doctor, "Chocolate".

8. One day a golfer went to the dentist. The dentist checked on her and said "Well miss, you seem to have a hole in one".

9. My dentist had quite a number of good looking clothes. So I wondered where he bought them from. She told me her favorite place to get clothes was The Gap.

10. We went to the zoo the other day and saw a bear that had no teeth. My sister and I called it the gummy bear.

11. A computer went to the dentist one day.  He was a little nervous but the doctor consoled him by saying, "don't worry, it won't hurt a byte".

12. My dentist has a picture of her favorite animal on her desk. It's the picture of a molar bear.

13. The other day the computer decided to go to his dentist. It was probably because he had bluetooth.

14. A judge went to his dentist because he had a damaged tooth and had to get it out. Before the dentist started, the judge said, "Do you swear you'll pull the tooth, the entire tooth, nothing but the tooth?"

15. My dentist likes potatoes a lot. When I went and asked him about it, he said it's because they're very filling.

16. Whenever I have any problem, hearing them my dentist gives the best advice. I call this talent his fill-ossophy.

17. My dentist always frees his schedule on his favorite time of day. When I wanted to know the time, he said it was tooth-hurty.

18. The dentist once told me that my teeth are like some string of pearls. He said it's because each one of them has one hole through it.

Dental Puns To Up Your Dentistry Humour

Brush your way through this list of dentist puns and dental puns that also include some toothbrush puns and braces puns. Go have your pick through these dental puns.

19. Dentists usually seem very moody. It's probably because they are always looking down in the mouths.

20. I once heard about a dentist who planted a big garden. A few weeks later he was seen to be picking his teeth.

21. All the dentists and the TSA have one thing in common. It's the cavity checks.

22. The other day I left a comb of mine at the dentist's place. I guess now it's become a fine-toothed comb.

23. My dentist said that he had two ways of knocking me out before starting his work. He could do it with some gas, or he would have to use some big metallic rock. I just told him, "Ether/ore".

24. I went to my dentist because my tooth was hurting. Although, my cavity wasn't really fixed by my regular doctor. A guy that was filling in for him did the work.

25. The Pharaoh decided to visit his dentist the other day. That's because Egypt his tooth.

26. I'd a friend when I was a kid who's become a dentist by now. When we used to play together, his favorite game was always Caps and robbers.

27. All the dentists move to one particular place when they all retire. They all go to Fluorida.

28. My friend is a dentist. Once we met up and decided to watch a movie. When I asked what his favorite movie was, he said it was "Plaque to the Future".

29. A guru went to the dentist one day but refused any painkillers. It's probably because he rather wished to transcend dental medication.

30. The other day I needed some x-rays when I went to the dentist's place. My dentist kept calling them tooth-pics.

31. The dentist couldn't ask his secretary if she wanted to go out to get some dinner. Probably because he had already been taking out a tooth.

32. My dentist has an obsession with different kinds of dinosaurs. But his favorite kind is the Flossiraptor.

33. When I went to my dentist, she asked me whether I had any sensitive toothpaste at home. I said I didn't know because my toothpaste and I don't really talk about our feelings with each other.

34. My dentist has hung a TV on his office ceiling so that his patients would watch shows while he worked. He's been calling it Netflix and Drill.

35. That day, a man was arrested for looking at some sets of dentures at the dentist's window. It was against the law that you cannot pick your teeth in public.

36. I went to my dentist yesterday and she told me that I don't floss enough. I took her advice and started taking dance classes.

Funny Puns About Teeth And Dentistry

Here you'll find some of the funniest dentist puns, dental puns, wisdom teeth puns and so much more.

37. An astronaut had a cavity and went to his dentist. The dentist kept calling the cavity a black hole.

38. I always say that going to a dentist is like the movies where some character gets interrogated. Because it's always pretty clear if someone's lying and if they don't come clean, they might lose a tooth.

39. The other day a dentist had to go to the psychiatrist. When the psychiatrist told him to talk about what was bothering him, he said, "I don't think you can handle the tooth".

40. The deer went to the dentist and the dentist said that it needed braces. Probably because it had buck teeth.

41. I had a broken tooth and so, I went to the dentist for advice on how to fix it. He said to do it with tooth paste.

42. My dentist was in the army before he became a dentist. When I asked what he did in the army, he said that he was a drill sergeant.

43. The man with the teeth issues couldn't find where the dentist's office was. Probably because there wasn't any plaque to recognize.

44. I gave another name to my dentist's office. I call it a filling station.

45. The other day Frosty the Snowman had to go to his dentist. Probably because he had a really bad case of frost bite.

46. One day the tree went to its dentist. Because it had to get a root canal.

47. I went to my dentist to get a damaged tooth removed but he removed the wrong one. Well, it was acci-dental though.

48. A group of nagging dentists were skiing some experiments and accidentally discovered one new chemical element. They named it the Flossphorus.

49. I once knew a dentist who just couldn't stop working on teeth. I guess he was abscessively compulsive.

50. Two dentists were friends but they lived across the country from one another. I guess you could say that they were molar opposites.

51. I went to my dentist today and while I was talking to her she seemed quite distracted. I had the feeling that she was brushing me off.

52. The other day a patient didn't show up at his dentist's place for his root canal. I guess he just lost his nerve.

53. I didn't know that my friend had a dental implant until we went to dinner and it came out during a conversation.

54. The dentist and the manicurist weren't good friends at all. Probably because they always fought tooth and nail.

55. The other day the donut had to go to its dentist. Because he needed some filling.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for dentist puns then why not take a look at medical puns or doctor puns, or for something different take a look at biology puns.

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