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65+ Best Easter Puns For Easter Fun-Day

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When Easter is just around the corner, there is little we can do to not be a part of the eggs-citement.

Easter is most commonly referred to as a Christian holiday, even though many people trace its origins back to pagan times. It's a joyous holiday celebrated by many families around the world.

The week prior to Christmas is mostly known as the 'Holy Week' around the world. People spend time with their family, engage in praying rituals, have a lot of good food, and celebrate God by going to church. This leads to a flurry of photos being posted on the web as individuals capture fun moments with their families. Puns about Easter make for cute easter captions, as do rabbit puns and Easter bunny puns. This curated list contains a variety of cute bunny puns, clever Easter puns, and chocolate puns. We hope you have a Happy Easter and that you enjoy this list of the best Easter puns!

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Best Easter Puns For Kids

Tell some-bunny a rabbit pun  or one about the Easter bunny.

These clever Easter puns can easily be turned into Easter captions for Instagram, and good Easter captions for other social networking sites like Facebook. If you are on the hunt for the best Easter captions, you can stop right here! Here's a list of the best Easter puns for kids. You can use these puns as Easter Instagram captions!

1. The bunny told his friend, "I hop you have a great Easter this year".

2. The bunny didn't know where the door to his house was hidden, so he went on a hunt. After searching for hours, he didn't carrot all whether he would find it or not.

3. A bunny called her salon and told them that she needed to get to the salon as soon as possible. She was having a horrible hare day.

4. A teacher told her class that she needed them to focus because she was going to give them information that was going to come on the ear test. "You need to be all ears", she said.

5. The Easter egg was appalled when one of the other eggs thought he was full of excuses. "Egg-scuse me, I don't agree with you", he said.

6. The bunny was trying really hard to get in shape. She knew she had to get plenty of eggs-ercise in before having a cheat meal on Easter day.

7. An egg was head over heels in love with his wife. "No bunny is like you", he said to her on their anniversary.

8. The bunny's fairytale ended in a romantic fashion. Both he and his wife lived hoppily ever after.

9. The Easter bunny has been waiting anxiously for a new romantic movie about rabbits to release. He loves hoppy endings.

10. The Easter egg TV presenter is a great late-night TV host. He always ends his shows by saying "That's all for tonight, yolks!"

11. It is important for Easter eggs to be updated about current trends and social issues if they want to stay yoke.

12. Everyone loves the neighborhood Easter bunny because he's so positive. His motto is 'Don't worry, be hoppy'.

13.  The Easter bunny was blown away when he saw his wife looking pretty on Easter day. "Hey there hop stuff", he said.

14. There was a lot of chaos in the boiled egg family. They had to make sure Easter Sunday turned out egg-cellent.

15. Whenever my dad needs a hunting companion, he always asks for one of the eggs. They know a lot about hunting from egg hunts.

16. The Easter egg couldn't help but flaunt all of her wealth. She loved being egg-stra.

17. The first thing the Easter egg had said to his wife was "I think you're egg-stremely pretty".

18. The Easter bunny was extra hoppy because he was egg-cited for Easter Sunday.

Egg-Cellent Egg Puns And Chick Puns

This list of puns will ensure that you have a happy Easter.

You're definitely not going to be the only one obsessing over your Easter caption after reading this list! These egg puns and chick puns make for some clever Easter captions, and you won't don't want to whisk having a bad one! An egg pun is also great for a breakfast Instagram post with eggs. Here's a list of some funny Easter puns about eggs and chicks for you to enjoy.

19. The Easter egg was annoyed because a group of chickens had ruined his Easter Sunday. "For peep's sake", he exclaimed.

20. An egg is worried because Easter Sunday is coming up. His mom gets a bit egg-centric whenever the children are scrambling around looking for Easter eggs.

21. I hate when Easter eggs perform stand up comedy. They use all of my best yolks.

22. A pretty chick had gone inside a restaurant to get some respite from the heat. "Hot chick coming through!", yelled the bartender.

23. I like to follow all of my Easter egg decoration instructions to the T because I want them to come out egg-sactly right.

24. The Easter egg didn't win the egg hunt because he was egg-stremely scattered.

25. My brother loves decorating eggs for the annual egg hunt. You can tell how egg-static he is by his voice.

26. The two chicks are so similar in nature that everyone calls them two peeps in a pod.

27. The fun egg hunt will make Easter egg-ceptional this year.

28. If you can't see the humor in funny egg puns, the yolk's on you.

29. An egg was trying to order an ice sculpture for Easter. He ended up canceling it because his wife thought it was too egg-stravagant.

30. Nobody liked a certain Easter egg because he concocted the wildest tales about his Easter escapades. They thought he egg-aggerated too much.

31. The famous egg superstar was receiving a lot of backlash for his Easter Sunday video. His fans thought he was coming across as very egg-o-centric.

32. The eggs were very happy about the fact that Easter was falling on their favorite day, fry day.

33. Two eggs were debating what they should do on Easter, when one of them said, "Let's hatch a plan to go on a road trip?"

34. Eggs make great storytellers. They tell some cracking stories.

35. None of the eggs sleep on Easter. They host parties around the cluck.

36. If you want to go to a funny stand up show, I would recommend the comedic Easter egg. The last time I went all of his jokes cracked me up.

37. An Easter egg loves to hide on Easter because he is a little chicken.

38. I don't let anyone ditch my Easter lunch. I tell all my friends that no egg-scuses will be allowed.

39. Easter eggs can never be gloomy because they always look at the sunny side.

40. The egg was scared of adding too much sugar to his cake so he made sure to follow the recipe. He didn't want to whisk anything.

41. I don't like to plan for Easter because it makes me eggs-hausted.

42. The egg didn't like holding grudges on Easter so went to the neighbor he had had a fight with and said: "Omletting' everything go."

43. The teacher loved the scrambled egg because he was a good egg.

44. Nobody likes dare-deviled eggs because everything they do is egg-streme in nature.

45. I don't think anyone is as egg-cited for Easter as Humpty Dumpty.

46. Making Easter cakes gets me very egg-cited.

47. My friend makes the best Mediterranean eggs. She is an egg-cellent chef.

48. The only way to make Easter better is to spend it with some egg-ceptional friends.

49. My friend and I are dyeing to paint some cute eggs on Easter.

50. My friend had just gotten a new outfit for Easter. So, she said "Chick me out."

Hilarious Rabbit And Bunny Puns

Easter is a joyous time of the year celebrated by people of the Christian faith. As with any festive occasion, a complimentary photo is always necessary. These puns can also be used as Instagram captions for Easter and as bunny captions for Easter bunny photos. Hare's hopping you'll enjoy this list of hilarious puns about rabbits and bunnies.

51. The year has gone by so fast. I carrot believe next Easter is already so close.

52. Every time the bunny's friend wears a new outfit on Easter, she makes sure to say "Hey there hop stuff".

53. There's no point in worrying on Easter, I say that everyone should not worry and be hoppy.

54. I don't think I can ever replace my pet rabbit. There's no bunny like her.

55. You can never be completely alone on Easter. Some bunny will be there for you.

56. My mum is the nicest person ever. If someone is alone on Easter, she lets them hop on over to our house.

57. I always have a good hare day on Easter.

58. "It's actually not even bunny how much I cannot stand bad Easter puns", said the rabbit.

59. All bunnies love to listen to hip-hop on Easter.

60. The bunny grandfather loved to send out cards on Easter to the rest of the family. All of the cards said 'Hoppy Easter!' on top of them.

61. A rabbit in my town was known to stay fit because he practiced hare-obics every day.

62. I don't carrot all about whether I eat carrot cake on Easter or not.

63. The bunny hasn't done his Easter preparations yet. He needs to hop to it.

64. The bunny family couldn't meet any of their other family members because of a family emergency, so they made sure to send them gifts by hare-mail.

65. A bunny was invited to speak at the annual Easter convention held for all the jungle animals. He started his speech by saying "Ears hoping that everyone has a hoppy Easter."

66. There was a famous bunny painter who specialized in painting bunny ears. Whenever you talk to him about his paintings, he's all ears.

67. The rabbit loves to hum to the song 'I wanna dance with some-bunny'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 65+ Best Easter Puns then why not take a look at 58 Best Bunny Jokes That Will Get You Hopping With Laughter or Chocolate Puns.

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