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100+ Best Dessert Puns That Are Deliciously Tempting

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Desserts are make life so much sweeter!

Everyone, especially kids, loves dessert. They will never desert you when you are stressed and need a treat to cheer you up.

Dessert puns are just the same as desserts: they are sweet and they will make you laugh, keeping the whole family happy. These dessert puns are full of cheesecake puns, truffle puns and general puns about sweets! Dessert puns and chocolate puns can also make great Instagram captions and sweet captions for your dessert posts and food blogging. Whether you are looking for the best funny food puns, or love to laugh at bad food puns (that are so bad they are good!), these funny food puns are sure to make your family laugh!

Some funny food puns can go a long way to cheering someone up or making them feel special, you could even share these funny food puns with those you love on Valentine's day!

If you are looking for more funny food puns, you can take a look at these cake puns and ice cream puns that are bound the get the whole family laughing!

Ice Cream Puns And Popsicle Puns That Will Make You Melt

Dessert puns are sweet and fun

Do you need some gelato puns to chill with on a nice warm day? This list of funny puns about ice cream, including cone puns and sundae puns will get the whole family laughing. Remember these puns to share next time you go for an ice cream with friends, they are sure to go down a treat! Which of these funny food puns is your favorite?

1. On a hot day, the ice cream traffic police officer was worried that he would lose cone-trol of the traffic.

2. A pig's favorite ice cream company is Hoggin' Daz.

3. Ice creams make the best journalists because they are always getting the inside scoop first.

4. When I found my lost ice cream, I exclaimed, "Oh, Scoop! There is my ice cream!"

5. You should always party like it's sherbet day.

6. When somebody asks me if I love ice cream, I say, "You sherbet, I do."

7. I de-serve ice cream because I love it!

8. The ice cream thief got served in court!

9. Everybody worshipped the new ice cream in town. She was legen-dairy.

10. Everybody loves ice cream because it is so cool.

11. When you cross an ice cream cone with a tree, you end up with a pinecone.

12. The motivational ice cream told the sad audience, "Nothing is im-popsicle if you just believe."

13. The baby ice cream cone's favorite breakfast cereal goes "Snap, crackle, pop-sicle."

14. Ice creams are usually cool, but when they get mad, they pop-sicle off.

15. Ice creams tend to be bad at tennis since they are always going for the soft serve.

16. The little ice cream loved her parents because they were such softies.

17. Game Of Cones is the favorite TV show of all ice creams.

18. The ice cream cone told his best friend that he will always love her, un-cone-ditionally.

19. I lose cone-trol while eating ice cream.

20. If you want to be a professor at an Ice Cream University, you have to submit a cool dessert-ation.

21. When the courts tried to ban a certain kind of ice cream, the other ice creams started a riot as it seemed un-cone-stitutional.

22. When an ice cream needs motivation, just say, "You cone do it!"

23. Sundae is the favorite day of the week of all ice creams.

24. Unlike some children, ice creams love going to sundae school.

25. My birthday was a gelato fun because we had ice cream cake.

26. Astronauts only love one kind of ice cream: ice cream floats.

27. When the angry ice cream was losing her cool, her friend told her to chill out.

28. The scared ice cream did not know how to react when his friend was angry at him. She was cold as ice, at the best of times.

29. I hate picking flavorites when it comes to ice cream.

30. An ice cream army never wins a war because there are a lot of ice cream soldiers who just dessert mid-way.

Birthday Cake Puns That Are The Sweetest

Laughing to dessert puns is so much fun.

Making funny puns about dessert is like a piece of cake. Easy and sweet. This list of pastry puns and funny food related puns are baked to perfection to share with friends and family for a laugh or even to use as dessert Instagram captions. These funny food puns will surely make the whole family laugh out loud!

31. At birthday parties in heaven, they usually serve angel food cake.

32. A birthday cake that is as hard as a rock is a marble cake.

33. A cake's favorite song is 'Slice, Slice, Baby.'

34. When a cake lover is mad, they can be heard saying, "You want a piece of me?

35. Angel food cakes are the sweetest slices of cake.

36. When a birthday cake is happy, they shed tiers.

37. Shakespeare's favorite cake was 'A Midsummer Ice Cream'.

38. Bakers always share their cake recipes with one another on a knead-to-know basis.

39. I don't carrot all about eating healthily when someone offers me some cake.

40. You're such a sweet angel cake, nobody will ever dessert you.

41. When the concerned parent cake asked his child, "What's up", she replied, "Muffin much."

42. A cake's favorite song by Papa Roach is 'Last Re-torte.'

43. An child cake should be called babycakes.

44. A cake's favorite dance song is 'Watch Me Whip.'

45. When I made this birthday cake, I sprinkled it with love.

46. The frightened cake said, "I'm just so afraid to take whisks."

47. You should not rely on your birthday croissants too much. They are rather flaky.

48. Cupcakes usually marry stud muffins.

49. The cake was crying because the baker was beating him to make him batter.

50. French bakers only use one egg to make a cake because one egg is un oeuf.

51. The birthday cake went to the doctor because it was a coughee cake.

52. A cake's favorite movie is 'A Sprinkle In Time.'

53. The cake wished his friend a very happy birthday. She said, "I hope it isn't crumby."

54. I had to fight a man over a multi-layered cake. He was not a person to be trifled with.

55. The strawberry told her birthday friend, "Have a berry happy birthday."

56. The police could not find the cake thief because he had ab-scone-ded.

Pie Puns That Will Pumpkin You Up

Are you looking for the best funny food puns to make people smile? Make your life as easy as pie by laughing at these pie puns over a piece of pie shared with friends and family. This list is full of the funniest sweet food puns that are bound to make you laugh, what could be better?

57. A snake that loves dessert is a pie-thon

58. The pie fell in love with another pie and said, "You made me fall in love at first bite."

59. A pie's favorite movie is of course 'The Life Of Pie.'

60. A rodent that steals dessert is a pie-rat!

61. The pie wrote a letter to his best friend saying, "You keep occu-pie-ing all my thoughts."

62. When the mama pie saw her child was crying after failing the exam, she said, "Don't worry, you are still the apple of my pies."

63. The ammature baker added salt to her pies. Her customer took a slice and said, "For goodness bakes, that's not right."

64. All the charitable pie wanted for Christmas was piece on earth.

66. This pumpkin pie is absolutely gourdgeous.

67. When the yoga teacher caught her student eating a lot of pies and coffee, she said, "You're here to practice yoga, not pie-lattes!"

65. A mathematician's favorite dessert is a pie chart.

66. When the pie's wife left the country on a business trip, the husband texted her: "I'm pie-ning for you everyday."

67. The only dessert that nerds love to eat is pi.

68. Pumpkin and pie are like squash goals.

69. The famous baker was known to bake her pies to pie-fection.

70. The shopaholic pie's motto was to always keep your eyes on the pies tags!

Sweet Puns That Will Never Dessert You

Are you still hungry for more funny puns? Of course you are, we can't get enough of these sweet puns here at Kidadl! To get the whole family laughing, here are some more funny puns all about sweets. This list even includes dessert puns and syrup puns that will feed your soul with laughter. We hope you are hungry!

71. When a dessert and a primate are crossed, it makes a meringue-utang.

72. Making a pun based on maple syrup would put you in a sticky situation.

73. I am not fond of liquid desserts. Something seems off-pudding about them.

74. A witch's favorite choice of dessert is an ice cream crone!

75. People normally don't like puns about cheesecake because they are too cheesy.

76. A French pastry that is sorted into Slytherin house is called Draco Mille-feuille.

77. A pastry made with the forbidden fruit should be known as a sin-pie!

78. When the baker wanted a raise, he told his boss, "I knead dough."

79. You should really never fall in love with a chef who makes dessert, because he might dessert you.

80. The dessert chef was arrested for animal abuse after he poisoned two birds. He wanted to get two birds with one scone.

81. When the sun got even warmer and stronger at midday, the sunbathing brownie angrily cried out: "I am baking here!"

82. It is always a sweet thing to do a good deed, you might even get some brownie points!

83. A blood pudding is usually made from scratch.

84. A pudding made out of spoiled milk can be quite off-pudding.

85. Camels love puddings since they are always walking through the dessert.

86. A group of brownies wanted to conspire against the baker, so they batched a plan.

87. The romantic pastry said to his wife, "I cannoli love you."

88. A dessert that loves privacy is anony-mousse.

89. The dessert laughed at the sweet joke because it was a-mousse-d

90. An upset brownie is generally called a frownie.

91. A dessert that is always late for everything is often made of choco-late.

Donut Puns That Donut Disappoint

We still haven't had our fill of dessert puns and have lots of room left for more! Are you trying to find funny puns to make the whole family laugh? Donut stress! Have some of these donut puns, they are sure to get people laughing whether they love eating donuts or not. Which of these puns is your favorite?

92. Strange donuts are made out of weird-doughs.

93. A basketball champ's favorite donut place is Dunkin' Donuts.

94. A sick donut needs an anti-dough-t.

95. The donut went to a therapist because he was filling empty inside.

96. The only donuts that can fly are the plain ones.

97. The donut visited the dermatologist because he felt crumby.

98. If Led Zeppelin wrote a song about donuts, it would be entitled 'Glazed And Confused.'

99. A cute donut is just a-dough-able.

100. French donuts are the Beigne of my existence.

101. The teddy bear couldn't eat the anymore donuts because he was stuffed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for dessert puns, and are looking for more funny food pun ideas, then why not take a look at these candy puns or donut puns that the whole family are bound to love?

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